Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm - Chapter 434

Chapter 434: Pure Yang Immortal Swordsman

Jiang He suddenly understood why the Saints would make that rule, dictating that individuals above Golden Immortal were not to take part in the war between worlds .

His current ability could perhaps match the weakest of Grand Luo at the moment, and stronger Grand Luo with the threefold combat strength buff after eating the Strengthened Mutated Pepper .

Still, he was far from reaching the level of peak Grand Luo who were honored with the title of superior beings .

The ones at their level would either be born as superior beings or the disciples of Saints, wielding unparalleled treasures between their fingers and having lived for untold eras .

While it was not that difficult for Jiang He to destroy a planet now, those superior beings could probably dismantle an entire planetary system .

Collecting his thoughts, Jiang He sensed the location of his Farm and had a thought—


He reappeared on a planetary fragment that was five hundred thousand kilometers away in outer space .

Unknown Fox had been sitting on it and observing the location where the battle was fought .

There was a blank look on his face .

Beside him was the thirty-foot tall pavilion .

Jiang He’s abrupt appearance had made Unknown Fox jump .

Once he came to his senses, Unknown Fox promptly went up to Jiang He and greeted, “Master, you’ve returned?”

Jiang He was quite surprised, and gave him a few looks before saying, “You don’t seem surprised at all that I’m back . ”

“I’m surprised! How could I not be?”

Unknown Fox kept smiling even as he swore inwardly!

How could I not be?

He could feel the terrible aura spilling from the battle even from a hundred thousand miles away .

Veins of Golden Immortal Dao would materialize before being severed and crumble, quaking outer space even though it was five hundred thousand kilometers away… unless he was an idiot, how could Unknown Fox not be able to guess that Jiang He was going on a slaughter!

Even so, he did not understand one thing: how could a full-fledged True Immortal like Jiang He managed to cut down the Golden Immortals of the Hundred Races Alliance as if he was slaughtering dogs?

Unknown Fox was aware that Jiang He had once fought multiple Golden Immortals as a True Immortal .

Even so, a handful of Golden Immortals was a totally different concept from over a hundred Golden Immortals, not to mention that the White Sky God King was present .

That was a being who could fight Grand Luo .

Unknown Fox could no longer hold it in at the thought and asked, “Master, about White Sky God King… Eh?”

His eyes suddenly bulged and he exclaimed in shock, “Master, you… you have ascended to Golden Immortal?”


Jiang He barked . “How am I supposed to ambush the Alliance if I’m not Golden Immortal?”

“But… but…”

Unsure how to begin, Unknown Fox stammered for a long while before saying, “But didn’t you only reach True Immortal recently? And from the Dao aura I’ve seen from your body, you would only be a novice Golden Immortal . ”

“I’m already Golden Immortal-pinnacle . ”

Jiang He explained upon seeing Unknown Fox’s blank look, “My cultivation method is a little special . Once I’ve ascended, my cultivation would become full-fledged in the new tier . It’s nothing that curious . ”

“Alright, stop spacing out . Now get Dumbo, Trumbo, and everyone else . ”

Unknown Fox didn’t even feel himself entering the pavilion .

Soon, Dumbo, Trumbo, the Seven Bottle Gourd Brothers, the two Golden Winged Rocs, and the nine newborn Wise Rock Monkeys were all standing in front of Jiang He .

“Returned to the battlefield just now to clean it up . I managed to pick up a lot of things after clearing it for a bit . ”

Jiang He told them, and yawned . “I’ve just had a big fight and released one too many sword techniques . Since it contained secret Yuan Spirit techniques, my mind is a little damaged now and worn, so I’ll sleep a wink for now . ”

With that, he ignored Trumbo and the others and climbed inside his farm at once .

The maids had just prepared dinner just then .

“It seems that I have timed myself just right, or dinner would not have been ready if I had returned early, and cooled if I had been too slow,” Jiang He joked . “Alright, now serve some rice while I take a bath . There’s blood all over me since I’ve killed too many . ”

While the other maids prepared dinner, Boa Hancock and Sora followed him upstairs and offered cutely, “Let us serve you, Master . ”

Yes .

It was purely service .

Like massaging his shoulders, passing a towel, and the like .

