Father, Mother Escaped Again - Chapter 155

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As soon as Xia Muyun walked away, someone ran into Xia Yuqing subsequently after. 

“Do you have eyes? How can you run into people on such a big road! Niang…Miss, are you okay?” Lu Rui hurriedly stepped forward to support Xia Yuqing and asked anxiously. 

“It’s okay.” Xia Yuqing just stood still. As if she noticed something, she stretched her hand to her waist. “…” 

“Thief, don’t run.” After a short pause, Xia Yuqing looked up. The man who ran into her just now rushed away before Lu Rui could react. 

“Huh? Niang Niang…Miss, wait for me!” 

“Little thief, don’t run. How dare you try to steal this aunt’s money bag. Are you too impatient to die?!” Xia Yuqing ran wildly and followed the man to a dead end. 

The man stopped in front of a wall and looked around. Xia Yuqing and Lu Rui followed closely, panting heavily, then grinned in an evil manner, “Run, I dare you to run again.” 

The man fell silent for a while, then turned his head and looked at them with ill intentions.

Lu Rui instinctively sensed a trace of danger. She stepped forward to guard Xia Yuqing. How could she know that the man was looking behind them? 

Xia Yuqing and Lu Rui looked at each other and turned their heads slowly. What greeted them was darkness. 

“Mmm, let us go… let us go…” The voices of Xia Yuqing and Lu Rui came out from the thick sack. 

“Hahaha, the harvest this time is really good. I caught two stunning little girls at the same time. If they’re sold, they will definitely be worth a lot of money. We really hit the jackpot this time. Quick, tie up the bag for me.” The man who led Xia Yuqing and Lu Rui to the dead end smiled happily when he saw this, then instructed the men who attacked to tie the bag. Unexpectedly… 

“Ouch…” The two men pulling the cloth bag let out a painful cry. They stepped back two steps, and looked at each other. After seeing the panda eyes that were symmetrical for both of them, they pointed at each other and laughed.

“What are you laughing for, useless, let me do it!” Upon seeing this, the man commanding angrily rewarded them a slap on the face. He moved forward and as a result… 

“Oh…” The sound was even more painful than before. A terrible cry came out from the alley, and two bright dark circles were printed on the man’s face. 

“Pu…” The people on the side couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Laugh, what are you laughing for, why don’t you come and help!? These b*tches, dare to beat Lao Zi? See how this Lao Zi will sell them to a low-grade brothel to be trained.” The man clutched his aching eyes and gritted his teeth. 

The people watching the funny scene woke up from their initial mood, then hurriedly stepped forward to help carry the sacks containing Xia Yuqing and Lu Rui out of the alley. 

Not long after Xia Yuqing left the palace, spies hidden near the palace informed a certain someone in the inn. 

Xia Mingxuan raised his eyebrows. Without a word, he got up and ran in the direction of Xia Yuqing, but it was a pity that he was still a step too late. 

“Where’s the person?” Xia Mingxuan stood in a hidden alley, looking at the street where someone had gone missing. His beautiful face revealed a little murderous intent. 

“Master forgive me, there was a hint of confusion just now…” 

“You lost her?” Xia Mingxuan’s voice was soaked with a biting chill, which made the person shudder. 

“This subordinate…” 

“You lost someone in broad daylight? There is no use in keeping you, Number 2.” 

“Yes, master.” 

Not long after, a stifled sound came out from the alley. 

The guard who greeted Xia Mingxuan yesterday was the most powerful killer, Qingyun, who worked under Xia Mingxuan. Taking a look at the bloody scene, he retracted his gaze to look at Xia Mingxuan who was expressionless and asked cautiously: “Master, now we…” 



A quarter of an hour later, Xia Mingxuan’s expression was unexpected when he heard about Xia Yuqing again, but he suppressed the murderous intent in his body. However, Qingyun who had served him for so many years knew that such a Xia Mingxuan was often the most dangerous. 

“Master, now we…” 

Xia Mingxuan’s eyes became stern, the corners of his lips slowly raised into a sneer: “Since that man can’t even do the most basic protection, don’t blame me for taking advantage of this opportunity.”

On the other hand, Xia Muyun who couldn’t find Xia Yuqing hurriedly returned to the palace. She hoped that the two had returned first, but it was a pity that she would be disappointed. 

“In other words, they didn’t come back at all? So where did they go?” Xia Muyun’s expression was a little ugly, but after thinking about it, this was the capital of Ye Country. This is Feng Tingye’s territory, so nothing should happen…. 

She obviously still underestimated Xia Yuqing’s ability to cause trouble. Hearing that Xia Yuqing had been lost, Feng Tingye and the others’ first reaction was to recall the kidnapping incident in Shu last time.     

“Ai Fei only brought Lu Rui out of the palace this time? What about Lu Rui?” Feng Tingye felt his heart tight for no reason. This feeling was very similar to the last time Xia Yuqing was kidnapped. He had a bad premonition.     

“Lu Rui Jiejie hasn’t come back either.” Li Yuan twisted her eyebrows and whispered back.     

