Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 92

Klein continued grilling .

He sprinkled all sorts of seasonings on it, and the smell wafted towards the Bear Goblins .

They couldn’t help but swallow their saliva, and the roasted rat in their hands immediately lost its fragrance .

“Do you want it?” Klein said with a smile .

The Bear Goblins nodded repeatedly, then quickly shook its head .

“I want to hire you . Is it enough to use this roasted meat?” Klein said with a smile .

The Bear Goblins nodded repeatedly before quickly shaking his head .

“Hire us?”

The Bear Goblin scratched his head as though he was in a difficult position .

“Why? Is there a problem?”

Klein raised his eyebrows .

“We still have something to do today, so we can’t accept the hire . ”

The two Bear Goblins were very distressed .

They also had a keen eye and knew that Klein wasn’t someone to be trifled with .

His side was the base of the Snowdrift Ox, so they were planning to take a detour .

For Klein to be able to come over unscathed, he had to be capable .

Otherwise, based on their usual habits, they would have already started looting .

“It won’t take long . I just want to ask you a few questions . ”

Klein shook the roast meat in his hand .

The two Bear Goblins discussed for a moment before informing him that they would be leaving after eating their fill .

Klein agreed to the request and threw the barbecued meat to the Bear Goblins .

“Sss! Delicious!”

“Delicious, too delicious!”

The two Bear Goblins couldn’t wait to eat the barbecued meat . They were full of praise .

Klein clapped his hands and said, “Mr . Bear Goblins, don’t just focus on eating the barbecued meat . We should get down to business . ”

“First, let me ask you a question . Are you able to travel freely through the catacombs every day?”

“Of course . ”

“The second question is, why didn’t you take the treasure chest?”

“Treasure chest? What treasure chest?”

The Bear Goblins looked up in confusion, as though they hadn’t noticed the iron treasure chest not far away .

Klein continued asking as though he was deep in thought .

He asked, “Third question, how far is the distance from here to the Underground City? Which direction is it in?”

“Underground City? We’re not sure about that . We’ve only heard of it, but we’ve never been there . ”

“Haven’t you guys explored it before?”

The Bear Goblin shook his head and said, “The catacombs world is huge, and the passageways are complicated . Furthermore, there are frequent changes . We don’t dare to run around randomly . It’s easy to lose our way and be trapped in the wilderness . ”

“There will be changes?”

“Yes, it might happen once every few days, or it might take more than ten days . We won’t be able to find our way back . ”

The Bear Goblins had already finished all the roasted meat and were burping .

“The Snowdrift Ox over there…”

A bear gnome pointed at the catacomb that Klein had come to .

“Killed it,” Klein replied indifferently .

“Then, we don’t have to take a detour . ”

The Bear Goblin got up and came before the mud wall . He began to dig rapidly, and it was extremely efficient .

Klein continued asking questions from the side .

The two Bear Goblins were also simple-minded . They often asked questions and didn’t know anything .

Fortunately, he had gained some intelligence in general and didn’t waste the roasted meat!

The two Bear Goblin mercenaries left .

They had gained a lot from this conversation .

According to the Bear Goblins, they wouldn’t go too far every time they went out .

In a few days or a dozen days, the tunnel in the catacomb would change .

In the tunnel, there was an existence that Klein treated as a wall of air . The Bear Goblins referred to it as the geomagnetic pulse .

The soil that the geomagnetic pulse passed through would be extremely hard . No matter how much strength one had, it would be impossible to excavate it .

The geomagnetic pulse would change direction in a short period of time, causing the passageway to change .

In addition, they just couldn’t see the treasure chest .

In the catacombs world, there were many items left behind from ancient times, such as runic eggs . If they were lucky, they would be able to excavate them .

After they dug the passageway, they would also be able to see a black hole . As for its exact existence, it was also said to be due to the geomagnetic pulse . It was also related to the gods .

In short, it was very mysterious . There was no way to know for sure .

Klein followed them into the tunnel . After the Bear Goblins passed through, he wanted to enter again, but he was repelled .

This tunnel led to the ice and snow catacomb . Klein originally wanted to see if there were any bugs, but the result was obvious .

After he exited the passageway, the sand quickly healed .

Klein had also probed the Bear Goblins about why he could only pierce through the membrane in one direction .

The Bear Goblin wasn’t surprised and informed him that some lifeforms were special .

As for the reason, he still had no idea .

. .

The iron treasure chest was on a sand pile not far away .

Klein went forward to examine it .

It was harmless .

He chose to open it .

[System notification: Iron Treasure Chest+1]

[System notification: Map (Medium-Sized)+1]

[System notification: Earth Rune+1]

He didn’t have a blueprint, but there were enough runes .

Furthermore, he had a medium-sized map .

A map was indeed a good thing .

Klein spread out the map .

In the middle was a red dot marking where he was .

It extended outwards and was densely packed with caves .

Klein took out a piece of charcoal .

He drew a circle around some important resources and continued planning .


Klein raised his eyebrows .

He saw a novel item .

“A lost charm bloodline? What’s this?”

Klein drew a circle around the charm bloodline catacomb .

There was only one excavation opportunity left for the day .