Chapter 1465: 1465

Chapter 1465 The Greatest Prodigy of All Eternity

The first person to be called up was naturally the prodigy the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy valued the most .

Gu Daoyi, the greatest prodigy of all eternity!

Everyone gazed at Gu Daoyi with envy . He was publicly acknowledged as the most powerful prodigy . His physique was extraordinary, and he was more so capable of suppressing all other beings . However, it was a shame that he had failed to gain an overwhelming advantage over Empress Luan Xing or Ling Han . This left a slight blemish on his name .

However, even so, the nine Saints still held him in higher regard, placing his name first .

He had received the appreciation of Saints; this was an incredible honor!

Commotion instantly swept through the crowd of prodigies . In fact, the eyes of many of them went red with jealousy .

In reality, Gu Daoyi didn’t need to view Saints with any respect . After all, he had once been a grand elder at the Severing Mundane Tier! However, after living 10 lives, his personality had also become that of a young person . This was more so the case seeing that he had failed to defeat Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing after battling against them so many times . This irritated him greatly .

Now that he was called up first, it was as if his name was being redeemed . This made him feel slightly smug and happy .

He was brimming with pride as he walked forward . There was a large expanse of empty land before them, and the nine Saints were each seated on a stone lotus around this empty land . These stone lotuses were only nine meters tall, yet wherever there was a Saint, the land around them would become a saintly land . The expanse of empty land was illuminated by a soft divine light, with an intoxicating fragrance wafting from its surface . Fresh and blooming flowers also fluttered down from the sky as if they were celebrating a grand event .

“I desire to take him as my disciple,” a Saint said .

“I desire to take him as my disciple,” another Saint said .

“I desire to take him as my disciple . ”


“I desire to take him as my disciple . ”

The nine Saints spoke one after another, all of them expressing their desire to take Gu Daoyi as their disciple .

The 3000 or so prodigies were all filled with jealousy when they saw this . These were nine Saints! Yet, they had all expressed their desire to take Gu Daoyi as their disciple . This was a profound honor!

There was pride and haughtiness in Gu Daoyi’s mind . In his eyes, even Saints didn’t have the right to take him as a disciple . However, he was only at the Heavenly Body Tier right now, so what could he do about this? He had already completed the majority of his preparations in the Medicine King’s Cave . If he wanted to return to the Genesis Tier as soon as possible, he would definitely have to rely on external help and power .

The Star Sand Martial Arts Academy was his best choice .

His aim was to win the appreciation of the Star Sand Saint so that he could be accepted as his 10th disciple . If that were to occur, he would obtain boundless resources from the Star Sand Saint, and would then have the confidence to become a Saint King in just 1000 years!

At that time, he could tear open a passageway to the Celestial Realm and return to his homeland . He would then be able to attend to his unfinished business!

In this life, he, Gu Daoyi, was going to become a king tier of the Celestial Realm . He was going to battle for fortune with the True Sons and True Daughters of those powerful sects!

“Gu Daoyi, whom do you wish to take as master?” the Star Sand Saint’s sixth disciple, the Peaceful Radiance Saint, asked .

Gu Daoyi pondered this for a moment . Right now, he still didn’t have the right to directly become a disciple of the Star Sand Saint . It was evident that the Star Sand Saint still needed to observe their character and talent such that he could pick his favorite prodigy out of the 900 disciples . He would then take this prodigy as his direct disciple, and teach them with all of his heart and care .

It was a shame that Gu Daoyi couldn’t announce that he had once been a grand elder at the Severing Mundane Tier—wouldn’t it mean reaching the Genesis Tier be mere child’s play for him? However, if he truly announced this, how could he be sure that these Saints wouldn’t try to steal the fruits of his cultivation?

He was feeling slightly regretful now . He hadn’t killed Ling Han at that time, and he had allowed this hidden danger to grow more powerful . This was all because he had been worked up and convinced by Ling Han’s words at that time!

In fact, he couldn’t have killed Ling Han even if he had wanted to . After all, Ling Han still had the Black Tower .

Gu Daoyi pondered for a moment longer before answering, “I want to become a disciple of the Black River Saint . ”

The Black River Saint was the first disciple of the Star Sand Saint . His power was profound, and it was rumored that he might have already become a Medium Saint . However, Gu Daoyi clearly hadn’t chosen him because of this reason . Rather, it was because he felt that the Black River Saint was just barely worthy of teaching and helping him, being the first disciple of the Star Sand Saint and all .

“Very well!” the Black River Saint said with a nod . He gestured with his hand, and Gu Daoyi instantly flew before the lotus platform that he was sitting on .

There were 900 spots, and one of them had already been taken .

“Ling Han!” the Eternal River Tier elite from before called . Only in the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy would an Eternal River Tier elite become a mere host of an event .

