Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 58

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Lu Yichen nodded . Sure . You know how to bowl?
It wasnt unnatural for him to be a little surprised . Guys were the ones who usually liked to bowl, and girls who did like it were a minority . Girls who knew how to bowl were even rarer .
Mu Xiaoxiao smirked and looked pleased . Of course! Im the queen of bowling!
Bowling was very popular in America . She had been studying there since middle school for about three to four years, so naturally, she had gone bowling with her friends numerous times . She had mainly learned how to bowl because she was a person who didnt like to lose at things .
Lu Yichen was tickled by her cute expression .
His heart skipped a beat as he suddenly realized that he had laughed a lot today, which was something that he had never done .
Lu Yichen led her around the place with an air of familiarity and picked out a good spot . What do you want to drink? They also sell things you can eat here, he said .
Mu Xiaoxiao sat on a nearby chair, intending to take a little rest . However, her phone slipped out from her pocket .
She bent over to retrieve it and suddenly thought of Yin Shaojie .
Did he try to look for her? If he couldnt find her in class, would he call her?
She pressed on her phones keyboard, but the screen did not light up . She made a noise of astonishment and pressed it once more, but the screen still remained dark . Her face fell .
Her phone was unexpectedly out of power!
Thinking back, she recalled that she had forgotten to charge her phone because she had been busy arguing over the right to the bedroom with Yin Shaojie the previous night, and she had also overlooked it when she woke up this morning .
Whats wrong? he asked when he saw her actions .
Mu Xiaoxiao pouted and said gloomily, My phone is out of battery .
Lu Yichen glanced at her phone and said, Do you want to charge it? I can help you ask around for a charger .
Can you really? Mu Xiaoxiao turned to him gladly . After all, a phone was something that modern day humans could not part with . If her phone was out of battery for a long time, she worried that there may be people, such as Yin Shaojie, who might want to contact her urgently to, for example, apologize to her . Thus, it would be troublesome if her phone was out of battery .

Yeah . Lu Yichen nodded and walked towards the reception area .
After a short while, he brought an Apple charger back with him, but following him was another man .
The man looked as though he was familiar with Lu Yichen, and he was having a conversation with him .
When he arrived before Mu Xiaoxiao, the man was shocked at the sight of her . He slapped Lu Yichens shoulder and remarked suggestively, My man! Youve actually brought a girl here! Is she your girlfriend?
Lu Yichen said gravely, No, shes just a friend . Dont spout nonsense .
The man looked like he didnt believe him . He turned towards Mu Xiaoxiao and said, This is the first time Ive seen Yichen with a girl . Your relationship… it cant be as simple as a conventional friendship, right?
Mu Xiaoxiao was a little astonished . Had Lu Yichen never brought his girlfriend over?
She smiled and said, Im his junior . Were really just friends .
Lu Yichen introduced them, This is the boss here, Brother Hui, and this is my junior, Mu Xiaoxiao .
Mu Xiaoxiao was well-mannered . She smiled sweetly and said, Hello Brother Hui!
Brother Hui looked a little sorry but still greeted Mu Xiaoxiao warmly before saying, This dude has been working here for a long time, but youre still the first girl hes brought over . Dont worry haha . Ill give you guys a 50 percent discount since hes my employee .
Thank you, Brother Hui! Mu Xiaoxiao expressed her appreciation .
Internally, she was a little shocked . So Lu Yichen worked here?
No wonder he was so familiar with this place .

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