Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 949

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Chapter 949 – Fight

The South Korean Government had also received advice from an ‘expert’ to adopt the same strategies used by the Hong Kong Government to adjust the currency rate back to normal . The Korean Government is going to sit on the sidelines and watch the two sides fight it out!

This way, someone will buy-in the Won dumped by Soros, and the South Korean Government can intercept anytime!

Soros felt disgusted by this strategy . This strategy is stupid but very effective, and the winner will be the side with more funds and is no longer a battle of wits .

Doesn’t Soros understand why everyone can’t make money peacefully together? Why do you care about South Korea’s economy? All it matters are the profits . But Soros forget that he also tried to set up Feng Yu initially .

When both parties were cooperating, no one will suffer any losses, and later on, they had some conflicts, but Soros felt it could be overlooked .

Now, Feng Yu, Fu Rongqi, and the Hong Kong tycoons are preparing to fight it out with Soros in South Korea . This made Soros very unhappy . Do we have so much hatred against each other? How can you make any money if you wage war against me?

Soros must retain his title as the World’s No . 1 Hedge Fund Manager, and cannot back away from Feng Yu’s challenge . But he is not worried that he will lose, as he firmly believes Feng Yu and his allies do not have more funds than him!


“Soros’s side is starting to dump Korean Won . Are we going to buy-in?” He Zhaoji asked .

“Yes . We will buy-in whatever they dump . As long as our funds have not reached the bottom line, we will continue buying . ” The cigar in Feng Yu’s hand was almost crushed, and it showed that Feng Yu is not feeling as relaxed as he looks .

He Zhaoji hesitated for a while and returned to work .

He Zhaoji does not understand why Feng Yu is doing this . They can’t push up the Korean Won rate with their funds now, and can only stabilize it . But if there are no fluctuations in the rate, how are they going to make money?

Don’t forget that a portion of Feng Yu’s funds is incurring interest, and the daily interest is not a small amount .

South Korea is not Hong Kong, and why should they help them?

Maybe it is like what Feng Yu says . Defeating Soros here will stop him from attacking Hong Kong again .

“Nephew Feng, those short-sighted people are thinking of withdrawing their funds, and if not for the agreements, they would have done so already . ” Fu Rongqi knew Feng Yu does not like South Korea . After the volatile fluctuation of the Korean Won, their economy is already impacted .

Also, Feng Yu and his allies can still make profits from this war . They can let Soros have a small victory and let the Korean Won rate drop slightly, and they will buy long positions future contracts . When the Korean Won rate is pull back to its normal range, it will make profits .

Although the profits are not as much as cooperating with Soros to suppress Korean Won, it’s better than nothing .

They can attack their opponents and still make some profits at the same time . This is not easily done . Furthermore, by doing this will bring the Fu Family closer to Feng Yu, and if Feng Yu has any new ventures or businesses in the future, Fu Rongqi might get a stake in it .

Superman Li had agreed to let Fu Rongqi manage his funds is also because of Feng Yu . Superman Li is paving a path for his next generation, and he felt Feng Yu is someone who can help his sons in the future . Of course, Superman Li can let Wind and Rain Consulting Firm handle his fund, but the commission is too high . Wind and Rain Consulting Firm charges three times more than Fu Rongqi’s company!

Anyway, Feng Yu and Fu Rongqi will be investing together and will have the same profits . Investing with Fu Rongqi is equivalent to supporting Feng Yu, and Feng Yu will not mind .

Fu Rongqi has some regrets now . If he had noticed Feng Yu’s abilities earlier, the Fu Family might be Hong Kong’s No . 1 influential family and will exceed Superman Li now!

But the current situation is not bad, either . Fu Guangzheng and Feng Yu are very close, and the Fu Family had supported Feng Yu in the recent few years .

“If their foresight is as good as you, their wealth would be several times more than what they have now . ” Feng Yu laughed .

“That’s right . If they have your foresight, they would have exceeded me a long time ago . ” Fu Rongqi replied .

Fu Rongqi felt Feng Yu’s assets is more than it seems, and maybe the latter had already overtaken him . However, he cannot ask Feng Yu directly .

If Feng Yu had hidden part of his wealth, that means he does not want others to know about this .

“Hahaha… Uncle Fu is flattering me . Not many influential families in Hong Kong can compete with the Fu Family in terms of wealth . This time, many people had started to support you, right? Maybe Second Uncle Fu’s property market cooling measures will be implemented . ” Feng Yu said .

“It’s not so easy . If those influential families refused to give in, it would be hard to implement . But after news about the cooling measures were leaked, Hong Kong’s property market had slowed down . For the time being, property prices are not rising so fast, and the prices for some areas had even dropped . This is a good thing . ” Fu Rongqi replied proudly . The Fu Family’s influence is getting bigger .

“Congratulations . Guangzheng had achieved what he wanted . ” Feng Yu laughed .

“That brat… Let nature take its course . ” Fu Rongqi laughed and shook his head . The elders in his family are pleased with Professor Liang’s daughter . They might not be of the same status, but at least Professor Liang’s daughter had made Guangzheng tone down a lot . It’s been a while since Fu Guangzheng appears in Hong Kong’s tabloid magazines!

“Oh, is everyone in your team, ok? After all, many of them are from the US . ” Fu Rongqi asked .

“I know which one of my team is a spy, and this is an opportunity to set Soros up . ” Feng Yu already know who is the one who had been feeding Soros information of their operations . At the same time, Feng Yu also have someone working in Soros’s team .

But Feng Yu does not trust the information he got from his spy in Soros’s team . Who knows if the information is purposely revealed by Soros?

Feng Yu is not willing to take any risk . It’s good if he can win against Soros, but if he can’t win, he will also not go all out .

Feng Yu still have many ideas that require a large number of funds to realize and cannot use all his bullets on Soros!

Feng Yu can accept lower damages in exchange for higher damages on Soros, but he will not do anything if he is going to suffer more losses than Soros .

Feng Yu believes that Soros also does not want to continue fighting . Feng Yu is only pretending to go all out against Soros and wants to let him know his determination .

This way, Soros will consider the consequences if he is going to attack Hong Kong again . Maybe Hong Kong’s economic recession that happened in Feng Yu’s previous life will not occur in this life .


“Boss, what are Feng and his friends thinking? They bought all the Won we dumped, and the Won rate remained unchanged . We are suffering losses, and they are not making any profits . What is their motive?” Drucken Miller asked .

“That’s right . This is Korea and not Hong Kong . What’s the point of them doing this?” Someone asked .

Soros looked at his four top fund managers and said . “He is warning us not to touch the Hong Kong market . We will continue . I want to see how much funds do they have!”

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