Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities - Chapter 531

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Chapter 531: A Major Incident Occurred to the Mo Group

Mo Xu’s mind went blank for a moment before he looked over.

“It does seem to be my brother’s wife!” He muttered.

“What do you mean? That’s her! Don’t tell me you don’t even know your sister-in-law?”

This, of course, was impossible.

He was just a little too surprised. After all, who would have thought that he would meet his sister-in-law after coming to have a hotpot with great difficulty?

Moreover, looking at so many people over there, they should all be sister-in-law’s colleagues, right?

Jiang Tingxu only had one or two friends by her side. How could Mo Xu not know them?

Therefore, this table could only be sister-in-law’s colleagues.

Mo Xu also knew that sister-in-law’s identity had not been exposed to the public. It was because she did not want to get into trouble, so he did not plan to go forward or anything.

Even though Mo Xu did not have such thoughts. It did not mean that the scoundrels beside him thought the same!



“Sister-in-law Mo~”

Jiang Tingxu could not care less about the first two calls of sister-in-law, but the last call of sister-in-law Mo, Jiang Tingxu naturally could not pretend to not hear it.

She raised her head and followed the voice. She saw a group of young people whom she did not know. In the end, it was the figure of the second son of the Mo family.

Jiang Tingxu screamed in her heart, was it April Fool’s Day? Or is god playing a trick on me?

It couldn’t be helped. She couldn’t possibly ignore it, right?

As it wouldn’t take long for the entire circle to know.

She forced a smile and waved at the group of people on the stairs. Then, she apologized to the people in the department, “I saw an acquaintance. I’ll go over for a while. You guys continue to eat.”

After Jiang Tingxu went over, she was pushed up to the second floor by a group of rich second-generation heirs.

The second floor was indeed quieter. There was also a private room.

The Lady Boss personally led the people into the private room and left after arranging everything.

Jiang Tingxu sat on the main seat while a group of rich second-generation heirs sat on both sides obediently.

“Cough, what is everyone doing here?”

Although she wasn’t sure of their names, they looked quite familiar.

“Hehe, of course, we’re here to eat hotpot. I didn’t expect sister-in-law to be here as well.”

“Yeah, our department is having a meal together.”

“A meal together? Then today’s meal is on me. None of you should snatch it from me!”

The surrounding group of people started punching and kicking, “There’s no room for you. Go away.”

Jiang Tingxu was very embarrassed and quickly explained, “Thank you, but there’s no need. Every time our department has a gathering, we go through the public accounts.”

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It wasn’t like they were paying for it privately. Why were they rushing to settle the bill?

Mo Xu finally spoke. He pulled the young man who had just spoken and looked at Jiang Tingxu, “Sister-in-law, ignore them. They’re just a bunch of idiots.”

Jiang Tingxu looked at Mo Xu, “You didn’t go to the company today? Did you skip work?”

It was already time to go to work at this time, alright?

Yet, he was still loitering outside the hotpot restaurant. If he didn’t skip work, what else could it be?

Mo Xu snorted, “Who said I didn’t go to the company? I only came here after work.

“Also, by the way, sister-in-law, do you know that something big happened to the Mo Group today?”

Something big happened to the Mo Group?

“What?” Jiang Tingxu panicked.

Mo Xu glanced at Jiang Tingxu and clicked his tongue a few times before saying,

“It’s all because of you, sister-in-law!”

Jiang Tingxu was stunned, “Me? What about me?”

Something big happened to the Mo Group because of her?

As the person involved, why didn’t she know anything?

Could it be that Mo Er was intentionally spouting nonsense?


Then it really wouldn’t go that far

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