Chapter 900: 900

Chapter 900: Yuanlian Situation

How did that happen?

Jingyin’s tender white face was feeling hot . Her face flushed red .

She really didn’t dare to think back to the craziness over those two days .

For some reason, she was struck by wave after wave of euphoric sensations such that she wasn’t able to stop herself . She also couldn’t stop herself from being totally engrossed by it .

Her body was filled with a certain sense of fulfillment, like another version of herself was going through the happiest thing in the world . It was like she was being conquered and trampled all over .

She became something like a slut and had gone through numerous shameful things .

Even now that the orgasmic feeling had faded, she still felt the surging sense of joy in her body .

Luckily, other people just treated it as if she was in secluded meditation which was why they didn’t notice anything weird happening .

If not, she really wished that she could find a wall to knock into and just die .

“Primeval Ancient Buddha, Unlimited Beginning and End…”

The moment she chanted out the Buddha titles, she shook her head .

For no reason, she committed some lust sins . If the few Buddhist Ancestors knew about it, they would most probably be furious .

Was she actually such an unusually lustful woman deep down in her bones?

She had already verified her Diamond Body and recently when she spread the Dao in Yuanlian World, she felt that her foundations were becoming firmer and firmer .

She was just a step away from reaching Luohan Realm…

Who knew that such a thing would occur at such a moment?

She sighed and chanted out some scriptures . Instantly, a ball of green Spiritual Light swept across the room .

It caused all the marks of those two nights to be totally cleaned .

Then, she sat down cross-legged and read the Three Bodhi Clean Curse . However, when she chanted out scripture after scripture, she felt like she was unable to be at peace and fully focus as usual . What she thought about was all the various happenings over those two nights, unable to forget about them at all .

She couldn’t help but sigh, thinking to herself whether or not these lustful thoughts were her own tribulation?

However, where did they come from and how was she going to solve it?

She had no idea at all .

Her Master wasn’t here and there was no one she could seek advice from . Master Zifang had deep cultivation and he was really generous . Recently, as an elder, due to spreading the religion, he also obtained the Luohan position .

However, these types of humiliating female matters definitely couldn’t be said to him .

Just as she had all of these nonsensical thoughts, a Spiritual Light suddenly charged into the Yuanjing Celestial Manor . It didn’t greet at all and just directly knocked into where she lived .

It was Zhao Yanran…

Jingyin’s looked over and knew who it was . She subconsciously looked around before relaxing . She retracted the guilt in her heart .

When she saw her land, her gaze changed once more .

“Why are you so heavily injured? Who did it?”

She saw that her shoulder seemed to have been hit by something hard . Her entire collarbone was shattered and caved inwards .

The wound was really shocking . The only thing that was comforting was that there wasn’t much blood .

Zhao Yanran could still control her injuries .

“No worries, I have already killed the person who injured me with one sword . ”

She was obviously heavily injured but she was still smiling, filled with a cold intent .

“As for who it was, is there a need to ask that? 3 Spirit Realm Peak Experts were there to probe and ambush me? This time I really taught them a lesson and also took revenge for the death of those dozen disciples of the Three Sects!”

Jingyin was silent and knew that Zhao Yanran was referring to the disciples of the Sword Sect, Buddhist Faction and Common People’s Path who were assassinated when they were touring about Yuanlian World .

Since the day when they wiped out Hong Jiuchen’s forces, Yuanlian World was stable for close to half a year .

However, to date there were still hidden currents surging about and many incidents occurring .

Not only were the disciples of the three sects being murdered, but there were also many conflicts at the borders . Small scale battles were breaking out more and more often .

Pretty much every day, there were numerous casualties . There were many disciples of the Six Sects of the Buddhist Faction who returned to their eternal rest .

Jingyin wasn’t willing to see life wasted but at this moment if they wanted them to back out of Yuanlian, that was an impossible matter!

“Are we still unable to find out where these people come from…”

Zhao Yanran smiled bitterly, “These people are all kamikaze warriors and they were never left alive . Soul Scouring techniques were all useless . ”

If they were able to find out, then they wouldn’t be in such a problematic state .

Although the Great Gan Celestial Dynasty was slowly going up against Mufang and Fuyue, it didn’t prove that these people came from them .

Instead, all the clues pointed toward the Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty and Hong Jiuchen who should have already backed out .

“As expected!”

She took in a deep breath and then shook her head, “Sister Yanran needs to be careful in the future . These people will definitely not stop . At this moment, they are only Spirit Realm, maybe if Ruler doesn’t appear, they might even use Celestial Realm Cultivators…”

All these matters were occurring because they wanted to see how the Great Gan Celestial Dynasty would react .

Even if Zong Shou was still there or if he was still alive or dead…

The strength of the probe would also slowly increase .

If they didn’t react even after such provocation, one would naturally be able to tell how weak they were .

If this went on, people would panic sooner or later . At that time, there would definitely be some people who would truly attack .

“I know! The second batch of Spaceships from the Cloud World is arriving and just needs a short time . Just my Common People’s Path alone has 3,000 disciples . At that time, we can solve the problem of the manpower shortfall…”

Zhao Yanran had a smile on her face . The Three Factions all increased manpower which meant that they placed a lot of importance on Yuanlian World . They weren’t just trying it out anymore .

“Thanks to Master Zifang and Senior Brother Feng Taiji, one stepping into the Celestial Realm, although the other is Peak Spirit Realm, he can fight against Celestial Realm Cultivators . If not, these few months would have been even tougher to pass . They really deserve much of the credit…”

There was also Chahou Hu of the Shura Race . His actions had been really strange like he was helping Great Gan .

Allowing Zhuang Yu who was helping to take charge of Yuanlian World to be able to rearrange and reorganize his troops .

The moment she said this, a bitter laughter could be heard from the outside .

“I don’t dare to accept Fairy Yanran’s praise!”

A person stepped in . It was Feng Taiji, his eyes were filled with exhaustion and helplessness .

“At this moment, Feng Taiji also felt like my strength couldn’t come from my heart . Who knows how much longer we can last for? Those people are really scheming and they must have more plans to come . However, the Spaceships are only sending 3 Celestial Realm Experts . We can only hope that Ruler rushes back in time and that nothing happens to him…”

The moment he said this, Jingyin’s expression changed slightly .

How would they not know that Hong Jiuchen and Tanjing were eagerly counter attacking because they definitely had some news?

Only Zhao Yanran was laughing brightly .

Feng Taiji gave her a weird look and was deep in thought, “Is Fairy Yanran about to advance?”

“It is still early! I am just chasing up to you . However, it won’t be long before I take that last step . ”

Feng Taiji and Jingyin exchanged glances with one another, both of them were filled with surprise . At this moment, to be able to add a bit of combat strength was already decent . Not long ago, Zhao Yanran had grasped Spirit and Martial Arts Merger . She also stepped into Peak Spirit Realm and was able to fight Celestial Realm people .

She was thinking about Zong Shou . The increasing in her cultivation was all due to him .

In other words, this person was not only fine but his strength had greatly improved…

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