Galactic Garbage Station - Chapter 692

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“I don’t mind eating other people’s food if you invite me, and I don’t spend all my time-saving lives.” Su Jing has nothing to say. 

It seems that saving people from fire and planes from falling out of the sky is really bringing too much trouble for him. Yes, everyone he knows is teasing him because of it.

“Then when you’re done later, don’t rush off, I know a good place to eat nearby.”

The two talked and laughed and entered the building together. Su Jing quickly noticed that most of the workers here were women, it was like a city made of women. 

It’s no wonder that the cosmetics and clothing of the Siya Group are basically women-oriented as the employees and models are basically women, and men are a  rare commodity in this. Soon, he came to Wang Siya’s office.

There were a few other women in the office who seemed to be talking about something. Wang Siya intimately pulled Su Jing to sit down and said, “A’Jing, what do you think about the designs of these outfits?”

Several other women, including Zou Xue, all took a look at Su Jing. 

They had heard that there are some very popular underwear and Ancient Costumes in Siya Clothings that were designed by Su Jing, but it always seemed a little hard to believe that he really knew about women’s clothing design.

Wang Siya opened the design drawings and showed them to Su Jing. These sets of clothes are all biased towards the Ancient Long Dresses. 

In terms of design, Su Jing can only say that they are quite satisfactory and passable but they did not look that great. 

So he said frankly: “I think it’s average but isn’t Sister Yaling good at intelligent and cute modern fashion women’s clothes? Why is she designing vintage dresses?”

“Hehe, it can be said that the market for vintage long dresses has been successfully opened by your designs and now there are many people waiting for the new models. So, we thought to see if we could design a few sets out. We have finalized the new clothing items for other fashions, but the Vintage Long Dresses do not look very good, and the finished products look very poor.” Xie Yaling helplessly said.

“A’Jing, why don’t you design a few sets and let us see them.” Wang Siya laughed.

Su Jing had a feeling that Wang Siya was deliberately trying to do this. From the beginning, she wanted Su Jing to draw some designs for her. 

But this was really no problem for him, if not for the fear of shocking the world, he could have launched countless styles at once, so he said with a smile on his face, “Sure.”

He picked up the pencil next to him and began to draw on the paper. Wang Siya and Xie Yaling were used to it but Zou Xue and the others’ eyes widened.

Su Jing just started to draw without inspiration or composition? Can he even draw with this mindset? He won’t draw everything in disorder, right?

Su Jing drew very quickly. After a period of practice, his drawing standard has improved a lot and a dress design was soon presented in front of everyone. Wang Siya, Xie Yaling, Zou Xue, and the others were stunned as they looked at the drawing. 

This is a set of a long dress, it is simple, generous, elegant, floating, it simply looks like a fairy’s clothing and it looked so beautiful that they couldn’t move their eyes from it.

“What do you think of this set?” Su Jing stopped and asked. This is a style of clothes from Zhu Xian’s trash. 

Among them, this is one of Su Jing’s favorite styles. Su Jing even guessed that it might have been worn by Lu Xueqi and other female students of Qingyun Sect Small Bamboo Peak.

“It’s so beautiful.” Wang Siya praised.

“Mr. Su, you are really a genius, why didn’t I think of it?” Xie Yaling was a little envious and jealous of Su Jing’s design talent.

“It’s better to see than to hear.” A rather beautiful woman exclaimed.

Su Jing continued to draw, and under the eyes of the crowd, one set of clothes after another was presented in front of their eyes. 

Some of the clothes designs were from Zhu Xian Universe, some from In Search Of Supernatural Universe, some from The Beast Blood’s Boil Universe, and some from Shrouding The Heavens Universe, there was also one design from the Tomb Of God Universe…… 

Every set of clothes were different but their overall shape was beautiful, and the details were perfect. Everyone was stunned, even Wang Siya and Xie Yaling, who had seen this scene once before looked dumbfounded again.

What kind of Design Talent is this, and what kind of design speed is this. It is hard to believe that Su Jing is not a Fashion Design Major. If he steps into the Fashion Industry then many people’s jobs will be taken away.

“Okay, these should be enough.” Su Jing stood up.

“That’s enough.” Wang Siya nodded and said while turning over the Design Drawings and admiring them one by one. 

The more she looked at them, the more she liked them. She can’t help touching the back of Su Jing’s head and laughing, “You, how did your brains grow up? Yes, you are a genius.”

“Heh, thanks.” Su Jing feels a bit ashamed. 

After all, strictly speaking, these are not his own designs but the designs that have been passed down from major universes for so many years. This is the cultural wealth of other universes and it is not something he had created by himself.

“What do you think?” Wang Siya asked.

“They are perfect.” Xie Yaling, Zou Xue, and the others have only one word in their hearts for these designs.

“Then these are the Vintage Long Dresses’ new products. Just use these and produce them as soon as possible. You continue to discuss the details among yourself. I have something to talk to A’Jing… By the way, Shiyao, don’t mind the little scar on your leg, you can’t even see it in these dresses. The print ads for the dresses are up to you.” Wang Siya said.

“Okay.” The beautiful woman smiled and nodded, and said, “These long dresses are so beautiful, I can’t wait to put them on.”

“Scars?” Su Jing asked curiously.

“Shiyao is a Print Model but she is also a leg model. There was a small car accident a while ago, and it left a small scar on her calf. I think it is nothing, but Shiyao cares too much about it. The use of Youthful Medicine has some effects, but it can’t completely eliminate the scar.” Wang Siya said.

“It’s not that I care, but the advertisers do, and you know how many ads we lost with this scar.” Cheng Shiyao smiled helplessly.

“Can I see it?” Su Jing asked.

(To be continued ~^~)

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