Chapter 561.1

At this time, everyone suddenly remembered Su Jing’s previous sentence: “This is boring, I don’t want to play anymore” . Su Jing had played with Zuo Xian for some time before he defeated him . It’s not that it’s hard to tell, Su Jing was just playing, otherwise, he would have defeated Zuo Xian just as he defeated Jin Chixu, in one move .

The extremely powerful Jin Chixu, the extremely arrogant Jin Chixu, was like a dog who got abused in just one round . They moved their eyes to the ground and looked at Jin Chixu’s foaming and white eyes, and it looked like he wouldn’t be getting up .

“Quickly, save him . ” Several Korean fighters rushed up to give Jin Chixu first aid . Several Korean females were frightened . They were so anxious that they almost cried out, and cast an angry look at Su Jing, but they didn’t dare to say anything when they thought of Su Jing’s strength .  

Looking at Jin Chixu’s figure on the ground, their brows wrinkled slightly and the worship in their eyes disappeared unconsciously, and they were embarrassed to say that they had worshipped him, because, at this moment, Jin Chixu, who is foaming from his mouth and his eyes were white, looked like a dog who got beaten .  

This arrogant character got beaten in just one round, was he really so weak?

“Brother Jing won, haha…” Huo Feiyun laughed out loud .

“A’Jing is great . ” Cai Wufeng also laughed .

“Brother Jing is mighty . ” Ji Xiaoting chuckled .

“This guy…” Huo Hongyang shook his head and smiled . He didn’t know what to say at this moment . There was a feeling in his heart before, the feeling of wanting to accept Su Jing as his disciple, but he didn’t seem to be qualified as Su Jing didn’t want to focus on Martial Arts .  

Now, let alone say that he wanted Su Jing as his disciple, he felt that he himself was not qualified to teach Su Jing as Su Jing had surpassed himself in terms of Martial Arts .

Wang Siya and Dong Xun also showed smiles, and they finally let go of the big rock in their hearts .

“Brother Jing, Brother Jing, Brother Jing…” The Dojo members roared, and then rushed towards the ring together, surrounding Su Jing and picking him up before throwing him in the air . However, they all flew upside down just before they stepped forward to pick Su Jing up .  

Several Koreans who were giving Jin Chixu first aid were kicked into the air and screamed . Even Jin Chixu who was in a coma was kicked up . The Dojo members were taken aback and quickly stepped back . The Koreans turned pale with fright and quickly dragged Jin Chixu down .

Under the stunned eyes of everyone, Su Jing was there alone and punched out . It was obviously Singing Spring Fist . His eyes were blurred, he was drunk and his figure was shaking, and everyone further confirmed that this guy was really drunk .

Under the care of a few Koreans, Jin Chixu finally woke up, but one or two of his breastbone was broken and he couldn’t sit up . He was fortunate that Su Jing still had a trace of consciousness and retained his power .  

Otherwise, with a full-powered attack, Su Jing would have definitely shattered his sternum, burst his internal organs, and Jin Chuxu would have died .

“Why am I in the audience?” Jin Chixu found himself in the audience and the expression on his face suddenly changed .

“Brother Xu, we all lost . ” Zuo Xian said helplessly, feeling a bit complicated . For the first time in his life, he felt that Chinese Martial Arts was so profound, and the Drunken Master Martial Arts, which was not even ranked in the Chinese Martial Arts, could actually subdue Taekwondo masters in seconds .

“How could I lose?” Jin Chixu actually vaguely remembered that he was defeated, but he just refused to admit it .  

Seeing Su Jing drunk look as his figure shook while he punched the air in the ring, he couldn’t accept it . He actually lost to a drunkard? Moreover, he was defeated in a single strike to the point where he fainted? How is this possible?

“Why, if you are not convinced, you can continue to challenge him . ” Huo Feiyun smiled and said deliberately . They had just rushed up to throw Su Jing in the air for celebration, but they were all kicked off, and they were able to see the horror of Su Jing firsthand .  

If Jin Chixu and others still want to challenge him, then he will let them do so and he will just continue watching the good show, watching them getting abused is quite a pleasing thing to watch .

Jin Chixu’s eyes twitched . Zuo Xian and other Koreans swallowed their saliva with an audible gulp . Even Jin Chixu was defeated in a single strike and that single strike broke his breastbones .  

If they went up against him again then wouldn’t it be just inviting death upon themselves? Although this guy is still drunk and shaking, but they now fear his drunken look .

“Huh, let’s go . ” The expressions on Jin Chixu’s face were filled with humiliation . He was too arrogant before, and now he has no face to stay here . Besides, he was seriously injured and had to go to the hospital quickly, so the group of people no longer waited and left without looking back .  

There was ruthless ridicule from the Limit Dojo members behind them, and they walked faster . A few Korean females did feel embarrassed to stay any longer and sneaked away .

A young man hidden in the crowd put away the camera in his hand and left excitedly . After a while, a report was posted on the Internet with a detailed introduction to the conflict, as well as the video of Su Jing fighting Zuo Xian and Jin Chixu, which immediately aroused widespread discussion .  

Most Chinese people still stand by Su Jing’s side . On the side, seeing Drunken Master defeating Taekwondo, they clapped with their hands and cheered . Ever since this video of Su Jing was posted, there were a lot of Martial Arts enthusiasts in one day, which made the original fans feel strange .  

After figuring out the reason, they couldn’t help but marvel that Su Jing is still a Martial Arts Expert .

“It turns out that Drunken Master Martial Arts really exists . I thought it was blown out of proportion in the Jackie Chan movie . ”

“It’s real, but as far as I know it’s just for viewing . I didn’t expect it to be so powerful against the enemy . ”

“I heard that Su Jing was really drunk . Did he really perform the real Drunken Master Martial Arts and was he really so powerful while being drunk? Would I also be so powerful if I got drunk?”

“Haha, it makes sense, you should also drink a bottle and then play . ”

Outside the Internet, the members of Limit Dojo watched Su Jing with fierce eyes, and they began to study his moves .