Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2823

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Chapter 2823

The War God Awakes

Translated by Sean, Soya
Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox


“Such a strong aura. No wonder the War God’s Body is the secret of Heavenly Xing Sect.”

Zhou Dong said while gritting his teeth. The three of them exchanged a glance, feeling unresigned. They crashed into their opponent once again. However, this time their attacking aura was much weaker than before. Xing Feng displayed his best performance in the battle and kept attacking with his palm. The three of them were injured badly and they could not deal with Xing Feng at all. At this moment, the thought of retreating suddenly emerged in their minds.

“Three ignorant guys, why would you dare challenge me. You guys seem to not know how to write the word ‘death.’”

Xing Feng was extraordinarily overbearing. The gap between the three of them and Xing Feng was actually quite huge. Being the number one disciple in Heavenly Xing Sect, Jiang Chen believed that Xing Feng had not fully displayed his strength yet. But these three guys were still completely defeated.


Xing Feng struck with his palm and three of them were severely injured. Their faces immediately turned pale.

“Hurry up. Leave this place. This guy is too powerful. We aren’t his match.”

Zhou Dong withdrew himself. As Xing Feng still kept attacking them, they spread out and dodged his attacks. Xing Feng was too powerful and he had already constrained the three of them completely. They did not even have any chance to take any action, they were already defeated.

“Hahaha. A bunch of trash. Who dares fight me?”

Xing Feng could not stop laughing madly. Zhou Dong, Wang Xiaohu and Qu Changan left the place immediately. They did not dare to fight anymore. Xing Feng did not chase them after they fled. It was just a piece of cake for him to kill anyone of them, but it was impossible for him to kill them all in a short period of time.

Xing Feng’s mad laughter echoed in the Sea Moon Gorge for a while. Finally, Xing Feng squinted his eyes and said:

“Come out now. You have watched long enough, you should show yourself.”

Obviously, Xing Feng said this to Jiang Chen. But Jiang Chen did not expect that Xing Feng had already noticed him. Although he did not hide behind purposely, usually it was very hard for ordinary people to notice him. This guy was not that simple.

Actually, he did not plan to show himself because he was only there to look for the iron trees that blossom. He did not want to cause any other trouble. Yan Qingcheng’s safety was his priority now. Unfortunately, he was noticed by Xing Feng.

“Not bad. You were able to notice someone hiding behind to witness the battle. I have underestimated you. What a powerful War God’s Body. It’s really astonishing.”

Jiang Chen laughed and came out. He stared at Xing Feng whose countenance fell at the moment.

“It’s you!”

Xing Feng’s pupils shrunk as he stared at Jiang Chen. He did not expect that Jiang Chen was the guy in the dark. Xing Feng had already noticed that someone was hiding in the dark, observing them. He did not say it out because the person was quite strong. If Jiang Chen joined hands with the other three to take action against him, Xing Feng might not be able to overcome them. That was why he did not chase the three guys after they fled with severe injuries. Instead, he was waiting for the guy who was hiding. Obviously, this guy was quite confident in himself and he did not want to join hands with Zhou Tong and the others. As long as the three guys left, Xing Feng had no concern anymore.

“It’s me, so what?”

Jiang Chen said proudly.

“Why is Xing Ming’s breath coming out from your body? Is it…. Are you the one who killed him?”

Xing Feng took a deep breath and started at Jiang Chen. He was waiting for Jiang Chen’s answer.


Jiang Chen nodded and said nothing more, which irritated Xing Feng. That was his younger brother, his own brother from the same mother. Although their relationship was not that good, they were still from the same mother. Their parents had passed away a long time ago. Although Xing Feng did not say it out loud, Xing Ming was the closest person to him in this world.

Everything was ruined the moment Jiang Chen appeared. Xing Ming was killed. This left a deep scar in his heart and it was hard to describe the pain of losing one’s brother.

“Jiang Chen. Hahaha. Jiang Chen. That means you’re here to surrender?”

Xing Feng was furious and laughed out of anger. His facial expression looked incomparably ruthless. He was completely mad at this moment.

“You have killed my brother, you are going to repay this debt with blood.”

“He deserved that. I have given him a chance but he did not know how to cherish it. Who can he blame since he sought his own death.”

Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Jiang Chen, one of us must die here! You were lucky that you were able to display your concocting skill that time in Ling Jue City. Otherwise, you might have already died.”

“I have important things that I need to do now and I don’t want to go against you. At least not right now. Unfortunately, I indeed killed your brother. If you want to fight then let’s fight. I don’t like to keep things sloppy.”

Jiang Chen knew that the battle was inevitable.

“Are you also here for the Nan Hua True Scripture?”

Xing Feng’s eyes looked cold.

“I don’t know what Nan Hua True Scripture is. I am not interested in it either. I am here to look for the Iron Tree that blossoms.”

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice.

“Humph. Iron tree that blooms will bring Silver Dragon Fruit. I am afraid that you won’t see that anymore. The Sea Moon Gorge would be the place where you’ll be buried.”

He only had one brother, that’s why Jiang Chen must die.

“There’s no point in talking so much. Come, fight.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. Xing Feng was quite formidable. He was going to be the best match after advancing to the Divine King Realm. Of course, Gui Gu and Donghuang TaiA were also truly monstrous experts. But Jiang Chen did not know where they were now. Jiang Chen was quite excited to battle with Xing Feng actually.

“Lad, I will let you die in a terrible way.”

Xing Feng held his fist tightly and pressed against Jiang Chen. Thunderous strength struck at this moment.

“War God’s Body is indeed not bad. Compared to Xing Ming, you’re a grade higher. Interesting.”

Jiang Chen’s words pissed Xing Feng off. The two of them started the battle using all of their strength. Xing Feng’s eyes were filled with boundless fury. The battle was neck and neck and none of them gained the upper hand. At this moment, he now realised that Jiang Chen, who was only an Early Divine King, could withstand his War God’s body. Among those who had a similar realm as his, Xing Feng was invincible. However, this guy looked really relaxed at the moment. Each of his strikes was full of killing intent and his War God’s Body seemed to be ineffective in suppressing Jiang Chen.

Xing Feng did not believe that Jiang Chen could be so confident in resisting his attacks.

“War God’s Hammer!”

Xing Feng was holding a thunderous hammer, smashing it against Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen took a defensive stance and confronted the hammer with his bare fists. Jiang Chen remained calm in the battle. There was no clear winner yet even after the two of them had fought for some time.

Xing Feng was quite shocked by Jiang Chen’s strength. One should know that his War God’s Body was a divine body that was refined by the wind and fire for more than a thousand years. Although this was just the first transformation of the War God’s Three Profound Transformations, everyone was already afraid of it and dared not to confront him. However, Jiang Chen had been dealing with this effortlessly. Jiang Chen did not even show any trump card yet when dealing with his War God’s Body. His hammer also failed to overcome Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s bodily strength did not seem any weaker than his own War God’s Body.

“If I don’t show you some of my colour, you would really think that you are peerless. Humph. War God’s Three Profound Transformations, second transformation. War God Awake! Give me more strength!”

In a flash, Xing Feng took out the enormous hammer and roared madly. His War God Hammer had become ten times stronger than before.

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