God Emperor - Chapter 2112

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Chapter 2112: It’s Hard To Escape Death

The Son of Darkness was sent flying by the impact of the power of time and space. The Abyss of Darkness and the towering shadow behind him instantly exploded.


The Son of Darkness spat out large mouthfuls of blood. His skin was filled with cracks, and he was on the verge of collapse. Fresh blood gushed out from his body and he was completely covered in his own blood.

The Son of Darkness was heavily injured. If it wasn’t for his incomplete immortal body, and a protective divine imprint engraved on it, he would have perished into thin air.

The time and space within a radius of hundreds of miles had become chaotic. Countless fragments of time and fragments of space floating in the air, the scenery was unimaginably shocking.

The Son of Darkness took out a dark golden sacred pill and swallowed it in front of all the top cultivators.

“That’s… a King Grade Sacred Pill.” said The Maiden of a Thousand Stars while her eyes were wide opened.

She could vaguely see a lifelike dragon pattern on the surface of the sacred pill. She was almost positive that it was the work of an Elixir Master from the Divine Dragon race and it was most certainly extracted from the monster king.

The medicinal effects of the King Grade Sacred Pill were stunning. The reaction of the sacred pill took effect instantly the moment Son of Darkness consumed it. The cracks on his body were healed at a speed of light to the naked eyes. Every inch of his skin emitted an immortal radiance.


The Son of Darkness lifted his head and released a roar. A vigorous Neverwither Aura burst out from within his body.

‘The Son of Darkness has, sure enough, broke through to the realm of Neverwither Supreme Saint.’ The heart of the cultivators from the Celestial Court sank when they felt the Neverwither Aura.

It had finally come true, the one thing that the cultivators wished to prevent.

The Son of Darkness’s heart is the only part left that had not been made immortal. As long as he wished to, he could break through at any time and generate a powerful immortal Saint body.

The True Dragon Island was isolated from the rest of the world that even the Divine Will could not enter. So, there was nothing much to worry about to perform a breakthrough towards the Supreme Saint realm.

With the Son of Darkness’ accumulation, his strength was not something that ordinary Supreme Saint could compare with after he broke through. It was not something that the realm of Saint King cultivator could fight against as well.

With an unspoken consensus, Ao Xukong, Xing Wuji, and the rest of the top cultivators attacked at the same time. They’d used powerful saint techniques and saint weapons targeting Son of Darkness.

They were no fools and waited to be swept away by the Son of Darkness like sitting ducks. Right now, the Son of Darkness was at his weakest and it was their only chance.

‘Stop them.’ The moment the top cultivators of the Celestial Court made a move, the top cultivators of the Infernal Court will charge in.

The Seven Top Killers of Nether Clan and the Three Emperors and Ten Reverends of Bone clan had moved together to stop Ao Xukong and the others. They were buying some time for the Son of Darkness to increase his strength.

As long as the Son of Darkness could convert part of his power into the power of a Supreme Saint, no one could stop him, even if he was heavily wounded.

The Son of Darkness stared at Zhang Ruochen with hatred filled in his eyes. He had lost in a battle of the same attaintment and was defeated so miserably. It was a great shame that he had no choice but to ascend his cultivation to save his own life.

Originally, he had planned to become the top cultivator below the Supreme Saint in the Infernal Court and then break through to the realm of Supreme Saint in his strongest state. But now, all his plans had come to naught.

“I have really underestimated you for you have already grasped the power of time and space. Given enough time, you might really become the second Saint Monk Xumi. Unfortunately, you no longer have the chance to do so, now die.” said Son of Darkness.

The Son of Darkness in his ferocity extended his Hand of Darkness.

In an instant, he was able to gather a small amount of Supreme Sage power and he concentrated it all on the Hand of Darkness.


The unstable dimension is shattering at the moment.

“Zhang Ruochen, be careful. Group leader, run!” Seeing the Son of Darkness launching his attacks, the Maiden of a Thousand Stars, Ao Xinyan, and the others could no longer hold on to themselves and yelled out.

Zhang Ruochen had already suffered serious injuries from using the time and space technique. Even if he was at his peak, he couldn’t resist the Son of Darkness who had already ascended to the Supreme Saint attainment.

However, Zhang Ruochen stood still and didn’t make a move as if he was being chained to the ground.


A giant beast suddenly appeared on the broken battlefield and roared toward the sky.

The beast had a body of a demonic wolf, but it had a large dragon head, wings on its ribs, and four tails of different colors. It gave off a monstrous murderous aura. It was the monster king that Zhang Ruochen had tamed earlier.

“Since you have chosen to ascend, your opponent is no longer me,” Zhang Ruochen said lowly.

The monster king had been hiding somewhere for some time and it would charge out at Zhang Ruochen’s command.

He had already defeated the Son of Darkness of the same ascension, using all his might in public. There was no need for him to be foolish enough to fight the Son of Darkness again after he had ascended.

The monster king opened his mouth and released a terrifying Dimensional Storm, bombarded the Hand of Darkness.

