Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387: 1387

“It’s only been three days . ” Duan Chaoge seemed concerned . “Xiao Wu, are you sure you’re alright? Should we find you a doctor?”

Feng Wu waved her hand; she herself was the best doctor, so why should she trust other people?

“Don’t worry about it . It’s only some minor injuries . I’ll be fine after some rest . ” Feng Wu leaned back on the pillow and closed her eyes . She was already talking to the fairy in her head .

Their eyes met, and they both sighed with relief .

The fourth trial had simply been too dangerous; they had been so close to failing and losing the broken star piece for good .

They both let out breaths of relief and chuckled .

“When will the fifth trial start?” Feng Wu suddenly asked .

Tilting her head, the fairy pondered before finally giving Feng Wu an answer . “It can happen at any moment . ”

By that, she meant that the new trial could happen at any random moment .

Feng Wu spent the next few days recuperating at home and using the time to consolidate her spiritual essence .

The three consecutive breakthroughs had happened so fast that her progress felt a little shaky .

Thus, Feng Wu spent most of her energy on consolidating her cultivation level while keeping an eye out for the new trial .

During those few days, Feng Wu went to Imperial College to register as a Year 2 student .

The entire time, Chief Qiao’s face was so dark that one could practically make ink with it .

Many students speculated that Chief Qiao would target Feng Wu after she became a member of Initial .

But Feng Wu didn’t think much of it, because Initial was only a transition point for her, and she wouldn’t be there for long .

Just like everyone else suspected, Feng Wu’s name showed up on the billboard as soon as she officially became a Year 2 student .

And her name quickly made its way up the billboard .

The rankings refreshed every two minutes, and the students also searched for her name every other minute .

1000th .

800th .

500th .

100th .

50th .

30th .

It didn’t surprise anyone when Feng Wu made it into the top 10 .

“Oh god, I thought it was just a wild guess, but Feng Wu really became a top 10 student!”

“No, she’s 9th… 8th! Holy crap! Do you think she’ll make it into the top 7?”

“Look! Feng Wu is already 7th!”

Instantly, a hubbub of voices filled the air .

“Can she move further up?”

However, Feng Wu’s fiery red name eventually stopped in 7th place, replacing Song Yichen .

While the other students had yet to recover from their amazement, Feng Wu was already back in her Fallen Star Yard .

Initial might be a closed-off area, but “Feng Wu” was such a high profile name that the news had already gotten out .

However, the people outside still had doubts because they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes .

“Feng Wu? A Level 3 Spiritual Elder? Impossible!”

The Year 1 students were the first to hear the news .

They all fell silent when they heard what happened .

Only a short while ago, they were so convinced that Feng Wu only got into Imperial College because she had cheated in the exam . However, they had now been proven completely wrong .