Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 45

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Outside the door of Year Threes Class S .
Mu Xiaoxiao stopped a boy . Hello, can you help get Lu Yichen for me? Say that Mu Xiaoxiao is looking for him . Thanks .
Seeing her, the boy let out an eh . Staring at her equivocally, he said mockingly, You again? Confessing this early in the morning? Not bad, you have sincerity .
What a coincidence . It was the boy from yesterday .
Mu Xiaoxiao chuckled bitterly and said, No… anyway, just call him out for me . Thanks .
Fine . Ill help you out since youre cute . I feel that you stand a good chance . Seize this chance to conquer his cold heart!
The boy looked optimistic and went into the class after he agreed, shouting, Lu Yichen, theres a girl whos looking for you, and shes really cute! She says that she is Mu Xiaoxiao .
Mu Xiaoxiao waited outside, worrying about whether Lu Yichen would come out . To her surprise, he did .
Seeing him, she was astonished . You… came out .
Yeah, whats up? His attitude was a little cold, which made Mu Xiaoxiao feel a little dejected . She felt that he still misunderstood her, which was why she had come to clear it up .
I have something to talk to you about . Can you spare a few minutes for me, please? she said in a tone that was neither supercilious nor obsequious, her bright, dark eyes looking at him .
Okay, he answered .
Thus, the two of them walked out of the class and went to a deserted space near the building .
Mu Xiaoxiao glanced left and right . Seeing that there was no one else around, she faced him and said gravely, Regarding the guard, believe it or not, I didnt know about it . However, I can guess what probably happened, and I will think of a solution .
Also, her face trembled as she pouted a little, her expression indignant as she said, did you know that what you said to me today was overboard? You didnt even know what happened, yet you pushed the blame on me . Do you think that is fair? Im still really upset now .
With that said, she harrumphed and prepared to turn around and leave .
As she explained this, Lu Yichen had been observing her serious face and saw that she had a persistent obstinacy about it . His pupils wavered slightly at this .

Seeing that she was leaving, he reached out suddenly and caught her wrist .
Im sorry, he said .
Mu Xiaoxiao stood still for a moment, but still in a huff, she did not turn her head . Her cheeks were still burning with anger .
Im sorry, he said again .
Watching her expression while she ranted, he knew that he had misunderstood her .
At first, he thought that she was like other girls who wanted to get close to him because they had ulterior motives, so he had lumped her together with the crowd of girls who were lawless and disregarded natural morality just because they were rich and influential .
Yet, he was confused as to why he had still willing to accompany her to eat breakfast .
Perhaps it was her clear gaze, which made her seem innocent, that made him unable to reject her .
Mu Xiaoxiao turned around this time and looking at him as she said in a tsundere manner, Regarding your apology, I hold the right to consider my acceptance .
With that said, she shook his hand off and left .
Lu Yichen gazed at her silhouette steadily for a long time .
Mu Xiaoxiaos next stop was the Principals office .
Even though the bell had already rung for the start of class, she ignored it and rushed into the Principals office pompously .
Uncle Principal! Ive got something I want to talk about!
The secretary outside wanted to block her entrance but couldnt . This little missy had rushed straight in .

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