Dragon Prince Yuan - Chapter 1488

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While Zhou Yuan had suddenly found a sliver of hope amidst extreme despair, outside the Sacred Race heavens boundary walls, the all-heaven Saint experts were trembling due to the words uttered by the Sacred God.

A battle of the gods!

The Sacred God intended to fight the third god!

This was the first true battle of the gods since the birth of the Tianyuan World. Although the Ancestral Dragon’s will had appeared in the world-ending war long ago, it was not considered a true god in that form.

Hence, the subsequent battle was strictly speaking, the first battle between gods in the Tianyuan World.

However, it was also something that Cang Yuan, Jin Luo and the others honestly did not wish to witness, because they could not afford the consequences of failure.

However, the current situation was clearly out of their control. The only thing they could do was become spectators to the first battle of the gods in history.

Under the watching gazes of countless people, the third god’s beautiful face remained expressionless as her deep, starry-star-like pupils concentrated on the Sacred God. After a moment, she slowly said, “As you wish.”

The gazes of the two gods clashed in the air as the entire area began to shake. Endless lightning, powerful gales and torrential rain suddenly appeared, causing destruction around them.

The all-heaven army hurriedly retreated, not daring to stay anywhere near.

As they retreated, two divine light ripples abruptly spread from the third god and the Sacred God, instantly covering the entire space.

From a distance, it looked as if two giant Law Domains were clashing.

However, everyone understood that this power was many realms higher than the Law Domain. Perhaps, it could be called the god domain.

The two god domains collided, causing a deafening noise. The sound pierced through the vast space, causing endless fear to rise in the hearts of everyone who heard it.

The Sacred God watched the god domains clash and chuckled softly before he waved his sleeve.

Countless rays of black light suddenly descended in his god domain as dirt rolled over from all directions. In the blink of an eye, an army clad in black armor appeared.

These black-armored troops were a hundred-feet-tall and wielding black staves. They released an earth-shaking roar when they appeared, their eyes filled with a fanatical devoutness.

“For our god!” A black flood rushed forth, destroying everything in its path.

In the distance, the expressions of Jin Luo, Cang Yuan and the others changed at the sight of these black-armored soldiers, because their senses told them that each fighter possessed the power of the Saint stage. An army like this could easily sweep the all-heaven.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s aged face was extremely grave. “They are the black-armored divine army that are created from the Sacred God’s divinity. They are as intelligent as us but do not fear death. However, they can only exist in the god domain. Many Saint experts died at their hands in the great war long ago.”

Cang Yuan’s, Di Long’s and Chi Ji’s expressions turned somewhat gloomy as if recalling some bad memories.

Cang Yuan bitterly said, “This is the power of the gods. Comparing it to Saint force is like comparing the moon to fireflies.”

Although the world-ending war had seemed to be a desperate fight, the truth was that the Sacred God was only playing around. If he was serious, even the entire all-heaven combined would not have been enough to entertain him.

If the Sacred God had not massacred too much and roused the Ancestral Dragon’s will, the all-heaven would have likely been wiped out long ago.

While they were bitterly sighing, the third god made her move. Her finger fell through the air, sending out a waterfall of glass light.

Countless silver-armored figures instantly appeared. These silver-armored figures were slim and graceful. They wielded swords and wore masks on their faces.

Each of them gave off a vast and powerful aura that was no weaker than any Saint expert.

Evidently, the third god could also use the same trick.

Hence, the black and white armies roared as they charged forward, colliding at the center of the two god domains like two distinctly different floods.

Black and white smashed together, the divine troops leading the charge on both sides instantly shattering to pieces like glass. The eyelids of all the Saint experts twitched erratically at this sight. One must know that every divine warrior was equivalent to a Saint expert, and yet they were now nothing but cannon fodder here.

This was the battle of the gods. Brutal, cruel and intense.

While the black and white floods crashed into each other, a giant black sun rose in one of the god domains, burning with divine black flames as it hurtled forth like a cannonball. On the other side, space was torn open as glowing silver ships emerged, swept along by divine power that could shake the void as they smashed into the black sun.

Boom boom!

The surrounding space began to fracture. Every life form in the all-heaven could clearly feel the natural Genesis Qi grow extremely agitated and violent.

In the battle of the gods, every gesture was akin to armageddon. 

Cang Yuan, Jin Luo and the others nervously watched the fight, a huge contrast to the two main actions, the Sacred God and the third god, who wore nonchalant expressions as if this was merely the appetizer.

The Sacred God observed the two clashing god domains and praised, “Third god, although it’s not been long since you’ve awakened, your control over divine power is pretty good.”

“You aren’t bad either. As expected of the second god.” The third god replied as if she was merely a watching bystander.

The Sacred God smiled. In the next instant, his body began to disintegrate, turning into countless streaks of light that rose upwards. In the blink of an eye, a black flood rushed across the land like an endless black sea that could devour everything in this world.

