Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2714

Chapter 2714: 2714

Abnormal Phenomena

“Brother Yu’s strength is really astonishing . It’s so admirable . ”

Wang Lingzhi hadn’t expected that Yu Huagan would survive and even achieve such a major advancement . It was really unbelievable . However, one had to believe as Yu Huagan was standing in flesh in front of him right now .

“Wang Lingzhi, it’s fine that you weren’t able to save me . I won’t blame you for that, but you almost put my family into a crisis . Tell me, how are we going to resolve this matter?”

Yu Huagan shouted in a deep voice as if a thunderstorm struck . Wang Lingzhi was terrified and he took a few steps backwards .

“It’s all a big misunderstanding . Hehe, Brother Yu . It’s a misunderstanding . ”

“Misunderstanding? How can this be a misunderstanding?”

Yu Huagan smiled coldly . Although he could not turn against Dongbo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang right now, he would not care about Wang Lingzhi . At this moment, his strength was unparalleled and he was not afraid of Wang Ling Zhi at all . He wanted both Dongbo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang to submit to him, so he must create a strong image now . Wang Lingzhi was a good tool for him to do so .

“Brother Dongbo, Brother Feng, please explain for me . ”

Wang Lingzhi did not know what to do, and could only seek out help from the other two Patriarchs . However, both of them had already run out of ways to help themselves, how could they care about Wang Lingzhi . Dongbo Tianchi would also like this bastard to die as soon as possible . Dongbo Family almost fell into an irrevocable crisis because of him .

“I could only release my hatred through killing you . ”

“No, don’t, Brother Yu . Please don’t kill me . It’s all my fault . Spare my life . ”

Wang Lingzhi immediately kneeled down, but that did not change Yu Huagan’s mind . He took a step forward and his figure was like a lightning flashing through the fighting hall . Before Wang Ling could respond, he had already been killed by Yu Huagan’s palm strike .

An Early Divine King was killed by Yu Huagan effortlessly!

Dongbo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang took in a cold breath while shivering in fear . They knew that Yu Huagan was showing them his true color .

No one was sorry for Wang Lingzhi’s death . No one even felt pity because he did not deserve any sympathy . Even if he had made plans for himself, he had never imagined that he would die tragically like this .

Everyone was very excited at this moment . Yu Huagan walked towards Jiang Chen and bowed to him . Everyone was confused looking at this scene except for Bai Yumo and the others .

Even Dongbo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang were stunned . How could Yu Huagan bow to a Half-step Divine King? It’s ridiculous . How did he deserve this?

“I, Yu Huagan, am able to return to my family and escape from death, all thanks to senoir’s contribution . Please don’t reject my bow . If you need any help in the future, I would do everything for you to repay your great kindness . ”

Everyone finally understood what had happened now . Jiang Chen had saved his life, and he had also saved the entire Yu Family .

Jiang Chen smiled and said:

“No worries, Master Yu . I have said that it’s all about destiny . ”

Bai Yumo looked at Jiang Chen and she was proud of herself as she was the one who brought her family their needed salvation .

Although her heart had passed away along with her husband’s death, she was still quite touched by Jiang Chen who had done so much for her . It was impossible for her to feel nothing . Initially, she thought that no one would live in her heart anymore . However, Jiang Chen’s heroic and invincible aura had moved her deeply .

Bai Yumo knew that both she and this mysterious gentleman had too much responsibility on their shoulders, so it would be impossible for them to be together . Although she knew that she was incredibly beautiful like her sister, she was still a widow of someone . How could she be qualified to be with such a talented man?

There’s no woman in the world who did not think of love . Unfortunately, they did not have the fate to be together .

Bai Yubo looked at her sister who was compatible with this gentleman . However, this man did not show any intention of courting her sister at all . Even though she and her sister were extraordinarily beautiful, Jiang Chen still remained unmoved . At the same time, her sister looked uninterested too .

“Sir, have you finished your task in Bai Yu City?”

Bai Yumo asked .

“It’s finished . ”

After Jiang Chen said this, Bai Yumo could not help feeling disappointed as this meant that Jiang Chen would leave soon . Liaobei Region was quite small, how could a talented dragon be bound to such a place?

“Okay, we don’t want to disturb you anymore . Brother Yu, let’s catch up next time . ”

Dongbo Tianchi said with a smile .

“Alright . ”

Yu Huagan said faintly . Dongbo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang intended to leave, so he would not keep them here anymore . After so many years, he had to manage his own family affairs now . Otherwise, Yu Family would really perish one day . Right now, it was the most critical moment for him to rule the family again . However, he had already decided to leave the head position to Yu Jingfan and he would only oversee things in a different position .

“Goodbye, Brother Yu . Great Elder, I will prepare a generous present for you next time to show my apology . ”

After Dongbo Tianchi finished saying these words, there was a red light that soared up to the sky and a strange aura made everything terrified .

“ That’s……”

“Dragon Gate Ridge, It’s the Dragon Gate Ridge . We had some miners killed inside the mines previously . I am afraid that there is an evil monster under mine . ”

Yu Jingfan said in a deep voice .

“Dragon Gate Ridge? What happened?”

Yu Huagan frowned and said .

“Something similar happened in our mine too . Is there an abnormal phenomena happening in the Dragon Gate Ridge, isn’t there?”

Dongbo Tianchi said . He thought that only the mine under their family’s control faced such things . Unexpectedly, the same thing happened to the Yu Family as well .

“It looks like a wolf but not really a wolf . The Monster looks like a tiger but also not . Not sure what it was but I have killed it with great difficulty . ”

Dongbo Tianchi said while Feng Luojiang nodded to agree .

“Seems like something unusual is happening at the Dragon Vein now . We have all met these monsters . ”

“There might be something strange hiding under the Dragon Vein . ”

Jiang Chen said .

“I have observed in the dark and saw that there’s an extraordinary dreadful monster under the mine . There are not only a few of them but countless of them . ”

Jiang Chen’s words stunned the three masters .

“Sir, how about we go to have a look?”

Yu Huagan looked at Jiang Chen and asked . Although Jiang Chen was only a Half-step Divine King, he knew that Jiang Chen’s true colour was definitely more powerful than his cultivation realm .


Jiang Chen nodded and the four of them turned into rays of light, heading to Dragon Gate Ridge!

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