... he entrance of the chamber. He did not know when the person had been standing there. He couldn't sense him at all. Only after he had spoken did Liam even realize that someone was there.

The surprise did not stop there. Before Liam could react, the person waved his hand and the golden glow that was enveloping Liam abruptly stopped.

Liam's eyes immediately widened in shock. The person in front of him had actually succeeded in stopping something that the Spire started? < ...

Pet KingChapter 1814End
FantasySlice Of LifeComedyComedy

1. Download a suspicious game
2. Catch a few magical pets as partners
3. Go through interesting daily routines and lead the pet shop to a whole new level

Charging Magic With a Smile~ Infinite Magic Power After Being Reincarnated Into a Different WorldChapter 167 - Smiles Producing Infinite Magic (Main Story Final)

I was summoned to a ruined world and received the ability to create various things. Since I don’t have a house to live in I will make a house. Since people are gathering at my house I will make a town. Since the town is being attacked by monsters I will make the strongest weapon and repel them. Using my infinitely charging magic power I will remake this world as I please.

MTL - You and I Are In Love with Each Other, Killing Harm For the PeopleChapter 90 Ning Qianwen's Extra Story (8)

Miss Jing in the eyes of Miss Chi: Nouveau riche
Miss Chi in the eyes of Miss Jing: a woman who worships money
After an accident, the way they looked at each other began to change…
The love story of two women who dislike honesty over time (日 is a verb)

Early in the morning, in a hotel, the big bed in the presidential suite…
Chi Jia got dressed: “Jing Rui, even if all the men and women all over the world die, I won’t fall for you!”
Jing Rui: “please Miss Chi remember what she said and don’t come to me again in the future.”

The next day, early in the morning, in a hotel, the big bed in the presidential suite…
Chi Jia got dressed, “I warn you this is the last time!”
Jing Rui: “Miss Chi, I don’t want a next time either.”

A few days later, the two met in a bar.
Jing Rui: “Have you brought your ID card?”
Chi Jia: “Bring…”

Main CP: Fried hair and greedy little designer X sexy and rich restaurant owner
Deputy CP: Huan Tuo Infatuated Design Director X Wen Wan Ke Ren Yu Jie President

[Pit entry instructions or lightning protection]
1. The main and deputy CPs are all doing first and then loving, simple and rude, don’t enter if you don’t like it; HE, don’t tear down the CP;
2. Unrealistic, light-hearted and sweet essays (the kind where the president has a lot of time to fall in love), the plot is sultry and colorful; the industry description is non-professional, sorry;
3. There is a straight-forward plot, but there is no reason to choose a woman after being hurt by a man. Loving someone has nothing to do with gender, that’s all;

Content tags: urban love, happy friends, sweet text
Search keywords: protagonist: Chi Jia; Jing Rui ┃ supporting role: Ning Qian; Wen Jin; Yun Xin; Jian Yi

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Bored Gamer in Other WorldsChapter 990 Noted

Bored Gamer in Other Worlds. A spoiled brat journeys in mystical worlds and beyond.


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