Since dinner was ready, why would Jiang He be in a rush to sleep? Was there time to do anything else?

After taking a bath and having dinner, Jiang He headed to a bedroom with a yawn .

A thought then crossed his mind .

“No, this won’t do if it continues . ”

“The Scripture of the Chaos Thundersword which I’ve created is indeed superior . Each strike is imbued with powerful spiritual attacks, but the drawbacks are also exceedingly obvious… after fighting for four hours, my spirit is so terribly worn that I’m exhausted . Doesn’t that mean I would fall asleep on the spot if I ran into a powerful foe whom I had to fight for three days and nights?”


He inhaled sharply, unable to resist showing a feeling of shock after the fact . “Wouldn’t I be a free kill if that was the case?”

Jiang He was sweating even if he was already full-fledged Golden Immortal .

Wiping away the beads of sweat on his forehead, Jiang He laughed bitterly . “I seem to have been a little impulsive this time . It’s fortunate that I have luck on my side and the Alliance didn’t have that many champions, and there were just little over one hundred Golden Immortals . If there had been a dozen times more of them or even just a dozen peak Golden Immortals like Modolo and the White Sky God King attacking me at once, I would have been worn spiritually and might not have been able to kill them all in three days and nights, meaning that my death is guaranteed . ”

Arriving at his bedroom, the problem still lingered on Jiang He’s mind even after he put on his silky pajamas and lay in bed .

Spiritual exhaustion… could be supplemented through medicine .

“I could look through the various pharmacies and buy some medicine that clears the head after I get home, and take one after I fight for a while . Would I still have to worry about spiritual exhaustion at that?”

“Moreover, I could plant the mutated ginseng seeds after I return . ”

“It’s mutated in the first place, meaning that I could probably get a huge batch of thousand-year ginseng or even ten-thousand-year ginseng after planting them . Being a master of pellet refinement, I could use those to brew a pellet that supplements mind and spirit . ”

Jiang He fell asleep even as he thought about it .


At the moment, Unknown Fox was leading Dumbo, Trumbo, the Seven Bottle Gourd Brothers, the nine Wise Rock Monkeys, and the two Golden Winged Rocs .

As they flew slowly ahead, Unknown Fox warned somberly with sweat wetting his forehead, “Be careful . There are immortal Dao that lingers everywhere around us . All of you do not have strong enough cultivation and could get torn apart if you’re careless… Blargh!”

Even before he could finish, he flew into a remnant Dao .

It contained a blade technique left by a peak-level Golden Immortal, and Unknown Fox was sent flying for hundreds of kilometers when it was unleashed . Coughing mouthfuls of blood and left immeasurably frail, he stared at the dimensional turbulence ahead and smiled meekly, “Our master truly is ruthless!”

“Alright, all of you stop where you are and don’t move . ”

“Golden Immortal Dao are too powerful, and a full burst of their strength would leave a mark in thin air . The dimensions here are a mess, so wait until it has calmed down, and the Immortal Dao left in outer space would slowly fade as well . We’ll clean up the battlefield then . ”

Unknown Fox promptly closed his eyes and assumed a meditative pose to heal his wounds .

On the other hand, Dumbo reached out with its paw to pick up half a corpse floating in front of him, exclaiming in surprise, “This was half a True Immortal… hmmm, his Spatial Ring is still here . Woah, there’s actually over eight thousand immortal crystals and some mystic treasures . ”

“They are different from immortal items but of finer quality, and would not lose out to superior-grade immortal items . ”

Having been following Jiang He around for a long time, Dumbo had become accustomed to seeing treasures .

Therefore, he had a good eye for treasures even though he was merely Mahayana-tier .

Fiddling with the Spatial Ring for a while, he then retrieved the corpse and its Spatial Ring, saying, “I could pass these treasures to the master . As for the corpse, the Cloudscraper Vines need to replenish their nutrients . ”

He looked up ahead .

One could see that there were many pieces of corpses and mystic treasures up front as well .

The corpses and mystic treasures were all floating without direction in space . A corpse would float out of dimensional turbulences from time to time, which was why Dumbo, Trumbo, and the others would collect it immediately .

It was too slow .


