Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 1013

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Chapter 1013: Don’t Want To Take Her Home

If Chen Lanying had rented a taxi from the city, it would be expensive. The taxi would also send Chen Lanying to the entrance of the army barracks. The soldiers on duty would have told them that Chen Lanying had come in a taxi; they would have seen the vehicle.

Therefore, Chen Feitang must have sent Chen Lanying there. However, she must have been afraid that she would be recognized, so she did not send her to the entrance. Then, she must have parked the car near the entrance and waited for Chen Lanying to send the child before she picked her up and left.

They were both driving, and they had been driving almost ten minutes earlier. If Chen Feitang drove her car really fast, it would make sense if they could not catch up to her as they had slowed down to look for Chen Lanying.

“Then what about this child?” Jiang Yao looked at the sleeping child in her arms with a heavy heart, but she still made it clear. “I don’t want to take him home.”

The child was innocent, and she was not petty. However, she was also a woman, and she had a temper. The child’s mother had left the child at the barracks entrance and made everyone think that Jiang Yao was a vixen who stole another woman’s man. She did those things to disgust her deliberately; how could she still be in the mood to take the child home?

She would have taken the child home if they had someone else as their parents, even if the child were an orphan she saw by the roadside.

However, the child’s mother was Chen Lanying.

She thought that Chen Lanying was a disgusting woman, so she did not want to care for her child.

Jiang Yao did not want to do that, and Lu Xingzhi did not want it any more than she did. It was not his child, so why should he do that?

The child’s mother even caused friction between his wife and him!

“I’ll give my mother a call and tell her to contact the Chen and Lu families immediately. After that, we’ll send the child to the police station. If the two families want the child back, they can go to the police station to get him back. If both sides don’t want the child, then we’ll let the police station send the child to the orphanage.”

After he finished speaking, Lu Xingzhi parked the car by the roadside. He was afraid that Jiang Yao would hold the child for too long and her hands would get sore, so he took the child instead. He held the child in one hand and used his phone in the other to call Mrs Lu at home.

When Mrs Lu, who was far away in town, heard that, she immediately blew her top. “How can this Chen Lanying be so vicious? How could she do such a thing? When I saw her being let down by Lu Weihua back in the county, I pitied her. Now, I think she deserves it. A woman like her deserves that Lu Weihua doesn’t like her! It’s retribution!”

After she scolded the younger woman, Mrs Lu reminded Lu Xingzhi. “This is our fault; we’ve let your wife suffer. If Yaoyao gets angry at you, you have to bear with it and persuade her. Don’t think that you are in the right to quarrel with her. What that woman said in front of your comrades might cause people to misunderstand your wife. If that’s the case, then you’ll have to explain it to your wife.”

After she said that, Mrs Lu passed the phone to Mr Lu and told him to speak to Lu Xingzhi. When Mr Lu heard that Lu Xingzhi wanted to send the child to the police station, he thought about it and felt it was the most appropriate method. “Alright, we’ll do as you say. I will call the Chen family immediately.”

After Mr Lu finished speaking, Mrs Lu picked up the phone again and told Lu Xingzhi that she wanted to talk to Jiang Yao. Lu Xingzhi looked at his wife and passed the phone to her. “Mother wants to speak to you.”

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