Ling Han… was the second prodigy to be called over!

The prodigies all wore strange expressions . The competition in the Sunken Abyss Valley had been a battle between the most powerful king tiers, where only one person could ascend the peak . Ling Han had emerged victorious in that competition, with Empress Luan Xing helping him hold Gu Daoyi back . However, in this “competition”, he had been beaten by Gu Daoyi .

It was clear that the Saints held Gu Daoyi’s physique in higher regard .

“I desire to take him as my disciple . ”

“I desire to take him as my disciple . ”


“I desire to take him as my disciple . ”

The nine Saints almost all spoke in unison . Although they held Ling Han in slightly lower regard, this was mainly because of his natural physique . However, he was still a piece of rare jade that was worth their effort in carving .

This was also the reason why Ling Han was the second king tier to be called over .

Of course, he was still inferior to Gu Daoyi . After all, that was a Divine Fetus! His future prospects were boundless . In fact, even their master, the Star Sand Saint, had wanted to directly take Gu Daoyi as his disciple . However, thinking about it carefully, he decided to also give the other prodigies a chance and some encouragement . With this in mind, he suppressed his urge to directly take Gu Daoyi as his disciple .

With the appearance of Gu Daoyi, the other prodigies were all destined to become dull and lackluster, regardless of how freakishly prodigious they were .

The gulf between them was far too large, so large that they didn’t even have the right to compete against him .

“Ling Han, what’s your decision?” the Black River Saint asked .

Ling Han’s expression was calm, yet he was actually feeling extremely pissed off .

Why was he viewed as inferior to Gu Daoyi?

They had battled against each other twice, and he hadn’t been at a disadvantage either time . In fact, there were still many powerful trump cards that he hadn’t used yet . If they fought to the death, Rising From The Ashes would even provide him with two extra lifelines . That being the case, how could he not kill Gu Daoyi?

With this in mind, why had he been called up after Gu Daoyi? Had he lost?

In the eyes of these Saints, it was evident that one’s physique was still more important . Gu Daoyi possessed a Divine Fetus!

‘Fine . I’m eager to see your expressions when one day I eventually tread on the face of Gu Daoyi . ’

Ling Han mulled over his options . In reality, he didn’t mind which campus he entered . After all, he had just obtained a large pile of secret techniques . Although these secret techniques couldn’t be regarded as paramount when viewed in the context of the Celestial Realm, each one of them would definitely be profound enough to move the Saints of the Immortal Realm .

He swept his gaze over them before answering, “I want to become a disciple of the Tranquil Heart Saint . ”


The nine Saints were slightly astonished . Although they were all Saints, there were still differences in their power and abilities . Among the nine Saints, the Black River Saint was the most powerful . Moreover, he also specialized in using the sword . Thus, regardless of the situation, Ling Han should have chosen to become a disciple of the Black River Saint, and yet he didn’t .

Was it because of Gu Daoyi?

However, why had he chosen the Tranquil Heart Saint? Among the nine Saints, the fourth Saint—Hardship Alchemy—and the eighth Saint—Tranquil Heart—were slightly more peculiar . They weren’t pure cultivators, but rather cultivators who had become Saints through alchemy and formations, respectively .

Perhaps Ling Han wanted to “muck around” and learn about formations from the Tranquil Heart Saint? However, becoming a Saint through practicing formations was far too difficult . In the past billions of years, only the Tranquil Heart Saint had succeeded in doing so . It was abundantly clear just how difficult this path was .

“Very well!” the Tranquil Heart Saint said . He had indeed become a Saint through practicing formations . However, how profoundly powerful were Saints? Could he not guide a measly cultivator at the Heavenly Body Tier? He gestured with his hand, and Ling Han instantly flew before the lotus platform that he was sitting on .

“Empress… Luan Xing?” The Eternal River Tier elite was slightly hesitant as he looked at the list of names before him . This person was actually using a title as their name? Moreover, her title was empress? He couldn’t help but feel displeased .

However, the fact that she was ranked third spoke volumes about her talent and abilities, as well as the value that the Saints placed on her .

Although his cultivation was higher at this moment, the fact that Empress Luan Xing had managed to rise above all other prodigies and rank third among them proved that her future prospects were definitely limitless .

Only one more Saint could appear, but what was to stop her from advancing to the pinnacle level of the Eternal River Tier and becoming a pseudo-Saint?

Thus, he forcefully suppressed his feeling of displeasure, not allowing it to show on his face .

Empress Luan Xing gracefully walked over . Although she was breathtakingly beautiful and charming, with the ability to swoon millions upon millions of men, she was actually an incredibly proud and haughty woman . In her eyes, everyone was no more than an insect . Only one person deserved her love and attention .

The crowd of prodigies suddenly fell silent, all of them intoxicated by the empress’ charm and beauty .