Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2894

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Chapter 2894 The Battle Between Masters

Nine Cauldron Mountain was an active volcano. It’s truly a place to refine tools with the fire of the volcano and the Nine Cauldron Mountain as the cauldron. However, the people of the Blood Tool Sect weren’t able to use the Nine Cauldron Mountain as a cauldron to refine any tools yet. They were already happy enough to use the mountain’s fire.

Jiang Chen appeared before them very soon. The moment he appeared above the Nine Cauldron Mountain, only then did he realise how dreadful the volcano was. It was comparable to his Five Elemental True Fire. The flame from the volcano was really terrifying. Those below the Divine King Realm would definitely be killed if they touched the fire. Those below the Hierarch Realm should not even dare to underestimate the fire either.

Jiang Chen also couldn’t see through the volcano. The flame under the Nine Cauldron Mountain was more than a hundred thousand zhang in depth. The crater of the volcano was spurting out irresistible fire, as if a mad fire dragon wanted to break free.

“What? Are you afraid now? If you’re afraid, you can come and kowtow to me three times and give up the Divine Tools that you have. Perhaps I might spare you a life since you’re still young. Otherwise, you might not even recognise your mother anymore when you’re defeated. Hahaha.”

Chu Yunji laughed out loud and said. Jiang Chen looked solemn and Chu Yunji interpreted it as a sign of fear.

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned cold at the moment because he hated it the most when people insulted his parents.

“I will definitely kill you.”

Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Haha, although I am not as strong as you, we are competing with our refining skill today. If you can defeat me today, you can take my life as well. If that’s the case, I would not carry any frown on my face at all. Of course, if you lose, your life will be left here as well. The volcano is going to devour you and turn you into ashes.”

Chu Yunji’s eyes suddenly turned sharp as both of them stared at each other. Suddenly, the aura of an intense fight filled in the battlefield.

“Today, the elders have to witness our contest, whoever loses in this battle would be buried in the fire. I am going to be an unbeatable king in today’s battle!”

Chu Yunji said overbearingly and the elders of the nine great sects applauded him. After all, there were many chances where they needed him in the future. The formidable ability of a Master Blacksmith helped Chu Yunji earn all of their respect.

“Talking doesn’t help much. Let’s see who truly is the Master. Not everyone could refine an Origin Divine Tool.”

Jiang Chen said faintly.

“This is the Purple Universe Starry Steel that I got thousands of years ago when I was cultivating. Jiang Chen, I’m going to give it to you today.”

Ling Yanyu took out a palm sized meteorite and said deeply. Even Chu Yunji and Chu Fangzhi’s countenance fell. Apparently, they had heard of the Purple Universe Starry Steel before. It’s a rare piece of meteorite, so even a Master Blacksmith would be shocked by it. The reason why Origin Divine Tools were rare was because the materials used to make one were also rare. It was much more difficult to make a Divine Tool than to concoct medicinal pills. The herbs were more common than the meteorite used for making Divine Tools.

Ling Yanyun was able to take out the Purple Universe Starry Steel and this made Chu Fangzhi and Chu Yunji jealous.


Jiang Chen took the Purple Universe Starry Steel from Ling Yanyu’s hand without hesitation.

“This is a good thing. It’s suitable to be used for the sword body.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shone.

“Ling Yanyu is really generous. Even if I use thousands of golds, I wouldn’t be able to buy a Purple Universe Starry Steel. No wonder he’s the sect lord of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect to have such a terrifying treasure.”

Chu Fangzhi heaved a sigh in his heart. He didn’t even have a piece of Purple Universe Starry Steel, but Ling Yanyu simply gave his to Jiang Chen and it’s such a big piece of Purple Universe Starry Steel as well. He was envious and jealous of Jiang Chen. It’s such a precious treasure. If the treasure was ruined in that ignorant kid’s hand, Chu Fangzhi would really find it wasted.

“Sect Lord Ling, you’re really generous. But we all don’t know if this guy could give us a surprise.”

“Yea, Sect Lord Ling has really placed a large bet this time. If Jiang Chen lost the contest, that means he just threw the helve after the hatchet. Tsk, tsk.”

“Don’t say that the grapes are sour because you can’t get it. He’s a Master Blacksmith. Let’s just watch until the end, only then will we know if he’s really a Master Blacksmith.”

Many people were teasing about Jiang Chen. This showed their confidence in Chu Yunji. They were convinced by the Blood Tool Sect and they were here to cheer for Blood Tool Sect. Once Chu Yunji defeated Jiang Chen, they would constrain Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect if it took any action.

Although the Nine Cauldron Mountain looked peaceful at the moment, it’s actually full of hiding crises. Ling Yanyu and Chu Fangzhi exchanged a glance that no one could understand.

“Do you deserve the Purple Universe Starry Steel? If you’re defeated, I am going to take it. Humph.”

Chu Yunji’s gaze fell on the Purple Universe Starry Steel on Jiang Chen’s hand. He was envious of Jiang Chen. However, he couldn’t simply take action to grab the treasure. Being the future of Blood Tool Sect and Tian Xing Boundary, he must take this chance to gain reputation. The future of Tian Xing Boundary was going to be under his control.

“You’re going to be disappointed.”

Jiang Chen and Chu Yunji finally started their contest at this moment.

Ling Yun held her hands tightly, as she hoped that Jiang Chen would win. However, would Jiang Chen be able to do that? If he lost, then there would surely be chaos in the Nine Cauldron Mountain. If Jiang Chen won, she wasn’t sure how Blood Tool Sect would react.

Most importantly, if Jiang Chen really was a Master Blacksmith and defeated Chu Yunji, then the other nine sects might not join hands with the Blood Tool Sect to attack the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect. Jiang Chen had to be extra careful in this contest as each of his actions could make a difference.

Jiang Chen was really confident right now while holding the Purple Universe Starry Steel. He was very confident in his skill and he was going to make an Origin Divine Tool for Ling Yun.

You throw a peach to me, and I’ll give you a white jade for friendship!

“Let me see who’s the Master Blacksmith! I, Chu Yunji, am the number one in Tian Xing Boundary. If you can’t make any Origin Divine Tool today, you’re going to be defeated.”

Chu Yunji held a piece of black iron in his hand while his face looked fierce. He would finally show his true strength here at the top of the Nine Cauldron Mountain.

The battle between masters has started!

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