Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 66

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This time, he has gone too far!
Not only did he misunderstood her, but he also spoke to her harshly and left on his own without sending her home . It seemed that he felt no remorse at all .
Yin Shaojie closed the door, walked over to her side, and stretched out his long arms to pull her into his embrace .
Oi, what are you trying to do? Mu Xiaoxiaos face blushed, and her hands braced against his chest, putting each other at a distance .
He suddenly smiled, and without warning, he pinned her onto the sofa . His elegant face was lowered, bringing their faces only a few centimeters apart, and their lips were almost touching .
Mu Xiaoxiao unexpectedly felt her heart racing, and the air she breathed was filled with the scent of the man . It was as if the scent had surrounded her completely with nowhere to escape .
Uh-huh, havent you heard? Lovers quarrels are soon mended . You want my apology, dont you? Shouldnt I present my sincerity?
As he spoke, that devilishly handsome face lowered even closer . This time, they were so close that with just a tip of his body, he could kiss her .
Mu Xiaoxiaos entire body stiffened . She didnt dare to move, afraid that any sudden movement would cause her to kiss him instead .
She blushed embarrassedly while looking at him . Her hands braced against his chest, lest he get any closer, and she said loudly, If you want to apologize, just say it . Why come so close? Step aside and let me up!
Even though they were used to playfully hug each other when they were young, now that they were older, the feeling was no longer the same .
Engulfed in his domineering presence, that scent of a man had forced her to realize one thing—he was now a grown man, no longer the boy of the past .
Not getting up . Yin Shaojie naughtily laughed and purposely tightened his embrace while saying, I feel really comfortable like this .
Her body had the delicate fragrance of a young woman, and it felt so soft to the touch . It was truly comfortable, and he could not bear to let go .
Mu Xiaoxiao glared at him while blushing . Youre comfortable, but Im not! How is this sincere? Get up quickly! Cant you just talk normally?

Talking normally is what you want, right? Yin Shaojie had achieved his goal and only then let her go .
He was just acting like a rascal, and suddenly, he was being agreeable . Mu Xiaoxiao then had the feeling that she had been fooled .
She leaned onto the edge of the sofa, hugging a pillow for defense .
Yin Shaojie was in a cross-legged position like her, and they sat face-to-face . He shifted closer and said, So tell me, how should I apologize so that you will forgive me?
Just like how he had coaxed her when they were young, they were sitting and discussing terms in the same manner . As long as he fulfilled her desires, that would have made the reconciliation .
Mu Xiaoxiao thought about the grievance she felt today . Her lips pouting, she angrily stared at him and said, Do you know how inappropriate you acted today? How could you say that to me? Could it be that in your heart, I have become one of those girls?
Yin Shaojie thought about the events that had happened in the day, and he didnt feel happy about it . After all, it was the first time he had seen her heartbroken and in tears, and he was the one who had caused it .
Frustrated, he scratched his head and said, Im sorry . I dont know what got over me today…
When Mu Xiaoxiao heard him, she felt a lot better . Her anger subsided, and her expression loosened .

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