Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 24

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Yu Zhe was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out . How could that be? His mysterious girlfriend is actually you?!
So he really has a girlfriend…! Upon realizing the truth, Mu Xiaoxiao couldnt help but feel disappointed . It was such a pity .
Yu Zhes ear was sharp enough to hear her . He asked, What do you mean by this? So you are not his girlfriend?
I was just teasing you, and you couldnt even tell; how are you going to hang out with me in the future? Reflect upon yourself! Mu Xiaoxiao had lied and still had the face to blame others as foolish .
Geez! So you were lying to me, to think that I really thought you were his girlfriend… Yu Zhe looked dismayed and glared at her .
Mu Xiaoxiao was thinking that he would be her sidekick in the future; she felt an obligation to guide him and said, When you are with me in the future, you must be able to differentiate when Im joking and when Im serious, understand?
Okay, I understand, Yu Zhe replied blankly . However, he soon responded, No! Why should I know about this?
Okay, okay, tell me quickly, whats this thing about Lu Yichens mysterious girlfriend? Is his girlfriend not from our school? Why is she so mysterious?
Mu Xiaoxiao interrupted his question and changed the topic back to Lu Yichen .
She was very curious about this .
She recalled meeting Lu Yichen in the morning at the cake shop . He bought the last piece of strawberry cake, and she had thought that it had been for his girlfriend . Was that not the case?
Yu Zhe shrugged his shoulders and said, I dont know . I already said that he had a mysterious girlfriend, meaning no one knows who his girlfriend is . Its only hearsay that he has a girlfriend of many years . Thats all . Whether she is from our school, that is also unclear .
Oh so mysterious? Mu Xiaoxiao said, surprised . She was flabbergasted . An outstanding boy like Lu Yichen would surely have a lot of admirers going after him; under such watchful eyes, would it still be possible to keep his girlfriend under wraps?
She recalled that when she was in America, every secret about the school hunk was dug out; it could be terrifying when girls were crazy with someone .

Yu Zhe asked, You dont even know about this . Are you really his friend? Could it be… you like him too and want to go after him?
I am not so unethical . I wont target someone who already has a girlfriend . I really regard him only as a friend . Okay, how do we get to Year Three Class S? Mu Xiaoxiao asked as they reached the front of the school block .
Its upstairs . Follow me, Yu Zhe said, leading the way .
Mu Xiaoxiao again couldnt help but ask, Is he very famous in school? Why is that so?
Yu Zhe replied, He is indeed very famous . I heard that hes a genius with an IQ of 200 . The school head-hunted him from the provincial Yi Zhong High School . I heard that not only are his school fees waived, but the school also gives him a significant scholarship yearly . People spend money to attend school . For him, he makes money attending school! Besides, he always tops the exams in the entire country, bringing a lot of glory to the school; even the Principal backs him up .
Though Mu Xiaoxiao was already aware that Yu Yichen was super smart, she hadnt imagined him to be so remarkable .
As they were talking, the duo arrived at Year Three Class S .
Luckily, the class just ended . Perhaps hes still around . Yu Zhe led her to the entrance of the class . Mu Xiaoxiao had taken the initiative to pull someone aside and asked, Is Lu Yichen still around? Can you help me ask him out?

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