Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 30

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Oh, then concentrate on your driving and stop looking at me . I dont want to get into an accident . Mu Xiaoxiao looked as if she didnt trust his driving skills and looked at him with loathing .
Yin Shaojie was annoyed . You dare to look down on my driving skills? Did you know they hail me as the car god? No one could overtake me, even on Mt Akima 1 !
Brag on then . I wouldnt know if what youre saying is true anyway . Continue bragging, and dont stop . Mu Xiaoxiao was used to bantering with him, and she was insistent on shooting him down from his lofty pedestal .
Sure, just you wait . Ill bring you to watch me race someday, and youll get to be amazed at how pro I am then, retorted Yin Shaojie .
Racing? Sure! Id love that! Mu Xiaoxiao looked as if she had succeeded in playing him to her desires and provoked him to suggest a play-date with her .
Yin Shaojie gave her a sideways glance . Why do I feel as though I have been duped?
Mu Xiaoxiao sidled over . Grinning at him, she snatched his shades from his face . She pointed at the road ahead and commented, Drive carefully, and dont lose focus . My precious life is in your hands .
She then put on the shades triumphantly . With a finger on the bridge of the shades, she moved it up and down playfully .
Yin Shaojie shook his head wordlessly . He decided to stop humoring her .
A while later, they finally reached the Yin residence .
As the metal gates opened for their car, the domestic help stood respectfully in a row to welcome them .
Young Master Jie, welcome home .
Miss Mu, welcome back .
Mu Xiaoxiao removed her shades and put it back in the car . Getting out of the car, she waved to the domestic helpers . Hello everyone, its been a long time!
Yin Shaojie got out of the car as well . He took her hand and led her in . Youre so lame, he muttered under his breath .
As they stood before the door, the domestic helpers opened it for them .
The two of them stepped inside . A few pops rang out suddenly and shocked them, and streamers landed on their bodies .

Youre back! Congratulations on your engagement! the crowd in the house cheered excitedly .
Mu Xiaoxiao and Yin Shaojie stared before them stupidly .
Mama Yin strode over and hugged Mu Xiaoxiao, kissing her on her face . Precious child, youll be my daughter-in-law soon! she crowed delightedly .
Yin Shaojie looked around the room . Not only was the living room decorated with celebratory props, but there were also many invited guests who were dressed ceremoniously .
Furrowing his brow, he asked his mother, What is the meaning of this?
Smiling, Mama Yin replied, Todays your engagement party! Anyway, as the saying goes, carpe diem! And thus, weve decided to hold the event today . My precious child, come over and look at this beautiful cake I made for your party . Im sure youll like it .
Mu Xiaoxiao did not know whether to laugh or cry . Dragged over by Mama Yin, she saw that there was an amazing ten-tiered cake that looked like a princesss castle . It was the cake of every girls dreams .
Papa Yin patted Yin Shaojies shoulders and said gravely, Take care of Xiaoxiao properly in the future . Her dad has given her away to you; dont let her down .
Grandpa Yin nodded in agreement . His usually severe face had been transformed into a smiling one . To see you and Xiaoxiao wed would be my greatest satisfaction .
Yin Shaojie was speechless .
Was no one going to ask for his opinion on whether he wanted to marry Mu Xiaoxiao?
However, he did not dare to oppose the engagement in front of the large crowd while under the strict and watchful gaze of Grandpa Yin . Mt Akima is a play on words of Initial Ds Mt . Akina .

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