Chapter 1466: 1466

Chapter 1466 Establishing Dominance

The empress was domineering, and her figure was more so mesmerizing and tremendously charming .

To say nothing of the young king tiers becoming speechless and intoxicated, even the nine Saints were slightly swayed by her beauty .

It was abundantly clear just how captivating the empress was .

“I desire to take her as my disciple . ”

“I desire to…”

One after another, the nine Saints all expressed their desire to take her as a disciple . However, before they had even finished speaking, Empress Luan Xing had already walked before the lotus platform of the Tranquil Heart Saint, standing beside Ling Han .

How could she have chosen otherwise?

At this moment, the nine Saints all wore slightly dark expressions . ‘What’s with this? We haven’t even finished speaking, yet you’ve already made your decision . Do you still have any respect for us Saints?’

If it had been any other person, they would have definitely been scolded by the Saints—even if it were Gu Daoyi . However, upon seeing Empress Luan Xing’s breathtaking beauty, none of the Saints could steel their hearts to chide her . They felt that her pride was acceptable . After all, who told her to be so beautiful?

In any case, she was also a supreme king tier . They would make an exception just this once .

“Long Xiangyue!”

The fourth person to be called up was Long Xiangyue . She was a mighty woman, and she appeared much like a True Dragon in human form . She would exude a domineering aura wherever she stood . Although she was the fourth person to be called up, this was still a tremendously impressive result . However, there wasn’t much joy on her face .

In the eyes of the others, being called up fourth was already an incredibly outstanding result . In her eyes, however, this was a humiliating result .

Her goal had been first place!

However, a temporary failure didn’t preclude eternal failure . One day, she would definitely defeat those three people and become the sole king tier of the younger generation . This was because she was the descendant of a True Dragon . Her bloodline was extremely pure, and thus she was destined to become a mighty being who peered down upon all other beings .

She chose to become the disciple of the second Saint, the Dawn Cloud Saint . This was the only female Saint among the nine Saints . She was also a Half-Human, with the other half of her bloodline coming from the Ancient Divine Beast, the Stone Origin Tortoise . This was the most suitable choice for Long Xiangyue . They were both females, and they both possessed the bloodline of an Ancient Divine Beast .

“Second in the World!”

“Zi Chenfeng!”


The supreme king tiers were called up one after another . They then chose their campus and which Saint they would become a disciple of . However, only rank three king tiers had the right to be desired by all nine of the Saints . When it came to the rank two king tiers, apart from the Rain Emperor and the Notionless Saint, the other king tiers were only desired by a few of the Saints .

The later one was called up, the less likely they would be desired by the Saints . Moreover, after the recruitment of the rank two king tiers, the rank one king tiers could barely raise any interest from the nine Saints . If they were desired by none of the nine Saints, they would be brutally eliminated from the recruitment .

However, there were also several rank one king tiers who managed to pique the Saints’ interest . Although they hadn’t been impressive enough to be desired by all of the nine Saints, they had still been able to garner the interest of three or four of the Saints . This was a fairly impressive feat .

One of these king tiers was called Wu Zhengfu, a man who had a bright and dazzling moon hovering behind his back . This wasn’t a moon that represented the Sun Moon Tier . Rather, this was a moon that represented his rare physique, the “Bright Moon Physique” . The radiance of this moon could allow one’s power to rise explosively .

This was an incredibly powerful ability, and it could lead to astonishing results when he was engaged in group battles . Thus, he garnered interest from several Saints . In the end, Wu Zhengfu chose to become a disciple of the third Saint, the Torrential Rain Saint .

There was also a person called Lu Kansi, a man whose left arm was surprisingly a spear at birth . Following the advance of his cultivation, the length of this spear would also continue to grow, its power comparable to that of Godly metal of the same level .

This was also an incredibly rare physique, the “Weapon Physique” . Those who possessed this physique would have a weapon as a body part from birth .

Lu Kansi became a disciple of the fifth Saint, the Iron Saber Saint . This was because the Iron Saber Saint also possessed a Weapon Physique . As such, he would naturally be his best mentor .

