Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 34

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Yep . Mu Xiaoxiao smiled sweetly as if she was discussing something as trivial as the weather .
Yin Shaojies lips twitched downwards . In any case, he was the scion of a wealthy family who was used to warm and soft beds . How could he stand sleeping on a sofa? Was Mu Xiaoxiao trying to make life hard for him?
Afraid that he would go back on his word, Mu Xiaoxiao lifted a finger, pointed at him, and said, You just said that you would do whatever I said . Dont be shameless and go back on it!
Yin Shaojie was speechless .
He finally understood the saying To shoot oneself in the foot .
Even though he wanted to void his promise, he had to consider his dignity, so he gave in to her temporarily .
Okay then, Ill keep my promise! Yin Shaojie put on an air of magnanimity and said, but in his heart, he was already thinking of a plan to reclaim his right to the bedroom .
Mu Xiaoxiao snatched up a pillow and pushed it onto his chest . Goodnight then! She waved to him .
Harrumphing softly, Yin Shaojie walked out reluctantly .
. . .
Past 10 oclock at night .
Yin Shaojie usually went out for fun at this time, so he couldnt sleep . Lying on the sofa, he stared at the ceiling while wondering how to reclaim the room .
He went over to the guest room that Mu Xiaoxiao had been staying in . The bed had already been taken away, so he couldnt sleep there .
It had instead been changed to a recreation room . Luckily, his mother knew his interests and had not only prepared console games from different brands but also a variety of other games . It was because of this that he did not become angry .
Just as he was about to stand up and get a can of beer, he heard the sound of footsteps .
Mu Xiaoxiao had exited from the room, and she was even humming happily to herself .
Yin Shaojie sat up and asked, Why did you come out?
Im thirsty, so Im searching for something to drink . Mu Xiaoxiao went into the kitchen and took out a drink from the fridge .

Bring me a can of beer, Yin Shaojie ordered .
Mu Xiaoxiao disregarded the commanding tone in his voice . Not wanting to bicker with him because her mood was good, she grabbed a can of beer and tossed it over to him . She then sat on the carpet with her back against the sofa, one leg on top of the other .
Wheres the remote control? I want to watch television! She searched around her . Unable to locate it, she proffered her hand in front of him .
Yin Shaojie dug around in the sofa, and after finding the remote, he placed it in her hand .
Mu Xiaoxiao flipped through the channels .
He looked at the side profile of her face and realized that this girl was growing more and more charming as the years went by . In the past, her face had been round and as cute as a round-faced little kitten . Now, it had matured, and her chin was sharper and more angular, making her face look refined .
Oi, was the guy you hung out with at the cafeteria today the gorgeous hunk you were gushing about? If thats your idea of a handsome guy, your taste is really atrocious, he said out of the blue .
Mu Xiaoxiao shot a glance at him and smirked . Why? Are you jealous?
Cheh! Why would I be jealous? That guy is no match for me, he said, snorting with displeasure at being compared to the other boy .
His looks and charisma were levels above that boys .
Sipping her drink, Mu Xiaoxiao mysteriously smiled . Youve guessed wrong . The handsome guy Im referring to isnt him of course . Since when have my tastes been that bad? I only asked my classmate to eat with me because the actual Mr . Gorgeous was busy .
Oh please, she had been surrounded by hunks and beauties since she was young . Her tastes were very refined and cultivated .

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