Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 29

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Yin Shaojie chuckled coldly, Dont you have a gorgeous hunk beside you? Cant you just ask him to send you home? Its a good opportunity for him to get your favor .
Pursing her lips, Mu Xiaoxiao retorted, I dont care where you are right now, but you had better come over quickly . Take me home right now!
She was very certain that Yin Shaojie was ignoring her because he had sent his girlfriend home .
Thinking about it increased her anger . Yin Shaojie, didnt you say that we were going to go to your house tonight? How can you abandon me here? Ill tell your mum that you prioritized your girlfriend over me and ignored me! she said to the phone again .
Haha, still complaining to your elders? Are you a three-year-old? he said in a mocking tone .
Mu Xiaoxiao felt miserable . She squatted by the road, her mood downcast . Yin Shaojie, come here quickly…
Just as she finished that sentence, a sports car stopped in front of her .
Wasnt this the sports car that Yin Shaojie had used to drive her to school in the morning?
Could it be…
Mu Xiaoxiao lifted her head . Yin Shaojie was right before her . Hand outstretched, he pulled her up . Holding back a smile, he said, Mu Xiaoxiao, how immature of you! With you squatting like this, those who dont know better would mistake you for an elementary school kid from next door .
Yin! Shao! Jie! Mu Xiaoxiao swatted at him with her hand, but her face was all smiles again .
It turned out that this guy had lied to her on purpose . He must have been nearby watching her when he had said that he was outside to embarrass her .
Shooting a glare at him, she asked, Were you hiding and watching me in secret?
So what if I was? Yin Shaojie pinched her nose with his hand . I thought you would be abducted on your first day of school . Luckily, you arent that dumb, he said, looking a little annoyed .
How mean . Mu Xiaoxiao pouted . A sudden revelation hit her and she said, So you actually saw it just now and thought that I would get into Yu Zhes car? Thats impossible!
Regardless of the fact that she had only known Yu Zhe for a day, she had wanted to hide her identity and not give away that she was living with Yin Shaojie .

Okay enough . Lets get into the car first . Yin Shaojie tugged at her arm and pulled her into the car . Putting his shades back on, he headed to the drivers seat .
Mu Xiaoxiao turned her head to look at him . Grinning, she said, Trying to act cool by wearing shades? Gimme!
She reached out to snatch them away .
Oi! Yin Shaojie shouted . He had just started the engine only to get his glasses stolen, and could only glare at her helplessly .
Mu Xiaoxiao held the shades on her face in place with her finger . This is too big — my face is too small, she complained .
The shades kept sliding off the bridge of her nose unstably .
Your actions are hilarious . The shades dont suit you at all . Its so unbecoming — like a kid trying on adult clothes . You should just sit there quietly and return them to me . Yin Shaojie waited till she was preoccupied before snatching them back with one long arm .
He donned his shades in one nimble motion — a dashing gesture .
Mu Xiaoxiao stared in awe .
Whats wrong? Yin Shaojie noticed that she was behaving weirdly and turned to look at her .
Mu Xiaoxiao averted her gaze quickly . Its nothing . How long will it take to reach your family house from here? Is it far? she asked in an effort to distract him .
There was a quick change in topic .
Yin Shaojie did not comprehend the situation, but perhaps he was accustomed to the eccentric moods of girls, for he did not venture to guess it . Its not very far; about half an hours ride, he answered .

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