FFF-Class Trashero - Chapter 397

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[29th Round] Friendly Mollanroid



In the past, my top priority was to deal with Disco first, but that had now changed.

I compressed space itself to prevent this doll from slipping away.

We were on the 100th floor of the Demon Lord’s Tower, which had a four-dimensional space much larger than the tower’s actual area installed inside it. It was that way to avoid limiting the Hero’s maneuverability.

But that feature had been rendered useless.

After all, my enemy wasn’t a Hero but an invader seeking to blatantly usurp my home planet by force.

“I’ll destroy you!”



The mollanroid, which should’ve been completely crushed and turned into a heap of scrap metal, simply smashed through the tower’s wall.

Where was her insane power capable of breaking through spatial barriers coming from? She didn’t even have divine power.




I summoned Mollanstar.

Now that Fantasy, previously divided into 800,000 equal parts, had become whole again, my weapon’s effectiveness increased dramatically.


Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

I created additional Mollanstars, keeping one in my hand while the rest hung from the sky like stalactites in a cave.


Blades rained down on the fleeing mollanroid.

Dzin, dzin, dzin…

Dzin, dzin, dzin…

There was no point in blocking them. I would continue summoning Mollanstars until I had obliterated and turned her into scrap metal.

Dzin, dzin, dzin…

Doing so could never exhaust me faster than I could achieve a result anyway.

Dzin, dzin, dzin…

But when would she be destroyed?

Dzin, dzin, dzin…

There wasn’t even the slightest indication she received at least a bit of damage.

“… What kind of monster is she?”

Cutting all the blades with her twin swords, she lunged at me.

I didn’t run away.

“I commend you for arrogantly deciding not to avoid confrontation. However, it is highly likely that you only did so simply because you know nothing about mollanroids.”


“I find it deplorable, the way you thought I truly revealed your chances of winning. Perhaps you didn’t even realize you were being mocked?”

“… Piss off.”

I decided to cut off all her limbs, leaving only her head and torso, which I would hang on my wall as decoration.

‘Let’s see how you’d act then.’



Like Parmael, I increased my speed while slowing down the chattering android.


Naturally, the decelerated mollanroid began experiencing difficulties blocking the Mollanstars that fell on it like rain.

Soon, she’d be completely frozen and helpless.


“… I expected nothing more from your ineffective judgment.”


After making me think she had been slowed down for a brief moment, she then swiftly charged at me, leaving me defenseless against her incoming strike.

I was going to cut off her limbs, but in the end, I was the one who lost mine instead.

My right arm just fell off.

I wasn’t cautious enough.

Since she sliced my neck open earlier on, I kept my body covered with compressed dark matter, but even that didn’t help.

This was beyond my understanding.

“If you’re curious, then I’ll kindly explain. Mollanroids are coated with an alloy that blocks divine power. Moreover, we also emit unique radio waves that analyze your strength.”


I didn’t answer.


Something hindered the speed of my regeneration, but I found no need to fear it. My severed right hand still recovered anyway.



However, although I focused on accelerating myself up, I still couldn’t reach the speed I desired.

I wanted to increase it by at least 500 folds, but I only managed to do so five times.

“I’ve finished analyzing your divine power. Its attributes are time and space. You can also freely edit, save, replicate, and create anything and anyone from this dimension, but your creativity is laughable.”

“… Shut up already.”


I grabbed my newly summoned Mollanstar with my restored right arm.

Dzin, dzin, dzin…

The mollanroid rushed at me recklessly, deflecting away every blade that blocked her path, but I didn’t forget one simple fact.


She was a machine.

Unlike humans, she didn’t lose concentration when performing multiple tasks at the same time.


We collided.

I managed to stab her in the side, but I again lost my arm.

The difference in our skills was so tremendous I couldn’t overcome it by sheer willpower. This made me feel like a toddler fighting against a swordmaster.

“This is insane!”

Compared to her, Boris was no more than a toy.

I planned to use the Demon Lord’s Tower as a cage where I’d lock her in and prevent her from fleeing, but I ended up having to escape from it first.

There was nothing I could do about it. I was no match for her in close combat.

Hence, I had to create more distance between us.

“It won’t work.”

“You’re persistent!”

But the mollanroid didn’t lag behind. On the contrary, she even had enough leeway in her hands to try to make me surrender.

“Give up. We mollanroids have stored information regarding 314,159,265,358,979 sword techniques of a certain sword god, allowing us to cope with 314,159,265,358,979 situations. In addition, we have a built-in automatic protection system against the Ignorant God of War that deflects an infinite number of blades without any calculations.”

“… You’re even sharing information. How nice of you.”

A certain sword god?

The number she just uttered was too high for me to even attempt to comprehend. Regardless, that made me realize it would be better not to fight with it with swords.

I couldn’t believe such crucial information was beyond my awareness.

But why was she sharing information with me, though?

“Nice? No. All the information I told you is readily available for the public. Your ignorance regarding even such basic intel serves as proof that you are just a bumpkin compared to other gods.”

