Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 451

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Chapter 451: Shocking Everyone

As soon as Clemente’s words left his mouth.

The originally noisy scene of everyone asking about the situation instantly disappeared.

Outside the sovereign’s tomb.

At this moment, the entire area descended into a deathly silence.

A long time passed.

Only now did everyone come back to their senses.

The leader of the Litlan Empire, a highgod, looked at Clemente, his gaze filled with disbelief.

“Are you certain that he is from the Supreme Academy?”

The confusion of highgods was the same as the confusion of others.

The students of the Supreme Academy had always been rare.

There were only a few students in the Supreme Academy, and there weren’t many of them in total.

In addition, they rarely went out, and there weren’t many of them scattered across the endless planes.

Would they really come to the Plane of Slaughter?

Thinking up to this point, everyone turned their inquisitive gazes towards Clemente.

Seeing that everyone still didn’t quite believe him, Clemente began to explain.

“That’s right. Gladstone came from the Supreme Academy.”

“He might be able to fake it in other aspects, but his arcane magic is impossible to fake!”

As soon as Clemente finished speaking, everyone immediately began to boil.


“A student from the Supreme Academy actually entered the sovereign’s tomb?”

“The Litlan Empire is truly unlucky. They actually ran into people from the Supreme Academy.”

“If they had run into those two from the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter, perhaps Sapir might have been able to survive, but running into the Supreme Academy…”

“It looks like they really did die in there.”

Everyone began to discuss.

The vast majority of them had never met the students of the Supreme Academy. Hearing Clemente say this, they appeared to be very interested.

Different from everyone else, the highgods of the Litlan Empire exchanged a glance, their faces ugly.

If it had been the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter, they still had a way.

No matter how tyrannical the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter was, it was impossible for them to kill 10,000 geniuses of the Litlan Empire without paying any price.

No matter what, they had to give an explanation.

However, if it was really as Clemente had said, it was the students of the Supreme Academy who had killed them.

Then, even if the Litlan Empire wanted to hold the murderer accountable, it wouldn’t do.

Even if Gladstone was standing right in front of them now, they didn’t have the guts to make a move.

A student of Supreme Academy was more important than 10,000 geniuses of an empire.

The Supreme Academy was just that overbearing and powerful!

“Clemente, did you personally see Gladstone kill them?”

The leader of the Litlan Empire, a highgod, looked towards Clemente and asked.

The others all came to their senses as well.

Perhaps Clemente had only heard that this person wasn’t a student of the Supreme Academy at all!

Clemente shook his head. “I didn’t personally see it, but the people I sent out personally saw it.”

“Gladstone used just a single arcane magic to transform all ten thousand geniuses of the Litlan Empire into metal sculptures.”

The highgods of the Litlan Empire revealed hesitant looks.

If Clemente had seen it with his own eyes, they would definitely have believed it.

But if it had been anyone else, they would have said that person had lied.

As they thought this, Clemente’s next words shattered all of their illusions.

Clemente slowly said, “Although I didn’t see Gladstone kill them.”

“But I personally saw Gladstone use an arcane magic!”

“It wasn’t just me. Almost everyone from the Orencia Empire and the Quince Empire saw it!”

“They can testify!”

Hearing these words, the highgods of the Litlan Empire fell into despair.

Clemente had already said so.

Then this matter was definitely true.

After figuring out the truth, the few highgods of the Litlan Empire didn’t feel any relaxed at all.

Instead, all of them had unsightly looks on their faces, their eyes filled with a heavy look.

This matter had dealt a huge blow to them.

They were in charge of escorting the geniuses of the Litlan Empire.

And now that such a thing had happened, 10,000 geniuses—including the Empire’s number one genius Sapir—had all died in the lost divine kingdom, with not a single survivor.

They would definitely not be able to escape responsibility.

However, they were not the only ones who felt the greatest burden. They would not be the only ones to be punished.

Those who were qualified to enter the lost divine kingdom were either the children of the empire’s top-tier experts or the most talented geniuses.

The 10,000 people who entered the lost divine kingdom could be said to be the geniuses of the younger generation of the Litlan Empire.

Now, these 10,000 geniuses were all fallen in the lost divine kingdom.

They could already imagine that in the next 100,000 years or so…

The Litlan Empire would no longer be able to compete with the other three great empires.

Right now, they still needed the support of the older generation of experts, so it might not have much of an impact.

However, after a period of time, when the geniuses of the other three great empires grew up…

The strength of the Litlan Empire would be much lower than that of the other three great empires!

If this continued for a long time, the problem would not only be that the strength of the empires would become lower.

It would be whether or not the empire would be able to continue to exist.

Tens of thousands of years later, when the overall strength of the Litlan Empire was inferior to that of the other three great empires…

It was very likely that the three great empires would join forces to ostracize or even encircle and annihilate the Litlan Empire!

At that time, not to mention maintaining the size of the empire…

Even if the Litlan Empire continued to exist in the form of a kingdom, it would be extremely difficult!

Thinking of this, the faces of the several highgods turned extremely ugly, and a hint of despair appeared in their eyes.

The leader of the Litlan Empire, a highgod, opened his mouth with great difficulty. He wanted to ask another question, but he didn’t know what to say.

But at this moment, no one paid any attention to what he wanted to say.

Everyone was shocked by the news which Clemente had brought.

“Gladstone actually used just one technique to wipe out all ten thousand geniuses of the Litlan Empire?”

“How is this possible?”

“Can it be that he is a god? Aren’t only demigods able to enter the sovereign’s tomb?”

“Even an ordinary god wouldn’t be a match for ten thousand genius demigods, much less wipe them out with just one technique!”

“Are the students of the Supreme Academy really that powerful?”

In the past, everyone had only heard of how powerful the Supreme Academy was.

In truth, they didn’t understand just how powerful the Supreme Academy was.

But now, when they heard that Gladstone had killed ten thousand geniuses with a single move…

Everyone was stunned.

“What is arcane magic?”

When they heard arcane magic, some people who didn’t understand raised questions.

Then, someone began to explain to everyone what arcane magic was.


“So the Supreme Academy’s current status is all because of arcane magic?”

“Arcane magic is actually so powerful?”

“I’ve decided, I want to enter the Supreme Academy too!”

“You think you can enter Supreme Academy alone? You should know that even Clemente hasn’t officially become a student of Supreme Academy!”

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