Jiang Had had killed too many, and they could at least pick up three corpses or treasures that were left adrift every two hours .

Before this, Jiang He had collected the corpses and mystic treasures of Golden immortals, leaving only True Immortals who had varying degrees of wealth . The Blazing Violet Golden Eagle had even picked up a Spatial Ring with three premium-grade immortal items and over forty thousand immortal crystals .

A day later, after Unknown Fox had somewhat recovered from his wounds, he joined the group of treasure gatherers .

Soon, three more days had passed .

The distant dimensional turbulence had calmed considerably, just as most Immortal Dao had faded . Dumbo and the others began to head further into space, fishing out the treasures drifting around .

In between, a Sky Demon True Immortals had come to investigate the situation . Even so, he was immediately swarmed and beaten to death directly by the nine Wise Rock Monkeys, each of whom were True Immortals—even before Unknown Fox could do a thing .


Meanwhile, around ten million kilometers away from the Black Demon Star, two immortal lights landed on a nearby planet .

It was Wang Hou and the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist .

The latter collected his Space-Piercer and laughed, “I have spent plenty of treasures to request a Grand Luo adept at Spatial Dao to create this gimmick . I’m not good with Spatial Dao, and being able to warp through such short distances is entirely thanks to this Space-Piercer . ”

Of course…

The so-called short-distance warp that the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist spoke of was not actually short .

A single warp covered a hundred thousand, or even millions of kilometers worth of space . Otherwise, they could hardly have reached the proximity of the Black Demon Star from Earth .

Amidst the boundlessness of outer space, the distance between planets would always be several dozen million miles and had to be counted in light years . In fact, they were actually close to their destination, now that they were just around a dozen million kilometers away from the Black Demon Star .

“This location isn’t far from the Black Demon Star, and we could run into Alliance scouts on the way . That’s why we can’t warp now, Minister Wang… otherwise, it would be bad if the spatial ripple we cause is detected . ”

“It’s fine,” Wang Hou said worriedly . “Ten million kilometers is not that far . We could withdraw our aura and fly carefully but still reach there soon . Either way, we should make haste since Jiang He’s fate is still unknown . ”

Seeing that worry filled Wang Hou’s face, the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist comforted him, saying, “Don’t worry, Minister Wang . Mister Jiang has luck on his side, and a man of destiny like him would never fall . ”

“Moreover…” he then added, “What if he had some degree of confidence since he dared to go?”

“What if he had really done it? It would truly be a great feat, and the threat to the homeworld would hence be pacified . ”

Of course, it was a joke .

The Ten Thousand Swords Daoist himself did not believe it .


In the distant celestial battlefield, one immortal after another had gathered before a portal .

There were three thousand Heavenly Immortals, eight hundred True Immortals, and thirty-six Golden Immortals .

That was when a daemonic cloud arrived .

Dense immortal light shone atop the cloud, with six Golden Immortal Foxes leading a hundred True Immortal Foxes and a thousand Immortal Foxes as they descended upon the portal .

One immortal swordsman shouldering an ancient longsword could not help muttering, “Have the Green Hill Foxes gone mad? Six Golden Immortal Foxes, a hundred True Immortal Foxes, and a thousand Immortal Foxes… although it’s a good thing so many are sent to defend the homeworld, but who would stand guard in the celestial battlefield?”

“The Grand Luo of our clan has their plans . Mind your own business, Pure Yang Immortal Swordsman,” one Golden Immortal Fox said coolly .

The True Yang Immortal Swordsman appeared surprised at first, but soon laughed coolly . “You dare speak to me in such manner, wretch? Who do you think you are?”

The Golden Immortal human called the Pure Yang Immortal Swordsman swept his gaze over the many Immortal Foxes while coolly warning, “The Throne of Six Holies has decreed that I supervise this reinforcement of the homeworld . If your clan would act out of line once we return to the homeworld, do not blame my sword for being merciless!”

“Do the Green Hill Foxes need to listen to the orders of humans?”

One of the Golden Immortal Foxes appeared upset at that .


The Pure Yang Immortal Swordsman promptly drew his sword, a bright sword light hence shooting up to the skies, but someone held him back and said, “Forget it, Lü Dongbin… there’s no need to be impulsive . ”