“A bumpkin…”

I remembered my cowardly wife, who studied abroad, calling me a “redneck,” but I didn’t take it seriously.

That just made it a bit more shocking to hear it from a third party.

“Resistance is futile. After your marriage and retirement, you have become weak. If you were at your peak, your chances of winning would’ve increased by 0.1%, but even then, it wouldn’t be enough to change the outcome of our battle.”

“Ha! Really?”


After leaving the Demon Lord’s Tower, I made my way into space, the mollanroid still pursuing me without wings or accelerators.

… At least this way, I could minimize the damages our clash would bring to Fantasy.



The mollanroid had analyzed me, but I wasn’t just fooling around either.


I couldn’t defeat her in close quarters combat, but I was by no means weak.

I maintained 800,000 parallel dimensions, each consisting of a microcosm, which included a local “Sun” since it was necessary for the existence and sustainment of life.


When I compressed space, the Sun I just copied shrank to the size of a bowling ball.

I decided to just call it Sun M to simplify it.


The world lit up with the white light of its corona.

Sun M’s gravitational force caused by its astronomical mass and its ultra-high temperature of 1 million K swallowed the mollanroid.

“… Was that too much of an overkill?”

It was as if I launched a bunch of nuclear missiles at a swordmaster capable of deflecting bullets.

If I didn’t isolate us from Fantasy and its moons, they would have disappeared without a trace.

After that, I quickly turned everything back to normal.



“… You’re far too careless.”


She crept silently from behind and sliced ​​my body in half.

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It was no longer my fault at this point since this android’s abilities just withstood the freaking Sun.

How was this possible?

I closely watched Sun M devour her entire being.

Yet she was okay?

More importantly…



Having been cut in half by two mollanroid blades, my body could no longer maintain its shape.


It only took a few moments for my new vessel to be ready.



However, immediately noticing it, the mollanroid overcame all obstacles and, flying up, pierced through my stomach with her blade.

My head spun.

“I see. Among your attributes is Legend, which prevents death from claiming you even after sustaining mortal wounds. Minister Distoria should be punished for her negligence.”

“… Thanks.”

I was now convinced I wasn’t capable of dying.



I performed the same operations I did on Sun M, completely surrounded her, and made multiple suns explode all at once.


“… That stupid android should definitely be dead this time.”

Exhausted, I fell onto an unnamed asteroid floating in space.

“I have 10,736,390 ways to pressure your psyche in such a way that would make you listen to me.”


From a distance, I heard that familiar beautiful yet disgusting voice again.

I squeezed the cold metal in my right hand again to confirm it.

It was a mollanroid part similar to that of humans’ 6th cervical vertebra. I ripped it out of her shortly before the explosions began.

… It was weird.

“The Mollansoft company’s mollanradar tracks your location in real-time. You cannot hide from me.”

“Do I look like I’m hiding?”

“It matters not how hard you deny it. The result of our battle will not change. Your chance of winning, according to my complete analysis, is only 99.4%.”

“Don’t lie.”

“I never lie.”

I tossed the part I was holding at her.

“I knew there was something strange about you, considering you’re capable of remaining unscathed after being directly hit by an attack capable of destroying galaxies.”

“Does that surprise you?”

“You’re just pretending to fight alone.”


She didn’t respond.

“There’s also your full analysis.”

I snapped my fingers.


Like a play changing the scene on the stage, everything around us plunged into darkness and, after a second, returned to its original state.

“It seems you’ve succeeded in the fusion of two opposing divine powers. By omitting Source and Genesis in that process, I was rendered unable to respond properly to it. I congratulate you for that achievement.”

“You’re still acting like that?”

“Of course. This changes nothing.”

Though she was showing off, all that remained of her was her head and torso. All of her limbs had disappeared.

I did it repeatedly.


… Until I sat on a mountain of copied mollanroid limbs.

1 second.

That was all it took for me to create or erase any space.

[Light and Darkness]

Pure divine power.

“Well, what now?”

“You’ve made negligible improvements on your chances of winning, which is now 99.7%.”


“However, I must resolve one misunderstanding. Let me inform you of it through a different mollanroid.”

It didn’t matter how many of them there were.

I would destroy them all.


The mollanroid shut down like a household appliance.

But I could still hear her disgusting voice… coming from all directions.

“Mollanroid infiltration… completed.”

“Combat data exchange… completed.”

“Program initialization… completed.”

“System optimization… completed.”

“Preparation for autonomous control… completed.”

“Troop formation… completed.”

Beautiful women in red uniforms, wielding dual swords, occupied the entirety of Fantasy.


There weren’t only thousands of them.

In my field of vision alone, they numbered in the tens of millions. And that was still rising.

“… Are you serious?”


I underestimated the scale of the universe.

One of the mollanroids stepped forward.

“Allow me to formally greet you. I am a brave Mollanian corporal of the 173rd Infantry Regiment, serving in a remote guard post. I would like to inform you that your current chances of winning are 0%.


My righteous heart began to beat faster.

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