“Third god, if we’re going to play, let’s make the stakes a little bigger. If you want to protect the all-heaven, show me how much of the Ancestral Dragon’s ability you’ve inherited!” The black sea churned, revealing a giant face. It was the Sacred God.

The third god gazed at the churning black sea and slowly said, “The endless black sea.”

When the world was created, some divine matter transformed into a boundless black sea amidst the chaos, possessing the power to swallow all matter.

The Sacred God’s core was this very same endless black sea.

With the Sacred God transforming into the black sea, it was clear that he no longer wanted to play around and was going to use the true power of the gods.

Resplendent silver light gradually began to spread from the third god’s body as silver particles rose around her. In the end, a vast silver river that could easily stretch across any heaven was formed.

At the very center of the silver river was a sparkling divine rock with nine holes that gave off endless divine power.

Jin Luo and the others could not help but feel a trembling surge out from the depths of their Spirits, the instinctive fear of a lower life form towards a superior being.

The all-heaven army hurriedly retreated once more.

In the Sacred Race heaven, Tai Mi and the oher prime saints displayed grave expressions. They understood better than everyone else that the Sacred God revealing his core meant that he was going to use his full power. After all, the last time he had used it was against the Ancestral Dragon’s will.

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The Sacred God clearly did not underestimate the third god.

The black sea and the silver river hovered amidst the chaos. In the next instant, both forces surged forth, smashing through space before they collided with a loud boom.

A wave of berserk qi unfurled, travelling through the vast space to create violent storms in the all-heaven.

The all-heaven’s meteorology had been disrupted.

The black sea and the silver river clashed millions of times in an instant. It was a collision of divinity, because only divinity could destroy divinity.

It was a match of raw divinity against divinity. The intensity and danger of the battle was something ordinary people could never imagine.


After yet another clash, the black sea and silver river suddenly shattered, turning into millions of light rays that sprinkled across the vast space and the all-heaven.

Boom boom!

Black and silver lights landed in countless small domains and the all-heaven, turning into the likeness of the Sacred God and the third god before immediately engaging in fierce combat.

In this instant, figures of the two gods fighting could be seen nearly everywhere.

They had splitted into millions of copies!

This ability stupefied the watching all-heaven and Sacred Race Saint experts. A battle of this level had already surpassed the limits of their imagination.

No one knew how long the two gods continued to clash, it seemed to last for an instant but also several months at the same time.

However, the thunderous noises that plagued the all-heaven never stopped even for a second.

“How long will their battle continue?” In the end, Cang Yuan could not help but ask. Being unable to do anything but wait here for the outcome was honestly torture to him.

The wrinkles on prime sovereign Jin Luo’s face rose like a mountain as he slowly said, “If I am not wrong, they are continuously trying to approach each other’s life-bound core.”

Di Long’s and Chi Ji’s eyes flashed in understanding. The so-called life-bound core likely referred to the third god’s nine-hole divine rock and the Sacred God’s endless black sea.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo sighed and said, “As for how victory is decided, it is not something practitioners at our level can hope to understand. Hence, there is no need to think about it and we can only silently wait for the outcome. If the third god fails, I can only say that the all-heaven’s luck has run out.”

The other Saint experts could only smile bitterly as they nodded.

However, while the Saint experts were anxiously waiting for the result, a surge of vast silver and black light suddenly appeared. In the next instant, a silver river and a black sea rammed into each other once more, rapidly devouring and corriding each other.

The third god’s cold voice rang out from the silver river, “Sacred God, although you wield the power of the second order, and your divine force is slightly stronger than mine, it is delusion for you to believe you can destroy me.

“If you and I insist on continuing this fight, even a hundred years will not be enough to decide the victor.”

The Sacred God’s giant face emerged from the black sea with a grin as he replied, “What do you want to say?”

The third god said, “Since neither of us can deal with the other, let’s stop this fight. You should give up on your futile ambition to ascend to the first order, while the Sacred Race and the all-heaven shall each walk their separate paths in the Tianyuan World.”

Mixed expressions appeared on the all-heaven Saint experts for a time, but the majority breathed heavy sighs of relief. If this status quo could be maintained, it would not be an unacceptable outcome.

At the very least, the all-heaven would be protected by the third god, and they would no longer need to fear the Sacred Race like in the past.

The endless black sea churned violently as giant waves rose from within. A temporary silence blanketed the area before the Sacred God’s giant face softly chuckled.

The Sacred God stared at the vast silver river, seemingly looking straight at the nine-hole divine rock at its center as a strange smile flowed out in his deep, black eyes.

In the next instant, his voice rang out in the all-heaven, “Third god, there’s one thing you are wrong about...

“Do you really think that I can’t deal with you?”

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