... h both of you?

‘Would you turn back if we said no?” Ruth said flatly as he prodded the fire with a long skewer. “It’s do or die, I suppose.”

Elliot replied with a bitter smile. Soon, the group filled their stomachs with bread porridge and retired for the night. Since they had only packed a single tent in an attempt to travel light, four people had to sleep crammed inside while one kept guard. Having slept next to Sidina thus far, Maxi felt a little on edge in a tent full of men. ...

MTL - Mr. Yuan is Always UnhappyChapter 92

Mr. Yuan always has a crush, always in love , always single, always unhappy.

Mr. Yuan finally fell in love, finally pa pa pa with a boyfriend, he was still unhappy.

In one night, his boyfriend asked him :” How are you so unhappy ?”

He danced and sang : Rubbing like a devil’s pace ~

Boyfriend : …..

Mr. Yuan finally said the truth : Because it doesn’t feel good to rub with you.

A silly white sweet novel that explores the correct posture of the great harmony of life.

- Description from Novelupdates

MTL - The Correct Way of Face-Slapping in TransmigrationChapter 184 Fanwai (End)

Even though Gu Yunxi was created from the accumulation of the resentment of souls, there was not a bit of ruthlessness nor cruelty in his nature, only a desire to cultivate. Just as he achieved his human form, he was sent to reincarnate. Under the control of Heaven, he experienced life after life of suffering, dying a terrible death every single time. After thousands of reincarnations, thousands of terrible deaths, he finally accumulated enough power to escape from the Laws of Heaven. He swore to get revenge on this blind Heaven’s Law that’s unable to differentiate good from evil.

So what if it’s the Heavens? He will stir up the rights and wrong, the good and evil!

You want me to accept this life and die, but I just won’t! I want to live, to rebel against the heavens, to reverse this joke of a destiny!

- Description from Novelupdates

MTL - The Best Of YouChapter 115
DramaRomanceSchool LifeShoujo

Everyone knew Shen Nianshen so well.
In this world, there would probably be no female creatures that could enter his heart. Even the most beautiful girl in the school was coldly rejected.

Until one day, when there was a basketball match at the school. In the front row of the audience, there was a girl whose head was accidentally hit by the ball.

Shen Nianshen immediately ran to her. Everybody thought that he only went to get the ball. Unexpectedly, he squatted down in front of the girl, stroked her head gently, and asked anxiously, “Does it hurt?”

This a sweet love story between a cold guy and a lively girl.

- Description from Novelupdates

MTL - The Great Voyage: the Prop Master on the Straw Hat ShipChapter 560

Link, who traveled to the world of pirates, brought Doraemon’s treasure bag.

Just happened to meet Luffy who went out to sea, and has not awakened the true fruit ability of [Renren Fruit Illusory Beast Species Sun King Form], and he is still the rubber fruit Luffy.

That being the case, then I will follow this future One Piece, even more Liberation Warrior Joey Boy, the future Sun King *ka! !

Let’s enjoy the magnificent style of this pirate world together! !

In the process of traveling, all kinds of props also showed a powerful effect from Link’s hands! !

Luffy, actually [rubber fruit] has another name, do you know?

Hawkeye, are you the strongest swordsman in the world? 【Famous Knife·Electric Pill】Learn about it! !

Kaido, do you have the strongest animal army? I have some good flavors of 【Momotaro Rice Balls】, you can try it!

Im, do you want to destroy the world? 【Earth Destruction Bomb】Do you want it for you..

- Description from novelbuddy