The Son of Darkness felt a sharp pain in his palm and quickly withdrew the Hand of Darkness.

“Did Zhang Ruochen tamed this monster?” The Son of Darkness was surprised.

He had been curious before about how Zhang Ruochen and the Maiden of a Thousand Stars had escaped from the monster’s body. After all that is happening, he had his answers for his curiosity.

But how did Zhang Ruochen subdue the monster with its strength?

The Son of Darkness couldn’t think too much now. As the monster king was ferocious and being hostile towards him.

If the Son of Darkness had succeeded in transforming his power and was in his best condition, he wouldn’t be afraid of the monster king. Be that as it may, he sensed a great threat from the monster currently.

‘This monster is overpowering. I shouldn’t fight it head-on for the time being. It won’t be too late to deal with it after my injuries are healed and my power has been completely transformed.’ The Son of Darkness thought of retreating.

The Son of Darkness wished to take back the black Saint Bell and retreat immediately.

However, he didn’t predict that the Zangshan Demonic Mirror would suppress the black Saint Bell and pausing it.


The monster king roared, like a dragon’s roar that shook the nine heavens.

Streams of powerful divine force burst out, condensing Dimensional Storm, Mark of Time, Divine Light of Origin, Tide of Darkness, and other terrifying attacks, all of which aimed at the Son of Darkness.

The Son of Darkness couldn’t retrieve the black Saint Bell. He had to defend with all his strength. An intense battle erupted once more.

“What’s going on? Where did this beast come from?” Seeing the monster king, the top cultivators on both sides were confused.

Only the Maiden of a Thousand Stars smiled and let out a sigh of relief. She had almost forgotten that Zhang Ruochen still had this powerful trump card.

The monster king was extremely malicious. It used the four types of divine force and completely suppressed the Son of Darkness.

Although the monster king had been badly damaged by the God-Defiance Stele, it had gained some benefits. It could control its own divine force better, and its Saint Soul had become much tougher.


After a hundred rounds, the Son of Darkness let out a scream. One of its arms was torn off, and blood splattered everywhere.

Then, the monster king’s tail pierced through the Son of Darkness’s chest like a spear, almost pulling his heart out.

‘Run.’ The Son of Darkness felt a trace of fear in his heart. He wished to run away regardless.

However, the surrounding dimension had long been bound by the monster king, and Son of Darkness’s movements was greatly restricted.

In the blink of an eye, another bowl-sized hole appeared through the Son of Darkness’ body. His newly formed immortal Saint Body was almost crippled.

The Son of Darkness stared at Zhang Ruochen in the distance. Suddenly, black flames appeared on his body. This allowed him to temporarily break free from the shackles of space. He dashed crazily towards Zhang Ruochen.

“You are coming along with me even if I die.” The Son of Darkness’s eyes were filled with madness.

Zhang Ruochen’s expression changed slightly. He felt an extremely dangerous aura. The Son of Darkness wanted to perform kamikaze to destroy everything in the dimension.

If a Neverwither Supreme Sage exploded his own Sainthood source, not many around the radius could survive. There will be no exception for those from Celestial Court nor the Infernal Court.

‘Retreat quickly.’ Sensing the Son of Darkness’s intentions, the top cultivators of the Celestial Court and the Infernal Court fall back immediately.

“D*mn it, is he really thinking of destroying us too?” Never Die was furious.

It would be such a waste for him to die under the Son of Darkness’s kamikaze.

The monster king’s body suddenly disintegrated and turned into four majestic divine forces. The forces were drawn out and drowned the Son of Darkness.

At the same time, Zhang Ruochen used the Great Dimensional Shift technique and appeared hundreds of miles away. He held the Golden Sun of Destruction above his head and used all his strength to prepare the defense from the attack.

However, the air is still and there was no movement.

The four majestic divine forces surged and transformed back into the appearance of the monster king.

Zhang Ruochen was aware that the problem had been solved. From this day forth, the Son of Darkness had ceased to exist in this world.

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The monster king was very smart. He used the divine force of time and dimension to confine the Son of Darkness. Then, he used the divine force of origin and darkness to infiltrate and destroy the Son of Darkness’s Saint Source, preventing him from self-destructing.

It might sound simple, but it was actually very dangerous. One slightest mistake would cause another big problem.

“The Son of Darkness is dead. This…” The top cultivators on both sides had ceased their action. Everyone was expressing mixed feelings.

The gem that appeared only once every ten-thousand years of the Fane of darkness had just ascended to the Neverwither Supreme Saint realm, ended up in such sad state unexpectedly.

When the news spread out, it would cause a great stir in the Celestial Court and Infernal Court as well, Zhang Ruochen would once again be pushed into the eye of the storm.

“A new era has dawned, and it belongs to Zhang Ruochen.” Many top cultivators thought.

With Zhang Ruochen’s strength rose, he alone could alter the outcome of the battlefield of Kunlun Realm. He had now become the true Kunlun Realm’s god of war.

