Endless Pampering Only For You-Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Are You Trying to Play Dumb in Front of Me?

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Lu Yichen stopped abruptly. Frowning, he turned to them. “Good morning. The person you said was fired — was it the guard from yesterday?” he inquired.

The older guard paused. Remembering him, he explained politely, “Yes, he is. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“When was he fired? Why was he fired?” Lu Yichen probed deeply.

“Uh, this… he was fired yesterday afternoon. As for the reason…” The older guard looked awkward. Glancing at Mu Xiaoxiao, he could only say, “Sorry, this is classified; I cannot reveal this to you.”

Even if he didn’t say it, Lu Yichen understood what had happened perfectly.

Crestfallen, he nodded in gratitude. “Thank you. I understand.” ƒ𝓇e𝙚𝔀𝐞𝚋𝓃𝐨𝘷e𝙡.𝒄𝗼m

Then, he walked ahead, seeming to forget Mu Xiaoxiao’s existence.

Mu Xiaoxiao was confused. She thought,?Was the guard he was asking about the one who had blocked her entry? How did he get fired?

“Lu Yichen, wait up! Why are you walking so fast? It’s not time for class yet anyway.”

Lu Yichen had long legs, but Mu Xiaoxiao’s legs were pitifully short. For every step he walked, she had to run two steps to catch up.

Finally, when she caught up to him, she spread her arms out to block him. In a bewildered tone, she asked, “Are you okay? Was that security guard… your relative? Are you upset?”

Even if she didn’t understand the situation, she could see that Lu Yichen was upset at that moment. His face was expressionless and cold, looking like what Yu Zhe had described as “austere.”

Mu Xiaoxiao had no idea what she had done wrong and stared into his eyes, waiting for an explanation.

Lu Yichen finally looked at her. His voice had lost all warmth and geniality as he said coldly, “You’re saying you don’t know why the guard was fired? Mu Xiaoxiao, are you trying to play dumb in front of me?”

“What? What do you mean by that? I really don’t know what you are talking about! Is it something I should know about?” Mu Xiaoxiao was puzzled and even began to feel indignant at his accusation.

His attitude seemed to say that it was her fault that the security guard was fired.

“Did you forget that I only transferred to this school yesterday? I don’t know him, and I have no grudges against him. Why would I cause him to lose his job?”

Mu Xiaoxiao made an effort to state her point of view.

Seeing his attitude made her sad, for even though the two of them had not known each other for long and it was normal for him to misunderstand her, he was judging her and thought that she was a bad person.

Was she such an evil person in his heart?

“No grudges? Didn’t you get angry when he stopped you from entering yesterday? And wasn’t that call from the Principal? If you didn’t have some sort of unique status, why would the Principal welcome you personally?”


Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless from the onslaught of his tirade.

Lu Yichen’s tone became increasingly cold as though he was telling her off. “Did you know how important this job was to that security guard? His wife just gave birth, and it costs one to two thousand yuan just to afford baby formula and diapers, not counting other necessities. Do you know what it means for him to lose this job?”


“No, you don’t know. What is a few thousand yuan to such a rich girl like you? You, with your wealth and influence, need only say a couple words carelessly, and someone’s fate will be decided by you. Isn’t that merry?”