Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities - Chapter 532

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Chapter 532: Not Very Familiar

Mo Xu looked at the woman in front of him who was clueless. For a moment, his head hurt a little.

“You’re not much different from before. You don’t even know what my brother did for you!”

Mo Xu’s words had the intention of standing up for his brother.

After all, what Mo Xu knew was not the first or second time.

From the moment this girl came to the Mo family, his big brother had been silently paying for her. After that, he had never said anything about it.

For so many years, this girl had always been doted on by big brother. If it was any other man in the circle, this life would not have been so easy.

Thinking of this, Mo Xu whimpered and his expression was not very friendly.

When Jiang Tingxu heard Mo Er’s words, she was a little stunned. Moreover, she seemed to have vaguely understood something.

“You… I…”

Mo Xu waved his hand and looked very impatient, “Alright, I won’t say much about the matter between the two of you. Anyway, today, the Mo Group’s legal department has suspended all of our original work tasks for the sake of you, sister-in-law.”


“Tch, what reaction was that? It’s exactly what you heard!”

“As long as there were slanders, insults, and rumors about you on the Internet, all of them had been issued with an indictment.”

“Big brother had instructed us to deal with each one of them. We definitely won’t miss out on any of them!”

This was the prelude to a major incident!

To be able to force Mo Boyuan to be so ruthless, there weren’t many people in the world who could do so.

Jiang Tingxu couldn’t help but take two steps back, “What? An indictment?”


If Mo Er hadn’t mentioned it, Jiang Tingxu really wouldn’t have known about it. Moreover, it was very likely that she wouldn’t have known about it at all, just like before.

This was because Mo Boyuan wasn’t the kind of person who would say anything after doing something.

That extremely sullen man!

Jiang Tingxu felt a little helpless in her heart, but at the same time, she had an indescribable feeling.

Seeing that the person in front of him took in his words, Mo Er heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, “Don’t tell my brother, I was the one who said it.”


It couldn’t be helped since Mo Er was afraid of his brother.

Since he was young he was afraid of him, and he would never forget it for the rest of his life.

The corners of Jiang Tingxu’s mouth twitched slightly, “Got it. You guys go ahead and eat. I have to go back. My colleagues are waiting for me.”

Mo Xu nodded.

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Jiang Tingxu had just returned to her seat when she was pulled back by a few nurses from the department, “Dr. Jiang, who were those handsome guys?”

Handsome guys?

Indeed, those rich second-generation kids were pretty good-looking.

In the upper-class circles, when had they ever made a fool of themselves?

Regardless of whether it was a man or a woman, any one of them standing in the crowd of ordinary people would be a dragon among men and a phoenix among women. The temperament that was cultivated from a young age directly crushed 90% of ordinary people.

However, there was nothing unfair about this.

The upper-class circles had their difficulties.

These rich second-generation children might look like they were spending all day and have endless money. They were rich and powerful, but the pressure and experiences that they had experienced since young were much more than ordinary people.

They spent money like water, mostly to relieve the psychological and physical pressure. Otherwise, they would go crazy from holding it in.

Jiang Tingxu coughed, “Except for one, I just happen to know the others. I’m not very familiar with them.”

“Eh, then which one does Dr. Jiang know?”

“Well… Whichever one you thought is the dumbest will be the one.”

Jiang Tingxu didn’t say it directly, but she had her concerns.

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