Without the control of the Son of Darkness, the black Saint Bell immediately quieted down and was suppressed by the Zangshan Demonic Mirror.

Looking at the black Saint Bell, which was only the size of a fist, Zhang Ruochen whispered, “Maybe Han Qiu could refine the ancient relic which contains the dark divine force.”

It would not be an easy task to refine a powerful ancient artifact of the gods. One must have renowned skills to do so.

Zhang Ruochen could not use the two ancient artifacts of the gods he had obtained from Zhou Yu and Mosheng, but he can suppress them.

The divine-force monster opened its mouth and spat out a beam of saint light. It fell onto Zhang Ruochen’s palm and turned into an ancient Ring of Dimensions.

Zhang Ruochen examined the Ring of Dimensions with his spiritual power, and a smile appeared on his face.

As Zhang Ruochen had suspected, the Son of Darkness did not hand over the treasures for others to safe keep. Instead, he carried them all by himself. He had never thought that he would be defeated.

A sea of treasures was piled up into a mountain of treasures.

“Zhang Ruochen, I found the old man.” Blackie’s voice suddenly sounded.

Something struck Zhang Ruochen and he put away the black Saint Bell and the Ring of Dimension immediately. At the same time, he secretly communicated with Blackie using his spiritual power.

After confirming the short and skinny old man’s exact location, he didn’t act rashly to avoid alerting the old man.

Zhang Ruochen moved in a flash and appeared on the monster king’s head. He pointed his sword at the Seven Top Killers of Nether Clan and said coldly, “The Son of Darkness is dead. You can all stay.”

“Leave immediately,” Xuanming Wushang said in a deep voice.

Even the Son of Darkness, who broken through to the Neverwither Supreme Saint realm, had been killed by the monster king. Staying to fight with him was simply throwing your life away.

The Seven Top Killers of Nether Clan immediately formed a Seven Killer formation. With the cover of the Nether Lotus Flower, activated it in a flash.

Under Zhang Ruochen’s instructions, the monster king immediately ran at high speed and chased after the Seven Top Killers of Nether Clan.

Behind an inconspicuous rock, the short and skinny old man looked around carefully. His aura had completely merged with the rock, and his body had turned illusory so no one could find him easily.

“This kid is impressive. He can even subdue the Dragon Phantom Lord, one of the five overlords. Fortunately, I was able to escape fast enough last time. However, it’s a good thing that he killed more powerhouses of the Infernal Court. Best not to let any of them go.” The short and skinny old man’s eyes were faintly filled with killing intent.

Clearly that the short and skinny old man despised the Infernal Court. He was delighted to see Zhang Ruochen slaughtered the powerhouse of the Infernal Court.

When the short and skinny old man’s distracted by Zhang Ruochen, he did not notice that someone was slowly approaching him.

Ao Xinyan, Elder Patriarch Death Zen, Corpse Emperor Tianming, and a group of Re-Awakener held the formation flag refined by Blackie especially, gathered from different directions.

With the power of the formation flag, the figures and auras of Ao Xinyan and the others were concealed.

“Attack.” With Blackie’s order, Ao Xinyan and the others threw out the formation flag at the same time.


Countless complicated formation patterns appeared on the surface of the formation flag. They combined with each other to form an inescapable net that completely sealed off the area where the short and skinny old man was.

‘Oh No.’ The short and skinny old mand’s expression changed and he decided to escape immediately.

Unfortunately, he was obstructed by the formation. No matter how he used his secret technique, he was unable to escape underground. He was feeling anxious.

A red light flashed and Blackie appeared within the formation. A mocking smile appeared on his face as he said, “Old gramps, you’re quite formidable. Remember how you led me into the spatial fault last time and almost trapped me in it? Now, how should I return the favor to you?”

Seeing Blackie, the short and skinny old man’s face turned pale. He knew he was in big trouble.

He thought he was careful enough to stay far away from Zhang Ruochen. He didn’t expect to be trapped by the formation. Seemed like the formation has been specially prepared for him.

The short and skinny old man was depressed. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have come.

“Oh Saint Lord, it’s all a misunderstanding. Please don’t hurt me. This old man knows many locations where treasures are hidden. I can bring you there to retrieve them at any time,” The short and skinny old man said with a flattery expression.

Blackie flapped its wings and directly slapped the short and skinny old man to the ground. Its eyes revealed a fierce light as it said, “I have always been the one to play tricks on people. How dare you play tricks on me? Do you really think that I can’t do anything to the likes of you? Hand over the key to the World Gate now.”

“This old man really doesn’t know what the key to the World Gate is. How can I hand it over? Please don’t make things difficult for this old man any longer,” the short and skinny old man pleaded.

Blackie flapped its wings once again and snorted, “Stop acting in front of me. I’ve already figured out your true identity. If you don’t hand over the key to the World Gate, I will show you what I can do.”

Hearing this, the short and skinny old man could not help but shake. His two small eyes rolled around, and there was a faint hint of anxiety in his eyes.

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