Earth's Greatest Magus - Chapter 450

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Later on that day, a band of horses, with their riders, were seen loitering around the outskirts area of one of Venta Town's estates. The riders were cladded completely in steel armour, with various kinds of weapons in their hands. 

There, a figure of a young girl with mesmerizing features and dazzling golden hair could be seen. It seemed she was about to leave with this group of knights.

Then, before the group left and headed in their way, the young girl suddenly turned around and approached a young man whose gaze hadn't left her ever since.

"I suddenly don't feel like leaving, Emery. I feel... I am going to regret this… Can you tell me not to go?"

The young girl asked the young man with clear sincerity in her eyes, It looked like she really did not want to go.

Emery was about to answer her, when his thoughts suddenly recalled something, a word.

'Do what makes you happy, Gwen.'

Those were the last words that the deceased Lioness King, Gwen's father, said to her before his last breath fleeted away.

When Gwen heard Emery speak these words, the same exact one, she let out a gentle smile.

"Thank you, Emery."


Before she left for her journey, Gwen said, "I know you are dying to see her. Am I right?"

Emery was so startled by her words, he didn't know how to reply. But it seemed unnecessary as she continued to speak. "She's a nice girl, Emery. I hope things will work out."

Afterwards, Gwen climbed to her horse, turned her head and gave one last look to Emery, before she galloped away alongside the group of knights escorting her. The group quickly left the estate and disappeared in the distance, leaving Emery who was confused with what the former meant by the words 'hope things will work out.'

Either way, Emery didn't ponder over the matter too long, as there were still things he had to take care of.

It had been more than 12 hours since he left the Fey sisters in the forest far away west of Venta Town and Emery couldn't afford to delay anymore.

Without further ado, Emery casted [Spatial Gate] and stepped into it as his figure disappeared from the estate.


After going through the usual walking through the space portal three times, Emery finally arrived at a location close enough where his [Spirit Reading] could perceive where the girls were. He swiftly made his way to the place where they currently gathered.

The Fey sisters were talking with each other, when they were startled by the abrupt appearance of a familiar figure. 

"Brother Emery!" exclaimed Glita when she saw it was Emery.

With a quick sweep of his eyes, Emery could see all the girls were here, except for Morgana whose figure was nowhere to be seen. However, he could tell through [Spirit Reading] the latter was in the nearby area, to be more precise, the forest on the nearby hill.

Emery was about to ask about Morgana when Glita beat him to it.

"Brother, Sister Morgana doesn't want to talk with us. She refuses to meet us and just roams around in her Fey form. We're sorry, brother. We can't do anything."

Hearing that, Emery showed a gentle smile. "Don't worry about that, Glita. What's important is that you are all here. I'm sorry that I took too much time."

Emery's words reminded the Fey sisters of the wounded Gwen.

"It's alright, brother. So? How is Sister Gwen? Is she alright? Is the injury serious?"

"No, it's not. You don't need to worry about her anymore. She's already healed." Emery replied, 

He then turned to the eldest sister, Tyra, and tried to ask what was really going on with Morgana. However, even though it looked like she knew something, Tyra didn't want to explain.

Emery could see Tyra shaking her head at his questions.

"You should take time to talk with her," said Tyra in a serious tone.

Because of that, Emery subconsciously looked toward the hill and, much to his surprise, he strangely felt an indescribable apprehension. The feeling abruptly came out of nowhere and he didn't know how to explain it.

When Emery was about to go, Tyra said something that made him stop in his tracks.

"Emery, just be honest with her and tell her, whatever it is you are feeling."

Emery was silent. He didn't even turn around as he casted [Spatial Gate] and walked through it, leaving Tyra who silently exhaled a sigh containing many emotions.

In the meantime, Emery's figure had appeared near Morgana.

As soon as Emery stepped out of the gate, he was immediately greeted by a blade coming in his direction.

Swisshhh!! The faint sound of air being sliced apart was heard as the red-haired girl, Morgana, was charging with her two shortswords brandished at him

"Morgana! Wait!"

Even though Emery was able to dodge her attack and quite easily at that, he was surprised when she didn't stop her advance. Very quickly, he took some distance from her and asked, "What is going on with you?! Something wrong with the fey transformation?"

Morgana looked like she wanted to say something, but immediately dropped it when she heard Emery's last words. Instead, she became even more fierce than before.

"You!! You dumbass!!"

Morgana threw her weapons roughly to the ground and they were firmly embedded into it. Then before Emery could process what was happening, she activated the full limit of her Fey transformation, as Emery could see her four limbs being rapidly covered by black fur. Her ears and teeth were also transforming into their respective form and, coupled with her bubbling anger, her Fey transformation did manage to give Emery a little fright.

"Woah! Calm down, Morgana! Please calm down! Just tell me! What is it?" said Emery in rapid succession.  Alas, what replied to him was a wolf-like howl.


Morgana's howl gave Emery goosebumps. He could feel her aura and strength rapidly increasing as she dashed at him. He understood that Morgana was really giving her best to charge at him. In seconds, two pairs of sharp claws were only a meter away from Emery's body.

Swisshh! Swiiissh! Sounds of swishing were heard, as Morgana's attack hit an empty hair.

Though he didn't use his own transformation, Emery's battle power was still twice hers. Hence, Emery had an easy time dodging her attack, as his stronger muscles and quicker response made each and every Morgana's attack as clear as daylight. She couldn't even get them close enough to touch him!

In the end, none of the attacks that Morgana launched hit Emery, despite her relentlessness.

"Stop! Morgana, stop! Stop and tell me what you are angry about!"

However, instead of stopping like what Emery asked, Morgana casted [Fireball] spell instead. A sphere of scorching flame swiftly materialized on her palm before it sped through the air toward Emery's direction.

The next moment, the fireball exploded and caused the area where it had exploded to be engulfed in flames. Emery had moved just enough to get out of the blast radius.

His mouth was wide open as Emery looked at the aftermath of Morgana's spell. He was dumbfounded because the spell was stronger than he assumed, much stronger.

While Emery was distracted, Morgana didn't remain still and jumped at him.

This time, Emery decided not to avoid Morgana, letting her pounce on him - all to make her stop. As a result, he was tackled and brought to the ground. His body was pinned down and her sharp claws threatened to tear him up.

"Alright, you win! Do what you want!"


The claws were raised, ready to tear through Emery's skin. But seeing how Emery was giving up, the red-haired girl stopped herself, and in rage she said, 

"This... this is not right! You aren't even serious! Fight me seriously!!"

Emery looked directly at Morgana's face and said calmly, "Morgana, tell me why do I have to fight you seriously.?"

With a half confused look on her face, Morgana hesitantly said, 

"You… If... i defeat you...You won't own me anymore!... then I can be free of you!"

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