Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 19

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Perhaps it was an elite school; in a glance, there were indeed a handful of good-looking boys . But after meeting Lu Yichen, they paled in comparison .
Teacher Wei commented, Mu Xiaoxiao, whom do you want to sit with? As long as the other party agrees, it will be okay .
Following the teachers comment, all of the boys in the class started to get really excited .
One after another, they eagerly said to Mu Xiaoxiao, Mu Xiaoxiao! Come and sit with me . I will buy breakfast for you every day, okay?
Classmate Mu, my results are good . Come and sit with me; if you have problems learning, I will surely go all the way to help you . I will also buy snacks for you every day .
Pretty girl, pretty girl, come and sit with me! I can be your slave, at your beck and call!
Having said that, the rest of the class booed .
Mu Xiaoxiao found them very interesting! However, she was not moved . She pondered and inquired, Who is the most handsome boy in our class?
What she didnt anticipate was that when everyone heard this, they were stunned for a while . Progressively, they looked at a particular seat, but they had strange expressions .
Mu Xiaoxiao couldnt care less what their expressions meant . Following their line of vision, she glanced over and realized that they were looking at the last row beside the window; both seats were empty .
Was it that the most handsome boy was not present today?
Mu Xiaoxiao would definitely choose the most handsome one . She walked over beaming, sat at the empty seat, and said to the teacher, Teacher Wei, I shall sit here .
The expression on Teacher Weis also seemed a little weird . You can sit there if you like, she said awkwardly .
Hitting the podium with a baton, she made sure that the class quieted down .
Okay, please take good care of the new student in the future . Love and unity, understand? Lets proceed with the lesson now .
As she left the podium, the teacher went back and began her class .
But at this juncture, who would still have the mood to listen to her lesson? The boys were all stealing glances at Mu Xiaoxiao, and the girls were sizing up her and making comparisons .

The boy seated in front of her smiled, fawning on her and said, Mu Xiaoxiao, you dont have a textbook yet . I can lend mine to you .
Immediately, he placed a crumpled textbook in front of Mu Xiaoxiao .
Mu Xiaoxiao looked at the book . It was soiled, and she wasnt sure what the stains could be; she dared not touch it . Not sure whether to cry or to laugh, she told him, I dont need it . You can have it… I will just take casually listen .
Its alright . I can share with the one next to me .
Mu Xiaoxiao: …
What the classmate did was after all well-intentioned . It wouldnt be nice to embarrass him . She could only smile awkwardly .
The lesson was on English . She wouldnt dare to vouch for other subjects, but for English, it was surely her forte; after all, she had studied in America for so many years!
She found it boring… it was like attending an elementary school lesson; she was extremely bored .
She yawned a few times .
The boy in front lunged in her direction again and said, Mu Xiaoxiao, do you also not understand? How about we just have a chat .
Dont understand? Of course she understood . But the lesson was too boring, so she didnt want to listen .
On the contrary, this boy was actually unable to understand such simple English?
Mu Xiaoxiao felt a sense of disdain . She got curious as Class S was supposed to be the best class .
She asked the boy, What class is Class S? Is it the worst class? How are the classes graded?
No, Class S is the best class!

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