Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 65

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Mu Xiaoxiao scrunched up her face . Using all her strength, she twisted away from his grasp . I dont want to go back!
There was a huge disparity between the strength of a male and a female, and she couldnt tear herself free . Thinking on her feet, she stamped on his foot, hard, and pushed him out while he was writhing in pain .
Bang! The door slammed shut right in front of Yin Shaojie .
Yin Shaojie went over and pounded on the door . Xiaoxiao, open the door! Its so late already . Come home with me! he hollered .
With her back to the door, Mu Xiaoxiao huffed, I dont want to!
She had already told him that she wouldnt speak to him before he apologized to her, much less go off with him . Humph!
Outside the door .
While frowning, Yin Shaojie deliberated on how to enter the room when a formally dressed man came over and greeted him respectfully, saying, Young Master Jie, why are you here?
This man was the manager of the hotel .
This hotel was actually under the Yin conglomerate, so it was no wonder that the hotel manager had hurried over once he learned of Yin Shaojies presence .
Yin Shaojie held out this hand as he looked askance at him . Room card .
The hotel manager was in a spot, for this was against regulations . He thus said, This… This isnt a good idea . Young Master Jie, are you related to the guest inside?
After giving it a thought, Yin Shaojie replied, Youll see that shes using my card once you check with reception . Also, I want to know if she came here alone or with someone else . Right now .
Yes sir, Ill get someone to check right now! The hotel manager agreed quickly and dialed reception immediately .
Once he got his answer, he sent someone up with the room card .
The manager said to Yin Shaojie, Young Master Jie, the receptionist has confirmed that this young lady came on her own .
Okay . Yin Shaojie felt completely relieved now . It seemed that he had really misunderstood Mu Xiaoxiao . He felt at fault for the incident and his harsh words this morning, and he was already beginning to think of how to cajole her .

It was only a short wait before someone came up with the room card .
Yin Shaojie waved his hand dismissively . Everythings fine now . You may go .
Yes, Young Master Jie . If there is anything, please do not hesitate to ask . The manager then led the attendant away .
Inside the room, Mu Xiaoxiao picked up on the silence outside .
The soundproofing here was excellent, so she wasnt able to hear what was going on outside unless someone deliberately hollered .
Mu Xiaoxiao thought, Did Yin Shaojie leave already?
Just as she was feeling depressed, she heard the beep of the room card sensor .
Then, the door flew open!
Mu Xiaoxiao, who was propped up against the door, was pushed onto the carpet .
Seeing her state as he walked in, Yin Shaojie couldnt help but laugh at her and say, What are you doing on the carpet?
Even though his tone was full of mockery, he still extended a hand to help her up .
Mu Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and shot a glare at him . How did you get the room card? she asked .
How unreasonable could this hotel be, giving someone else her room card!
Yin Shaojie smiled sinisterly . Purposely, he said, I told the manager that you are my wife!
Mu Xiaoxiao harrumphed . Shaking his hand off, she went over to the sofa and hugged a cushion . Whos your wife? Let me tell you that Im very angry this time . If you dont apologize, I will never forgive you! she huffed .

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