Chapter 693: 693

Chapter 693: The affairs in the court are changing rapidly

Meng Nan cupped his hands and said: “Master, please clarify my doubts!”

Dongfang Mu smiled and said, “Since you are an old friend of Zhi’er and Yan’er, I will not hide this matter from you . However, after you have heard of this, you can’t talk about it to others . After all, this is something that hasn’t been announced outside . ”

Meng Nan responded again and again, and then Dongfang Mu talked about the matter . Meng Nan was shocked when he heard it .

He didn’t expect that since he left Qingyuan Town that day, Bai Zhi had gone through so many dangerous things .

What more, he didn’t expect that this Bai Family could commit such a heinous crime for the sake of prosperity and wealth . Also, this Pei Qinghan, even knowing that Bai Zhenzhu was a fake, he still brought her to the capital and let her pretend to be his daughter .

“What are you going to do next?” Meng Nan asked .

Dongfang Mu looked at Meng Nan’s eyes full of questions and squinted his eyes while taking a sip of his tea . Then, he slowly said: “I said this to you, not only you and Zhi’er are old friends, but also because there are other reasons . ”

Meng Nan looked at Dongfang Mu puzzledly but waited for his followup words .

Dongfang Mu sighed and said, “I’m afraid that even your father didn’t know that I had a deep friendship with your grandfather . But because some things happened, later on, I gradually became estranged . However, I have never forgotten that friendship . I’m telling you this to remind your Meng Family . ”

“I heard that your father has recently get close to Prince Xiao, you should go back and tell him that the affairs in the court are changing rapidly . If you can’t make up your mind, it’s better not to choose any side . It is not easy for the Meng family to have today’s glory . ”

Meng Nan’s heart slightly trembled, but then immediately bowed his head and said: “This young one will follow your teachings!”

The atmosphere suddenly became more solemn . However, Dongfang Mu said a few more interesting things, which eased the atmosphere .

Meng Nan was originally a very funny person . When he relaxed, Dongfang Mu teased him from time to time .

When it was time for the meal, the maidservant came to report that Prince Jin and Miss Bai had already set up the meal in the dining room . And so, the two got up and went to the dining room .

From the distance, Meng Nan and Jin Shiwei smelled a familiar scent . Jin Shiwei’s belly screamed in happiness . He had been dreaming about this day . And today, he finally realized his dream . But when he looked up and saw Dongfang Mu’s figure, he felt sad . It was fine to eat with them before because they were in Huangtou Village . But in this mansion, he’s afraid that he won’t be able to sit down . He could only stand aside and watch them eat . Isn’t this the same as asking him to die?

In the dining room, Bai Zhi and Hu Feng had already sat down . They were talking in a low voice but had a smile on their face . Seeing Dongfang Mu coming in, the two stood up again .

Dongfang Mu waved his hand: “Sit down, in my mansion, you don’t need to do these pompous greetings . ”

Today, Dongfang Wan and Zhao Lan had dinner in another room . They didn’t come to the dining hall, so there were still a lot of seats on the table . Bai Zhi turned her head and saw Jin Shiwei standing behind Meng Nan while swallowing, so she said: “Jin Dage, there is still a vacant seat . ”

Jin Shiwei wanted to sit, but thinking that not only Prince Jin was here, but also Dongfang Mu, it’s not appropriate for him to sit with his identity . So, he smiled and declined: “No, no, it’s not necessary . I’ll go to the kitchen and eat some later . ”

Meng Nan raised an eyebrow: “If you want to go to the kitchen to eat, go now, why wait later?”

Jin Shiwei secretly scolded Meng Nan for having no conscience . He demolished his good intention, causing him to feel shame and just stay .

Hu Feng took a glance at Jin Shiwei and said: “Sit down . It’s not like you’ve never eaten at the same table with us . We don’t pay attention to this stuff . You just have to be polite and courteous when you eat . ”

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