Coming of the Villain Boss! - Chapter 787

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Ming Shu squatted on the roof of the car and watched Hao Zi put the injured Li Jianren on the sofa . Huang Zheng stood on one side, armed and alert .

The sofa was placed in the street, right in the middle of it .

They wondered where the zombies had moved it from .

Being trapped in the street like this… It was their first time either before or after doomsday .

“You’re a good zombie . ” Hao Zi wiped off his cold sweat and sent a good zombie card to Ming Shu .

If it weren’t for her deterring the zombies just now, they would have become food in the zombies’ stomachs .

…Although they turned in the last of their supplies .

Ming Shu smiled . “My zombies are hungry . ”

Hao Zi trembled and glanced at the zombies standing behind her .

All the zombies were staring at them .

Staring at the food .

What the hell!

 They were actually in such a close and peaceful distance from the zombies .

“He got bitten?” Ming Shu asked while looking at Li Jianren on the sofa .

Hao Zi wiped away cold sweat . “Yes…”

 “He’ll turn into a zombie, so why don’t you give him to my zombies for dinner?”

“Roar!” The zombies seemed to understand the words and roared with excitement .

Hao Zi: “…”

Huang Zheng: “…”

They just jumped from the wolf’s den to the tiger’s!

Ming Shu smiled and sounded light and slow . “I was just kidding, don’t be so nervous . ”

Hao Zi: “…”

Huang Zheng: “…”

It was not a joke for a zombie to say that, okay?

Hao Zi glanced at Ming Shu, who had turned her head to talk to the zombies . The zombies looked at her stupidly, not sure if they had understood her .

“What should we do?” Hao Zi asked Huang Zheng in a low voice .

It was an emergency and they were surrounded by zombies . This human-like zombie proposed that she would help them drive the zombies away if they provided her with supplies .

“Bitch’s condition is not good, and Su Tai is not here, perhaps we should wait… If she really wants to eat us, it won’t be so much trouble,” Huang Zheng analyzed .

Hao Zi thought so as well . She led so many zombies, so if she really intended to eat them, why would she bother saving them .

Huang Zheng bent over to check Li Jianren’s body .

Li Jianren got bitten on the arm by the zombies . There was black blood curdled in the wound, and black lines were running up along the arm .

Their bodies had undergone reinforcement, so if Li Jianren survived, he would not become a zombie, but if he couldn’t survive…

 A glimmer of gloom flashed past Huang Zheng’s eyes .

“Poor man . ”

Huang Zheng felt all his fine hair erect, and he looked up stiffly at the girl, who had appeared behind the sofa silently .

She also looked down at Li Jianren . Within such a close distance, Huang Zheng saw the arc of her mouth .

It was very creepy .

The girl looked up at him and smiled, then walked away . She ordered the zombies to drag out another sofa and lay on it .

Huang Zheng breathed a sigh of relief .

Ming Shu tried hard to eat the canned food, enduring the nausea .

Hao Zi leaned back on the sofa and rested . Seeing Ming Shu’s behavior, he was a little confused . “Do you zombies also eat human food?”

 Ming Shu raised her chin and signaled him to look at the zombies behind her . “You should ask them . ”

The zombies growled at Hao Zi, which meant you taste better and we’re going to eat you .  

Hao Zi: “…”

I shouldn’t have asked .  

Huang Zheng and Hao Zi took turns to watch Li Jianren as they weren’t sure if the zombies would rush at them suddenly or not .

Even though the girl who had fallen asleep there said the zombies wouldn’t do anything to them, they wouldn’t let their guard down .

Huang Zheng stared at the girl . If he killed the zombie king right now…

 Two zombies wandered by and Huang Zheng lowered his head silently

He was just considering .

The day dawned and the night passed without incident .

The zombies scattered, and Hao Zi thought they were gone . But within half an hour, the zombies came back one after another, bringing Ming Shu a number of strange things .

A pile of junk appeared before Ming Shu .

But these things were of no use to her .

“Roar!” A little zombie squeezed through with a bag of biscuits, and it put it on the top of the piled junk obediently .

It was just like a bunch of flowers growing out of the garbage .

Ming Shu’s eyes were bright . “You’re so powerful . Great, later you’ll be their head!”

Huang Zheng: “…”

Hao Zi: “…”

Is this how you play?! 

“There’s the medicine…” Huang Zheng suddenly poked Hao Zi .

At the bottom of the pile were boxes of medicine .

Medicine was scarce now . Although many people had been strengthened and had skills, there were also many ordinary people who would die of a minor cold .

 “Well…” Hao Zi raised his hand slowly . “That stuff… Do you need it?”

 Ming Shu looked down along his finger . “No . ”

It can’t be eaten .

 “Well… then… could we have it?” Hao Zi felt he was bold enough to go to heaven . He was actually asking something from a zombie .

Zombies didn’t need medicine, so Ming Shu threw the medicine to them casually and then set out with her zombies again—to continue searching for supplies .

Hao Zi and Huang Zheng were very speechless after learning what she was going to do .

It was already difficult to grab supplies from their own kind, now they needed to face the zombies .

How would they survive?

“What should we do? Su Tai hasn’t come back…” Seeing the zombies leave slowly, Hao Zi was a little anxious .

“Perhaps we can just follow her first?” Huang Zheng hesitated .

Hao Zi felt Huang Zheng was even bolder than him .

But the idea seemed… feasible .

That zombie king seemed to be a vegetarian zombie king who knew how to keep fit .

She didn’t eat people, and never touched the meat the zombies brought back . She even told them to carry it away .

“Let’s go . ” Huang Zheng picked up Li Jianren and caught up with the zombie team .

The zombies in the back looked back at them and roared, then the zombies in front roared, too .

They didn’t know what the zombies were roaring about, actually . But they managed to follow behind safely and didn’t get attacked .

Sometimes some zombies would circle around them, seeming to be looking for a better place to bite them .

After wandering around them in circles, the zombies returned to the team unwillingly again .

Ming Shu didn’t care about the three tails, and she just searched street by street .

The zombies were like a violent demolition squad . No matter if it was edible or not, as long as they thought it was good, they would bring it back and then Ming Shu threw it away .

“Will you learn? This can’t be eaten, are you trying to poison me and usurp the throne?!” Ming Shu threw a bottle of chemical liquid aside . “Learn from your head!”

The zombies lowered their heads to look at the little zombie .

The little zombie held high the biscuits in its hands .

The zombies: “…” Scheming! 


 The zombies next to Ming Shu suddenly fell to the ground, and Ming Shu quickly scattered the other zombies .

As the zombies ran quickly, Huang Zheng and Hao Zi behind them were soon exposed .

The bullets hit at Hao Zi’s feet mercilessly, and he immediately hid behind the car in the street . The bullets shattered the windshield of the car, sending glass flying about .

“Shit . ” Hao Zi cursed and groped for the gun . Although many people had skills, firearms were still the weapon of choice . Hao Zi asked Huang Zheng, “Where are they?”

Huang Zheng had a special ability to see the life bars of all creatures within a radius of 100 meters .

Just like the life bars in a game .

A human’s life bar was green while the zombies’ were red .

Huang Zheng’s skill was not aggressive but auxiliary .

“There are three on the second floor on the left and five on the right, human . ”

“Come on, have you ever seen a zombie than can shoot?” Hao Zi shouted angrily .

Huang Zheng didn’t answer .

Hao Zi also realized something later .

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