Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 26

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They finally arrived at the cafeteria after a few minutes .
Mu Xiaoxiao felt a cool breeze as she walked into the cafeteria . To her surprise, it was air-conditioned . This cafeteria was deserving of a school for the rich!
Where are we eating? she asked .
The upper-class area I was talking about is over there . This is the ordinary area . If youd like, we can go up to the second floor . Theres a restaurant there, and you can order a variety of dishes, Yu Zhe said and pointed, introducing her to the place .
Lets not go up . Well see what we can eat below . It smells quite good anyway .
As they were searching for a place to sit, they found their classmates, who waved them over . They went to them .
Mu Xiaoxiao could neither recognize her classmates nor remember all of their names after only knowing them for one afternoon . She could only smile at them instead .
A boy said to them teasingly, Mu Xiaoxiao, Yu Zhe, why are you together? Its only your first afternoon, and youve already fallen in love with each other?
The other classmates smiled in understanding and belted out, Couple! Couple!
A few people shouted this together . Their voices rang out clearly through the cafeteria and attracted the looks of people nearby .
When Yin Shaojie entered, he also heard the noise . He looked towards the source unconsciously, and to his surprise, he spotted Mu Xiaoxiao and Yu Zhe, who was beside her .
Yin Shaojie narrowed his eyes . Was this boy the gorgeous hunk she had mentioned? Haha, this? Gorgeous?
Internally, he was looking down on Mu Xiaoxiaos taste .
Previously, he had been a little bugged by her words, but seeing the boys features, all his concerns turned to smoke . This creature was no match against him .
Yin Shaojie snaked his arms around the girl beside him and went upstairs .
He had always been the center of attention . When he appeared, the girls in Mu Xiaoxiaos class were naturally drawn to him . Voices laced with infatuation, they exclaimed, Thats Young Master Jie! Hes going up! Should we go up to eat too?

Young Master Jie is so handsome . Even him merely raising his hand exudes such a noble aura . No wonder hes the most handsome guy in our school .
Hearing this, Mu Xiaoxiao rubbed her brows . She could stand the girls starry-eyed infatuations no longer .
She said, Hes the most handsome guy in our school? Isnt there anyone else whos better looking than him? I feel that Lu Yichen from Year Three is really handsome too!
Hearing her declaration, a few girls turned to glare at her . Yu Zhe quickly tugged on her shirt and whispered in her ear, You should be more careful with your words . Theyre crazy fans of Young Master Jie . Theyll go out and get you if you criticize him even a little!
Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless .
She looked as though she had swallowed a fly as she asked, dumbfounded, Crazy fans? Even that guy has crazy fans?
She really wanted to ask if these girls were blind .
If they wanted to have crushes, they should like a boy who was as handsome and intelligent as Lu Yichen!
Yu Zhe looked at her in disbelief . He felt that her contemptuous attitude towards Yin Shaojie was the weird thing here .
Xiaoxiao, dont you think Yin Shaojie is very handsome? Is he not your type? he asked with an air of both curiosity and incomprehension .
Mu Xiaoxiao shrugged . Is he really that handsome? I dont think so!
She had actually stuck her tongue out at him in her head as she said the words, which she did not quite mean .
Even though she didnt want to admit it, Yin Shaojies face was actually good-looking . It was hard to find someone who was more handsome than him .

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