Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 13

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Oi! Clear this up before you shower!
With a bang, the door shut in Yin Shaojies face . It almost hit his high nose bridge, which he took pride in .
Come out, Mu Xiaoxiao! he shouted as he hit the door .
Before long, Mu Xiaoxiao emerged from the room carrying fresh clothes . Im so, so tired right now that my brain is fried . I cant think . Well talk tomorrow, okay? Mu Xiaoxiao said while half-leaning on the door frame .
With that, she brushed past him and walked toward the bathroom .
Yin Shaojie was at his wits end . Noticing the tiredness on her face, he decided to drop the matter for now .
. . .
The next day, Mu Xiaoxiao, who had had a good nights rest, heard noises coming from outside . She woke up, and throwing her blanket off of her, got out of bed .
Opening the door, she spotted Yin Shaojie .
Yin Shaojie, wheres breakfast? Im hungry . Her eyes were only half-opened . Apparently, she was still half-asleep . She walked over to the sofa and dropped herself on it . She then grabbed and hugged a cushion to her chest . Her head nodding, she looked as though she would fall back asleep .
Yin Shaojie poured a glass of water in his open kitchen, his extraordinarily elegant figure leaning on the counter . Theres no breakfast . I dont cook here, so if you want food, go out and buy it yourself, he said nonchalantly .
Mu Xiaoxiaos face scrunched up miserably, and she started to wail pitifully . No breakfast? What am I going to do? Im going to die of hunger soon, boohoo…
She kicked her legs as she lay on the sofa and pretended to sob .
Seeing her immature behavior, Yin Shaojie felt that she had not changed at all since she was little .
There are beverages and milk in the fridge, and the cabinet has some biscuits and snacks . Help yourself to those first . Ill call home and get my mum to take you up .
Upon hearing that there was food, Mu Xiaoxiao rolled off the sofa quickly and rushed over to the fridge . You want me to stay at your mums? From today on Im staying here . Didnt I tell you before?
Mu Xiaoxiao was completely at ease here and acted as though she was at her own place . She casually took out some milk to drink, and seeing an apple, she took that as well . After downing half of the milk, she proceeded to eat the apple .

Yin Shaojie looked at her and said, I will not agree to an engagement of any sort!
Shrugging, Mu Xiaoxiao said, If you disagree, bring it up with your parents and Grandpa Yin too . I dont have any say in this .
He frowned . Grandpa Yin too? What is this nonsense?
Mama Yin said that she will explain it to you when you go back this weekend . Even then, if you dont like it, you still have to agree to it, so be a good boy and dont oppose them any longer . Mu Xiaoxiao was apparently aware of the consequences and knew that Yin Shaojie had no choice but to obey so long as it was Grandpa Yins orders .
Frustrated, Yin Shaojie said, Im not waiting until the weekend . Were going back today to clear things up!
Whatever . Mu Xiaoxiao spread her arms disinterestedly . She had already given in; he would follow suit soon .
Finishing her apple, she threw the core in the bin and washed her hands . Arent you going to school? Wait for me—Ill brush my teeth, wash up, and change my clothes really quickly, she said .
Youre coming to school with me? Yin Shaojie asked .
Of course . From today onwards, Im transferring to your school . Leaning on the door frame of the washroom, Mu Xiaoxiao grinned .

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