Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 31

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At the engagement party, the Yin family officially announced the engagement of Yin Shaojie and Mu Xiaoxiao .
In order to have them cultivate feelings, they suspended the wedding temporarily . Anyway, both of them had not reached the legal age for marriage .
When Yin Shaojie let out a sigh of relief, Mama Yin grinned and said, When Xiaoxiao is 18, you will be able to marry her overseas .
Yin Shaojie rolled his eyes speechlessly .
Mu Xiaoxiao pulled him aside . Do you really not want to marry me that much? she said unhappily .
Yin Shaojie smiled sinisterly . Wrapping his arm around her shoulder, he pulled her close, his warm breath tickling her earlobe .
Mu Xiaoxiao, could it be that youve been having a secret crush on me? Is that why you want to marry me so badly? he breathed .
Mu Xiaoxiaos heart had actually sped up from their closeness, but hearing these words, she shot him a glare . Pushing his head aside, she said, Only ghosts would have a secret crush on you! Ive also been forced into this, okay?
Thats great then . We can rebel against this together . Your dad loves you so much; surely he wont force you to marry someone you dont like? Yin Shaojie frowned at the last sentence .
Does this girl really harbor no feelings for him?
Yin Shaojie wasnt narcissistic, but because he was surrounded by a harem of girls who adored him, he had the potential to be narcissistic .
He couldnt believe that this wretch of a girl had no feelings for him at all .
Mu Xiaoxiao, aware that there was some idea brewing in his mind, chuckled and said, My apologies, I cant play along with you . No matter what happens, our engagement is now a reality . You should just give up and accept your fate .
Have you given up? Yin Shaojie was suspicious . He narrowed his eyes and studied her, feeling that she was concealing something from him .
Mu Xiaoxiao spread her arms out and shrugged . Ive already accepted my fate . What are you worrying about? We have to wait till Im 18 to get married anyway, and that dates still far away!
Anything could happen in this period .

Yin Shaojie took her in his arms casually . Im not worried at all . If we get married, so be it; Ill just have a wife, and nothing bad will come out of it, he said .
As he said this, his handsome face moved close, as though he wanted to kiss her .
Mu Xiaoxiao shrunk from his approach and avoided his lips . Blushing slightly, she cautioned, Oi! Dont fool around!
Hehe, Yin Shaojie laughed evilly . You call this fooling around? Mu Xiaoxiao, youre underestimating men . I dont think you even understand them at all . You will be shocked when you see how men really fool around then . Try me .
With that said, he slapped the wall behind her with his palm and closed in on her . Both their faces were extremely close, and their lips would have touched if he had moved any closer…
Try you? Up till then, Mu Xiaoxiao had been a little flustered, but gathering her wits, she struck back . Focusing her gaze on him, she aimed a swift knee at his crotch .
Yin Shaojie dodged that attack dexterously . Catching her leg, he hoisted it up and wrapped it around his waist .
Tutting, he said, I didnt think that you would take so much initiative, my dear wife . Since youre so keen on me, then I wont hold back too…
His long and elegant fingers brushed across her cheeks . Lifting her chin, he prepared to kiss her .
Yin Shaojie! Mu Xiaoxiao could only shout this as she reddened to the tips of her ears .
Yin Shaojie chuckled, pleased with himself, and said, Say Youre so strong, milord, and Ill release you .
No! Youre so d*mned gross! Mu Xiaoxiao pouted stubbornly .

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