The Notionless Saint, Ding Ping, Jiuyao, and the Rain Emperor all received interest from several of the Saints . However, among them, only Jiuyao received interest from the Tranquil Heart Saint . Thus, only Jiuyao managed to enter the eighth campus of the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy .

The Rain Emperor, the Notionless Saint, and the others all entered other campuses . Meanwhile, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was also quite fortunate . Although her talent wasn’t outstanding, she was still accepted by the Dawn Cloud Saint—perhaps this was because there weren’t too many female king tiers .

Half a day passed, and the recruitment of the 900 disciples finally came to an end . Those who hadn’t been chosen could only leave in disappointment . It would be another 1,000,000 years before the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy opened up for its next cycle of recruitment .

Apart from the disciples of the ninth campus, the other disciples were all led away by their respective Saints . The nine campuses were located all over the various corners of the Wood Figure Planet, the distance between each of them relatively large . Even for a Heavenly Body Tier elite, it would take them 10 or so days to travel to the nearest campus .

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was especially reluctant to leave Ling Han . She had just discovered the taste of love, and she wanted nothing more than to be entangled with Ling Han all day long . However, she could only choose to bid him farewell now . Anyhow, she could head over to meet Ling Han after they both settled down .

Liu Juntian was also present among the disciples . Right now, there was a complicated expression in his eyes as he looked at Ling Han . However, in its depths, there was still a seething killing intent .

Among all of the king tiers, Ling Han’s talent had ranked a lofty second . This outcome swayed his conviction significantly . Should he look ahead and forget about seeking revenge on Ling Han? However, the death of his brother was still burning in his mind . He couldn’t forget this enmity .

That being the case, he would bide his time until he was powerful enough . When the time was ripe, he would strike suddenly and kill Ling Han .

Ling Han noticed Liu Juntian’s gaze, and killing intent involuntarily rose up in his mind .

If he had a chance, he would also kill Liu Juntian . Otherwise, leaving this person alive would only mean trouble .

In fact, it wasn’t just Liu Juntian who felt animosity toward Ling Han . There was also Nie Tiancheng, Shan Jingyi, and even some prodigies who despised him because of his relationship with Empress Luan Xing .

Of the people that Ling Han was acquainted with, Faceless passed the recruitment and became a disciple of the third Saint . Yang Lin also passed, becoming a disciple of the seventh Saint . However, the Cloud Maiden and Yue Ying had both been brutally eliminated . They could only leave with hurt and disappointment .

Of course, the Stone Emperor and the North Emperor passed the recruitment . Sure enough, they were like two peas in a pod, with both of them becoming a disciple of the Nine Azure Saint .

There wasn’t much time for them to bid farewell to each other before they all had to set off toward their respective campuses . In any case, they would have heaps of time to catch up with each other in the future .

With a wave of his hand, the Tranquil Heart Saint collected his 100 or so disciples . Then, in the blink of an eye, they arrived before the eighth campus . This was a campus that rested on an azure mountain . This was an unfathomably tall mountain, and raising their heads, they could only see thick and swirling mists .

A Saint naturally wouldn’t be tasked with helping them settle in . There was an Eternal River Tier elite responsible for this, and he led them to a stretch of courtyards . He then tossed them a bunch of tags, and said, “Take a tag each . You can unlock the courtyard that corresponds to the number on the tag . This will be your home from now on . Inside your residences, there’s also a jade scroll . If you read the information inside this scroll, you’ll naturally learn about the rules of the Martial Arts Academy . ”

After saying this, he gracefully took his leave . Eternal River Tier elites were naturally very busy .

Just as Ling Han and the others were about to enter the gate to the courtyards, they suddenly saw the gate open by itself . A dozen or people walked out, blocking the entrance to the courtyards .

The leader of this group swept his gaze over them before saying with a snicker, “How come all of the new recruits are trash this time? Does trash have the right to enter through the main gate? All of you, crawl in through this dog flap!”

He pointed to the side of the main gate . Sure enough, there was a dog flap there .

Looking at this dog flap, how could the new recruits not know that this was the older disciples trying to establish dominance over them?

Moreover, the man who was standing in their path… was an Eternal River Tier elite!