Evil Prince, Come Play With Me - Chapter 1113

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Feng Qingtian hurriedly blocked Gu Bailu. “Get lost.”

“Little junior sister, can’t you recognize me? I’m Miyasi.”

Gu Bailu’s eyes almost popped out. “Miyasi? Why do you look like a monkey?”

How had a noble prince been tortured to this point?

“I’ve been building pagodas for you every day. I became like this before I knew it. Am I ugly?”

Miyasi didn’t really care. No matter how ugly he was, he couldn’t be as ugly as his original demon beast form.

Gu Bailu didn’t think it would be very nice to deal him a blow. “You’re not that ugly. You still have your natural temperament; how can you be ugly?”

The crown prince despised his mother for lying against her conscience.

“He’s ugly and covered in fur. I thought it was a gorilla from some banana land.” The crown prince had been obsessed with looks ever since he was born.

It should be said that he had only seen handsome men and beautiful women since he was born, and they were all extraordinary beauties.

All the servants in Prince Zi’s residence were good-looking.

Not to mention Qin Shou, Ah Luo and the others.

Seeing such an ugly gorilla, the crown prince was scared out of his wits.

He felt that nothing was more terrifying than seeing an ugly person.

Miyasi scratched the back of his head. “I haven’t combed my hair in days. I might be a little ugly.”

“No, no, you were building the pagodas for me. How can you be ugly? In my heart, you’ve always been beautiful and noble.” Gu Bailu wasn’t lying.

Miyasi had stayed on the island and built so many pagodas for her.

The crown prince grinned under her glare. “Uncle senior brother, you might be a gorilla, but you’re the most handsome gorilla.”

Miyasi was quite satisfied with this. He was actually a demon beast, so he didn’t mind being described as a gorilla at all.

Gu Bailu was unhappy with her son’s lack of manners. “This is my senior brother. How can you say that?”

The crown prince chuckled. “Mother, he’s a demon beast. I’m not deliberately insulting him.”

Gu Bailu frowned. “That’s not a reason to talk nonsense. Insulting people to their faces is unacceptable behavior.”

The crown prince nodded. “Alright. I’ll just say it in my heart and not out loud next time.”

Gu Bailu was speechless.

Was this son of hers asking for a beating?

Gu Bailu was wondering if she should smack her son, when Miyasi said happily, “How… how did he know that I’m a demon beast?”

Gu Bailu was speechless.

Why are you so excited? For your true form to be recognized, is it something to be proud of?

“Senior brother, how’s master?” Gu Bailu changed the topic.

“He’s still the same. He doesn’t let me get close to him. He cultivates on the rock all day, but he called me over two days ago and said that you were coming. He sounded quite happy,” Miyasi replied. Then he asked, “How did he know that I’m a demon beast?”

He couldn’t be blamed for being surprised, since the crown prince was just a baby.

It was amazing that he could speak and see his beast form.

“His identity is a little special. Bring me to see master.”

When Gu Bailu saw her master again, he was still sitting on the rock in his ragged clothes.

“Have you gathered the pieces of the Sky Splitting Mirror?” Her master’s voice was hoarse and full of vicissitudes.

Gu Bailu said proudly, “I didn’t disappoint you.”

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