Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 43

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Excuse me; I dont associate with people who use their status to trample on others, Lu Yichen spat before going on his way, ignoring Mu Xiaoxiao, who had been dumbstruck by his berating .
Aggrieved, Mu Xiaoxiaos lips curled downwards as she watched his disappearing silhouette .
How had this happened? It had been fine and dandy during breakfast earlier .
She was unable to make sense of his admonishment, which made her feel terrible .
Arriving at Class S, she slumped on her desk in misery .
Yu Zhe turned around and glanced at her . Heading over to her, he asked in a caring tone, Xiao Xiao, whats wrong? Are you unhappy?
Still in a daze, Mu Xiaoxiao nodded twice .
Lifting her eyes, she looked at Yu Zhe and asked, Yu Zhe, do you know why Lu Yichen is so angry? Is he angry at me?
Ah? Yu Zhe was surprised at the question .
Mu Xiaoxiao told him the entire story .
After listening to her story, Yu Zhes face lit up with enlightenment .
Mu Xiaoxiao pulled on his sleeve impatiently and asked, Hurry up and tell me; why is he so angry? The security guard isnt even related to him .
Yu Zhe didnt know whether to laugh or cry . He said seriously, It might be because… he empathizes with the security guard?
Mu Xiaoxiao looked at him and blinked in confusion . What do you mean?
Dont you know?
She shook her head . No, I dont . What do you mean?
With mocking in his voice, Yu Zhe looked at her and said, Are you sure you are friends with Lu Yichen? You dont even know about his past .
What about his past? Mu Xiaoxiao expressed an overwhelming interest in this topic . Her ears shot up like a rabbits, and she looked very attentive .
Thus, Yu Zhe began acquainting her with the facts .
Remember when I said that Lu Yichen was scouted by the school, which gave him an expensive scholarship? He accepted it, which means that his family is poor!

Mu Xiaoxiaos eyes widened in surprise . Really? His family is poor? I couldnt tell!
Observing Lu Yichens clothes, he did not look like a poor student .
However, it might be because he was good-looking enough and had a fine figure, a polished countenance, and a vague air of nobility, which made his presence impressive, even though he was from the dumps .
Its true . A lot of people are aware that his familys circumstances are ordinary and that he comes from a single-parent family . I heard rumors that his mum was bullied by someone wealthy when she was working; thats why hes resentful of the rich .
Mu Xiaoxiao had never imagined that things would be so dramatic . Her eyes were wide from shock .
No wonder he was trying to right the injustice forced upon that fired guard…
And you saw yesterday that there were girls who confess to him on a daily basis . Almost all of them are rich missies, so its obvious that they would be cruelly rejected .
As she listened, Mu Xiaoxiao asked curiously, If it wasnt a rich girl who confessed to him, would his attitude be different?
Yu Zhe shrugged . Im not sure about this . There apparently hasnt been such a situation before . Our school is catered to the wealthy, you know, and people who attend this school are usually either loaded or respectable, so people who get in through excellent academic results are a minority . Also, girls in this category usually feel a little more inferior and naturally wouldnt confess to him .
Mu Xiaoxiao nodded her head in comprehension . It makes sense when you put it like this…
Yu Zhes advice enlightened her . She understood why Lu Yichen had been so upset earlier — it was probably because he had seen a parallel between the unjust treatment of the guard and that of his mothers .

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