Eternal Reverence - Chapter 37

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“This is a Scarlet Fire Pill, a unique concoction of the Cang Lan Sect . Within it contains the essence intent of the Scarlet Fire Technique . But beware to not take it too early, wait till you feel your cultivation at its bottleneck, then take it . ”
The distribution elder exhorted Li Fuchen as he passed the manual and pill to him .
“Disciple will keep it in mind . ” Li Fuchen bowed and received the items .
This is the first time Li Fuchen had seen a technique pill, it was made by refining qi . There are innumerable types of qi and thus, innumerable types of pills that can be made . By using the qi from the Scarlet Fire Technique to refine a pill, it would contain the essence intent of the Scarlet Fire Technique . But it is only naturally that only a small amount of essence can be absorbed into the pill, as such, it can only help the user rise by one rank .
Soon after walking out of the great hall, Li Fuchen was obstructed by a few youngsters .
“Li Fuchen, you are not fit to be a 1st grade disciple, but I, Zhao Liehu will give you an opportunity . As long as you are willing to be my subordinate and contribute one mid-tier, yellow class pill to me every month; I will assure your safety as a 1st grade disciple . ”
Zhao Liehu was a Zhao’s clansmen from Kuangfeng City . He had 3 star fire bone frame and always felt self-important and had a overbearing attitude .
Li Fuchen sized up his foe, just based on his qi presence, he estimated Zhao Liehu to be at the seventh rank of the Qi Realm . His skills shouldn’t be any weaker than Yang Kai’s, maybe even better .
“Do you think that is possible?” Li Fuchen replied .
“If that is the case, don’t blame me for being rude!” Zhao Liehu drew his wooden sword and suddenly thrusted in his direction .
When an equal expert showcased his moves, it would be obvious if they had skills or not .
Just with this thrust, Li Fuchen knew that the skills of Zhao Liehu were above Yang Kai’s .
It may have looked like a thrust, but in actuality, it was a ball of blazing flame . It had variations in shape just like a fire but contained the passionate heat .
Against this thrust, Li Fuchen had no other ways to confront but with the Red Jade Sword Style’s first move Touch of Red Jade .
With his sword out of the sheathe, Li Fuchen thrusted into the ‘flame’ .
Zhao Liehu had a change in expression, his overwhelming Flame Sword Style was suddenly not in his control . With the sword fasten on his foe’s sword, Li Fuchen executed a twist and a twirl . Li Fuchen then released the suction and primed his sword on Zhao Liehu’s throat, “You do not have the qualifications for me to be your follower . ”
“Sword with a suction force, great skill effect . Let me, Chen Dahai spar with you . ”
Comparable to Zhao Liehu, Chen Dahai too has a 3 star extraordinary bone frame . But his was a 3 star water bone frame and water based martial arts were specialized in using softness to conquer strength . It too could counter softness with softness, thus Li Fuchen’s sword style was useless against him .