For some reason, she suddenly regretted it. Why didn’t she go out with Xia Yuqing today? It was all because of someone entangling her. If something happened to them, she must…     

Yan Ran suddenly felt something cold run down his back and couldn’t help shivering.     

“Lets send people to go out and look for them first. Maybe they’re just lost, and will come back later.” Shao Zitang broke the stagnant atmosphere that permeated everyone and proposed the most effective way to deal with the problem now.     

“I hope so.” Feng Tingye’s expression was a little ugly. If Xia Yuqing was really kidnapped for the second time under his nose, he should really think about what kind of Jiu Lang Fan Dai (someone who only eats and drinks and has no ability) his city guard officials were. 

“Where did you last see them?” 

“On the third street from the moat.” 

“Well, let me check if anyone saw them and where they went at that time.” Feng Tingye said After that, he glanced at the people and twisted his eyebrows: “Where’s Cui Er?” 

“… Cui Er Jiejie seems to have heard that Qing Jiejie went missing, so she ran out.” 

“She’s really the same as before, just as impatient.” Yan Ran’s mouth twitched, remembering that when Xia Yuqing was kidnapped last time, Cui Er was also the first to run out. 

At this moment, everyone obviously hadn’t noticed the seriousness of Xia Yuqing’s disappearance yet, let alone what kind of uproar this matter will cause in the capital in the near future. 

When Xia Yuqing woke up again, it was already time for the sun to set. The afterglow of the setting sun shone diagonally into the dim room. Xia Yuqing rubbed her sore back and slowly propped up her body, and glanced around.     

Ah, where is this? She remembered that she was shopping with Third Royal Sister on the street before, then… Third Royal Sister seemed to have seen a thief, then…… she also met a thief. She was finally able to chase the thief to a dead end, then the thief’s accomplice seemed to have arrived. In the end, she and Lu Rui saw darkness…     

“!” D*mn it, she was actually kidnapped in a sack?! Wisdom and beauty coexisting, how did she get incarnated with being a cute fool and actually get trapped in a dirty sack? Although they were not beaten, the black sack gave her a great mental trauma!     

No, it doesn’t seem to be the time to get entangled in this matter, where is Lu Rui? Why is she not here? Where is here again? The furnishings on all sides, it seems to be… a firewood room? What did the thief say when she slipped into the bag? He wants to sell us…? !     

Xia Yuqing was still conjecturing when some people opened the door and barged in. The person who pushed the door open saw Xia Yuqing waking up in a daze, “Oh, hey, awake so soon? I thought it would be later. That’s good, it will give you some time to get used to things.”

Xia Yuqing was stunned and looked up. The dazzling sunlight shone into the dim firewood room. Xia Yuqing reflexively raised her hand to block it. Her eyes slowly adapted to the sunlight, opening little by little, then…     

“……” Who is going to tell me who this old witch is who looks around thirty to forty years old, with no charm at all with her pleated face!?  Could it be that I was not kidnapped, but am daydreaming? Did she go to the wrong theater and fell into Alice in Wonderland? !     

“You are…”     

“Hehe… There are actually people in this capital who don’t even know the name of Ye Jiuniang. Girl, are you a foreigner?” The old witch hid her mouth and laughed when she heard Xia Yuqing’s question. She looked at Xia Yuqing as if looking at a joke.     

“…” Madam, please don’t laugh anymore. If you laugh again, the powder on your face will fall off! Xia Yuqing backed up in disgust, for fear that the powder from someone’s face might land on herself.     

Fortunately, the old witch couldn’t hear Xia Yuqing’s internal complaints. Instead, she thought that Xia Yuqing was afraid of her, thus the folds on her face became more obvious with her smile.     

“Tsk tsk tsk, look at this small face, it’s not something ordinary people can afford. I can tell you are not from an ordinary family. However, now that you have come to me, no matter who you were in the past, you will have to take care of your duties and pick up customers to make money. Otherwise, the swords in my Jiuniang’s hands do not have eyes. They will be used to grind away your young lady temper.”     

“…” Xia Yuqing was silent for a long time, then she realized the words of the old witch afterwards. What did the old witch say when she walked in? Pick up customers… Pick up customers… Pick up customers? !     

“Um, can I ask, where are we?”     

Ye Jiuniang took back her smile, and looked Xia Yuqing up and down, she chuckled lightly: “Are you really a foreigner? You don’t even know my Ying Chun Yuan?”     

“Ying Chun Yuan?” It wouldn’t be the Ying Chun Yuan I’m imagining right?     

“Yes, Ying Chun Yuan is a place for men to have fun.”

“…” Really! I just mentioned it this morning that I wanted to walk around the brothel, but I didn’t expect that when night arrived, I would be trapped in the brothel and cannot extricate myself from it. Is the transmigration god playing tricks with me? ! 

“Then you’re the female brothel keeper?” So the legendary brothel keeper looks like this. Tsk tsk, she really looks like an old witch who abducts good women! 

