From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 519

Chapter 519: Requesting to Meet Core Members

As Lahaisen Hospital borrowed the office building of that company, it meant that Lahaisen Hospital definitely had some connection with that company .

Lahaisen Hospital’s examinations were incredibly difficult . Apparently, the examination was sectioned into several different rounds .

Only the individuals that passed through the examinations would get a final interview opportunity .

Mo Shiyun waited at the entrance for quite some time . She waited for Qin Chuan to arrive .

Then, the two of them entered the recruitment venue .

There was a security check at the entrance of the recruitment venue . Lahaisen Hospital’s staff members stood by the gates .

They strictly controlled the number of people who entered and left the venue .

They only allowed individuals who were taking the examinations to enter the venue . Everyone else was not let in .

As Mo Shiyun had the VIP card in her hands, she managed to enter the venue quite easily . She told the staff that she had something important to discuss with the core members of Lahaisen Hospital .

Everyone else was stopped at the gates . They could only look at Mo Shiyun with astonishment and envy .

That woman actually had Lahaisen Hospital’s VIP card!

Who was she?

“Wait a minute . Does she have Lahaisen Hospital’s VIP card?”

“Yeah, she does! That card is incredibly expensive! Apparently, someone offered a hundred million dollars to buy it!”

“Wait, I thought they weren’t allowed to buy or sell the card . ”

“Well, it’s fine if Lahaisen Hospital doesn’t hear about the transfer of money no? Just say that it’s a gift . ”

“Who is that woman? That card is a symbol of status! She’s either incredibly rich or talented!”

“I don’t know . She’s wearing a hat and sunglasses . I can’t see her face . However, she must be incredible!”

Mo Shiyun and Qin Chuan ignored the envious looks from the crowd . They kept chatting as they walked by .

Qin Chuan discovered that he had a lot of things in common with Mo Shiyun .

The two of them had similar life experiences and heartaches . As a result, they could sympathize with the other person’s experiences .

As the two of them entered the elevator, Mo Shiyun saw a figure that she wasn’t unfamiliar with . That person was queuing up to enter the venue as well .

It was Jian Yiling!

She was also at Lahaisen Hospital’s recruitment day .

Why was she here?

Mo Shiyun knew that Jian Yiling was a medical student . And thus, she assumed that Jian Yiling was here to take Lahaisen Hospital’s examination .

Before coming, Mo Shiyun had asked around . She discovered that many professors, experts, and medical students would be attending the recruitment day .

Many people were just giving it a try . They didn’t have much hope of being admitted . After all, Lahaisen Hospital only accepted the cream of the crop .

Even though Mo Shiyun knew that Jian Yiling was here to take the examination, she still felt slightly upset when she saw Jian Yiling .

Every time she met Jian Yiling, something bad happened .

Mo Shiyun glanced at Qin Chuan . It appeared as though Qin Chuan hadn’t noticed Jian Yiling yet . And thus, Mo Shiyun pretended to not see her either .

She didn’t want Qin Chuan’s attention to be drawn away by Jian Yiling .

At the same time, Mo Shiyun attempted to mentally convince herself not to pay attention to Jian Yiling . She wasn’t related to that girl .

Today, she was here to help Qin Chuan . As she was here already, Mo Shiyun also wanted to take this opportunity to see how Lahaisen Hospital operated .

The recruitment venue was held on the seventh floor of this office building . As the first two rounds of assessment were written examinations, currently, Li Zhuojia had the time to meet the two of them .

Upon hearing that there were people with VIP cards, Li Zhuojia went to greet them .

It seemed as though the VIP card meant much more to Lahaisen Hospital than the Qin family .

Qin Chuan greeted Li Zhuojia . Then, he courteously explained the purpose of his visit .

He said that he hoped to meet the core members of Lahaisen Hospital .

Li Zhuojia smiled when he heard this . Then, he told the two of them that they may need to wait for a while .

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