Within two cubic meters, one could see the rippling of waves as Chen Dahai used his sword to shroud Li Fuchen .
“Those that enters the Cang Lan Sect are indeed unordinary . ”
At this juncture, Li Fuchen didn’t hold any absolute advantage . The fight with Yang Kai required 90% of his strength, but in the Cang Lan Sect, geniuses stronger than Yang Kai were plenty in number . Every martial arts had their strengths and weaknesses, if Li Fuchen met an art that could restrain his own or was not weak against himself; he dared not guarantee he could win with ease .
But now, his current perception wasn’t realized fully due to his insufficient cultivation and he couldn’t completely comprehend high-tier, yellow class sword arts . But after his cultivation was raised to more than the seventh rank of the Qi Realm, his advantages would gradually increase .
As their swords made contact, the air fluttered with a thick qi density .
“Give it up . ”Chen Dahai analyzed that Li Fuchen’s physical strength was only around 2000 kg, but his own physical strength has already exceeded 2000 kg . With his wooden sword making circles and loops, dozens of whirlpools appeared in mid air trying to entrap Li Fuchen’s sword .
“Break!” Li Fuchen pressed his tongue against the roof of his mouth, a puff of dauntless qi was released from his palm’s laogong acupoint and caused his wooden sword to start spinning .
(TL note 1: The Laogong acupoint is an important acupoint that all martial artist needs to know, it is where the qi can be released from the hand
TL note 2: The sword spinning is like a bullet spin when it is shot from the gun)
A loud humming sound could be heard…
The sword spun with an intense velocity, and with his palm against the end of the hilt, Li Fuchen resolutely pushed it .
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An invisible qi dispersed as Li Fuchen forcefully penetrated Chen Dahai sword stance, as it headed straight towards his opponent’s chest .
“Not good!”
Even though, he was wearing armor underneath his clothes, Chen Dahai turned pale with fright, as he knew if this thrust made contact, he would suffer at least a few broken ribs .
At the crucial moment, Chen Dahui’s sluggish left hand managed to land a blow on the side of Li Fuchen’s sword as it was in the midst of the thrust and caused the sword to take a shift in direction .
Li Fuchen’s eyes were sharp and with quick reaction, he immediately kicked Chen Dahai’s wrist that was holding the sword . Then with a twirl in mid air, he landed another kick on Chen Dahai’s chest, forcing him to fall backwards .
“What terrifying combat skills . ” Zhao Liehu’s pupils shrunk as he watched from the side .
Giving a sweep over the viewers, Li Fuchen calmly said, “If there is anyone else who wishes to challenge me, please do so now . But I will guarantee that I won’t let you off so easily . ”
News of him becoming 1st grade disciple as a normal bone frame individual had already spreaded . It just so happened that Zhao Liehu and Chen Dahai gave him the chance to showcase his prowess .
“What arrogance! A normal bone frame dares to be so arrogant…”
“Just wait! During the Qi Realm, bone frames aren’t too big of an influence . But a few years later, he is bound be left in the dust . ”
“Precisely, bone frames decide the speed at which you are able to cultivate sect entry techniques . As the rank of the technique goes higher, the demand for a higher quality bone frame gets more obvious . Normal bone frame martial artist would feel the gradual increase in difficulty along the road of their cultivation . ”
Some of the comments were full of spite, some with disdain, and some were just here for entertainment .
Back in his own courtyard, Li Fuchen started researching the Scarlet Fire Technique immediately .
The Scarlet Fire Technique has a total of nine ranks, with the first three for foundation, the fourth to sixth rank for activating the violent blaze . Finally, the seventh to ninth ranks would carry the scorching effect that can easily burn one’s opponent’s skin to their organs, extremely domineering .
To add on, the Scarlet Fire Technique was best cultivated during the day, as the scorching sun would help increase the cultivation effects . But it was because of the same scorching sun that many disciples constantly felt parched like they were in the desert, noticing impairment of the meridians and worse case, self-immolation when reaching the ninth rank .
It is said that the Scarlet Fire Technique is an overbearing technique, not only can it harm your foes, but at times harm yourself too .
“Worthy of being a sect technique . ”
Li Fuchen’s heart was filled with approval, he was sure that this Scarlet Fire Technique is not inferior in any aspects when compared to the Shen Tu Clan’s Shao Yang Luo Technique . Most importantly, the Scarlet Fire Technique is an entry level technique, and was used to build one’s foundation . Later on, there is one set of techniques after another, like the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique and the True Inferno Technique .
If he is able to cultivate the Scarlet Fire Technique to the ninth rank, it would be much easier to cultivate the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique in the future . As the danger of self-immolation is at the turn of every corner during the cultivation .
As the sun rose, Li Fuchen sat cross legged on a rockery in the courtyard and started his cultivation of the Scarlet Fire Technique .
With the Red Jade Technique, it made it easier for Li Fuchen to cultivate the Scarlet Fire Technique . Noon time, right at the time when the Sun was hottest, Li Fuchen achieved the first rank of the Scarlet Fire Technique .
Several days later, Li Fuchen advanced to the second rank . Half month later, his Scarlet Fire Technique attained the third rank .

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