Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 1865

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Chapter 1865: Terrifying Feng Wu (5)

“However, all people have emotions, which is something I still haven’t figured out myself. How could I ask you, a mere Spiritual Elder, to remain unaffected? I must have lost my mind!” The white fairy patted her own head.

To the fairy, that was only a random interlude, but to Feng Wu, it was like a wake-up call that improved her mental state yet again.

The Universe Hall.

Feng Wu was still a few hundred meters from the hall, when she heard a shriek and someone calling for help.

That voice!

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched, because she recognized that voice!


It was Duan Chaoge!

Feng Wu paled!

Qiuling had told her earlier that because Master Jue had arrived late, he had to pour the fresh blood of two virgin girls over the bronze door knobs in order to enter the tombs.

Feng Wu had found Qiuling and pointed her in the direction of some great opportunities.

“I forgot about Chaoge.” Feng Wu smacked her own head in frustration. “I was too busy with what I was doing, and I completely overlooked Chaoge.”

“She’s 100 meters to the northeast and ten meters behind those rocks.”

Seeing how frustrated Feng Wu was, the white fairy helped her out.

Feng Wu dashed off before the white fairy finished talking.

On the other side of the rocks.

“Let go of me! Zuo Qingxian, you animal! Let me go!”

Duan Chaoge was lying on her stomach with her hands pinned behind her back. A man was on top of her, and he had just torn her clothes off!

“You sl*t! After all this time you’ve been with Master Jue, you can’t be a virgin anymore!” Zuo Qingxian smirked.

Duan Chaoge was furious!

She shouted at Zuo Qingxian, “Master Jue never touched me!”

Zuo Qingxian said, “He didn’t? Great! I’ll get to taste a virgin today!”

Duan Chaoge said, “Zuo Qingxian, I’m going to kill you!”


With a wave of his hand, Zuo Qingxian tore Duan Chaoge’s robe off, and she was only in her undergarments now.

She kept struggling, and Zuo Qingxian slapped her.


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It left clear fingermarks on Chaoge’s left cheek.

Zuo Qingxian smirked. “If you must blame someone, blame your best friend!”

“Xiao Wu? What did you do to Xiao Wu?!” Duan Chaoge glared at Zuo Qingxian.

Zuo Qingxian’s eyes shone maliciously. “Feng Wu killed Qingyu. Do you think I’m going to let her off the hook so easily?!”

“What?!” Duan Chaoge cried out. “Zuo Qingyu is dead? Did Xiao Wu kill Zuo Qingyu? Zuo Qingyu must have done something extremely bad!”

Zuo Qingxian’s face twisted. “You can forget it. Once I’m through with you, I’m gonna kill you. I’ll take it as an advanced payment before I do the same to Feng Wu later! Don’t worry. She’ll soon find you in the other world.”

“How do you know it was Xiao Wu? Did you see it with your own eyes?!”

“I don’t need to see it! She did it!”

“How can you say that? What if it wasn’t Xiao Wu?!”

“I don’t care! Someone has to pay for my sister’s death!”

“Zuo Qingxian, you’re completely unreasonable!”

Zuo Qingxian smirked. “Weaklings don’t deserve reason.”

Duan Chaoge was dumbfounded.

Zuo Qingxian was ready to force himself on Chaoge.

“Pfft —”

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