Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 61

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Lu Yichen smiled helplessly . He had never seen anyone take a loss so seriously .
Inevitably, he had to humor her in the end .
Both of them played for more than an hour before Mu Xiaoxiao felt tired . She sat aside and watched him play instead .
Her eyes darted about as an idea came to her . She ran over to the counter and approached Brother Hui . With an invulnerable smile, she said, Brother Hui! I have something to ask of you!
Brother Hui smiled and said, What is it?
Mu Xiaoxiao leaned forward . In a tone that was audible to only the both of them, she discussed her matter with him .
She finally returned to Lu Yichens side after a while .
Lu Yichen looked at her and asked, Are you tired, or do you still want to play?
Mu Xiaoxiao handed a cup of green tea to him while shaking her head . I dont want to bowl anymore . I want to play something else .
What do you want to play? he asked with an air of wanting to accompany her to do anything she wanted .
Mu Xiaoxiao laughed mischievously and blurted out two words, Lets work!
Stunned, Lu Yichen looked at her in puzzlement .
It turned out that she had gone to look for Brother Hui to suggest that as compensation for their bill, they could help attract customers to the alley .
This was because she knew that it was Lu Yichens nature to insist upon paying the bill, which she realized was going to be very expensive upon asking about it — it was two hundred yuan for an hour of play, and it cost a hundred yuan with the 50 percent discount .
Even though a hundred yuan was a mere pittance to her, it might not be a small sum to him due to his familys financial circumstances .
Not wanting him to burn a hole in his pocket but also not wanting to hurt his pride by insisting that she pay instead, she thought of this wonderful idea that satisfied both of these concerns .
Afraid that he would suspect something, Mu Xiaoxiao put on an air of excitement as though it was really fun to work .
Its only attracting ten customers . Its a piece of cake to me!

She patted her chest with an expression of utmost confidence .
After she received the flyers from Brother Huis hands, she bounded out of the door animatedly .
Just as Lu Yichen was about to follow her, Brother Hui grabbed his shoulder and said to him, This girl is not bad . Not only is she cute, but shes also lively, carefree, sensible, and thoughtful — a rarity among girls . Youre well suited together, and you should take good care of her .
With these parting sincere, heartfelt words, Brother Hui left .
Lu Yichens enigmatic gaze studied Mu Xiaoxiao, who was outside the door . Her face was all smiles as she touted for customers warmly as though doing such a thing was really fun .
After Mu Xiaoxiao parted with Lu Yichen, she returned to school alone .
She was absolutely not going there because of Yin Shaojie at all . It was only because she had to retrieve her bag from her classroom that she had to go back .
Classes had long since ended when she arrived back at school . There were only a few students scattered throughout the school grounds .
Luckily, the door to the classroom had not been locked yet . She retrieved her bag successfully . Carrying it out, she stood at the school entrance and looked around .
Could Yin Shaojie be hiding in a corner waiting for her just like last time?
Thinking about how he had appeared yesterday made her anger almost disappear completely .
Okay then, if he specially waited for her again, she would be gracious and forgive him .
She stood at the entrance for more than ten minutes while the sky rapidly darkened . However, there wasnt a single sign Yin Shaojie or that flashy sports car of his .
Mu Xiaoxiaos expression became increasingly gloomy . Looking around at the empty roads with no hint of even a single cars silhouette, she couldnt help but howl, Yin Shaojie! Come out right now!
He must be hiding somewhere and watching her panic, right?

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