“What female brothel keeper? This girl really doesn’t understand the rules at all. Since you were sold here, you should call me Mama Ye!” Ye Jiuniang’s face sank and the powder on her face cracked. 

Frightened, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but shrink back. She smiled dryly: “Well, Ye… Mama Ye, can I ask you something?” 

“What’s the matter?” Ye Jiuniang waved her sleeve and looked at Xia Yuqing’s small face, her future moneymaker. 

“Are there any men besides women in your brothel?” Xia Yuqing asked with bright eyes and an expectant expression. 

“Nonsense, our Ying Chun Lou has hundreds and dozens of gracious guests, how could there be no men? Girl, are you itching to… Tsk tsk tsk, I really couldn’t tell, you…” Ye Jiuniang stared ambiguously at Xia Yuqing. 

Xia Yuqing coughed lightly: “Old…Mama Ye has misunderstood. I am not speaking of guests but male prostitutes.” 

“Male prostitute? What male prostitute? How could men…” Ye Jiuniang was surprised. Turning her head, the pleated face with heavy makeup suddenly enlarged in front of Xia Yuqing, almost blinding Xia Yuqing’s dog eyes.

Ye Jiuniang looked at Xia Yuqing for a while: “How can a good girl ask such a question? This girl looks clever, she isn’t stupid, right?” 

You are stupid, your whole family is stupid! This aunt is smart and wise, how could she be a fool? ! Obviously it’s you who is overreacting, but I don’t believe this world really doesn’t have a  Xiao Guan. Ohhh, then my fantasies of a deep sadomasochistic relationship at a Xiao Guan would be completely useless! 

Ye Jiuniang looked at Xia Yuqing for a long time, then sighed lightly: “It’s okay, be stupid. As long as you have this face, you can definitely sell at a good price even if you are a little stupid, but the price I just gave Xiong Er just now would make me at a loss.” 

“…” Xia Yuqing was speechless and asked again, “Mama Ye, can I ask one more question?” 

Ye Jiuniang glanced at her, with an expression that seemed to say why do you have so many questions? 


“Can you tell me how much that thief sold me for?” 

“…” Is this the focus of ordinary people? Ye Jiuniang furrowed her eyebrows and glanced at Xia Yuqing’s expectant look, then became more and more convinced that the innocent and pleasant girl in front of her was a fool. 

“It’s not impossible to tell you, you and that girl were fifteen taels. You were ten taels, and she was five taels.” 

“…” Ten taels? That is, ten sweet-scented osmanthus cakes, ten steamed dumplings, ten walnut cakes and ten hibiscus balls. She was only worth this much? Not even worth a table of pastries! 

Ye Jiuniang glanced at Xia Yuqing regretfully and snorted coldly: “I don’t care whether you are really stupid or fake. From this evening on, you will be a person in my Ying Chun Yuan. If you are in my Ying Chun Yuan, you have to pick up guests to get food. Think about it and don’t cause me any trouble, otherwise, I won’t mind torturing your delicate skin and tender meat! Humph…” 

After throwing out the ruthless words, she twisted her slim waist, the only part that could be praised, and turned away. It’s a pity that such a good figure was paired with a pleated face that can’t even be covered by powder. She was basically an old Black Mountain demon. 

After finally sending away the big Buddha, Xia Yuqing breathed a sigh of relief: “I don’t even know what is happening with Lu Rui right now.”

Xia Yuqing walked to the wooden door of the firewood room that was closed again. She pushed it tentatively. It didn’t move, it was obviously locked from the outside. 

“This firewood room is too small, it doesn’t even have a window. If you’re not opening the door for me, at least leave a window open.” Xia Yuqing silently stared at the four walls and sighed lightly. 

Gululu… an inharmonious voice floated from Xia Yuqing’s belly. 

“Uh… I’m too hungry. I knew I should have finished the breakfast prepared by Lu Rui in the morning before coming out.” Xia Yuqing felt a little regretful about her shriveled belly. 

Just as she reminisced about the delicious supper she had eaten last night, something fell to the ground not far away, catching her attention. 

That brocade box… isn’t it the thing Lu Rui brought out in the morning, saying it was a box containing dim sum made for herself? How would it appear here? 

Oh, Lu Rui kept holding the box in her hand, it must have fallen in the sack when they were kidnapped.

Wait, are there snacks in it? Dim sum?! Dim sum!? Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up suddenly, flashing clusters of shiny green light. 

She hurriedly rushed towards the brocade box. Just when she was about to reach out and open the brocade box, the brocade box moved by itself. 

“…” There wouldn’t be a mouse inside would there? Xia Yuqing’s eyebrows trembled. She stared at the trembling brocade box with her guard up. 

After a while, the lid on the brocade box let out a bang, and was pushed open from the inside, revealing a mass covered by a cloth. The small thing struggled, then the cloth slowly slipped off him. 


“…” Xia Yuqing stared at the little thing in the box. One person, one baby stared at each other for a full ten seconds, then Xia Yuqing exclaimed loudly: “Dudu, why are you here”


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