Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend! - Chapter 868

Chapter 868: The scandal in Qingan Palace (2)

He was a dignified prince, but he was drugged in the palace? Unexpectedly, there was such kind of drug in the Empress’s palace? If this matter spreads out, wouldn’t the people in the world laugh at him for not ruling the family strictly?

He cannot govern his family, but he wanted to govern the country?

The Emperor waved his sleeve and walked out of the bedroom, then said to Su Chun, who was sitting paralyzed on the floor: “What an Empress, what a prince . I’m afraid you have forgotten who this Chu Palace belongs to, and who is the master of the back palace? Isn’t it?”

The Empress’s face was full of tears: “The emperor, please listen to this empress . It is undeniable that Feng’er is at fault . But it’s because of Bai Zhi . That slut, Bai Zhi, drugged Feng’er . She deliberately harmed Feng’er . She colluded with Meng Zhangling . They want to harm this empress and Feng’er!”

The emperor’s heart slightly sank . He knew Su Chun’s temperament . She was not stupid enough to let her son make such a mistake in the palace .

The emperor turned his head and looked at Meng Zhangling . Concubine Shu was indeed a little abnormal today . She never paid attention to the affairs of the harem . Why did she invite him here today?

When Meng Zhangling saw the emperor’s questioning gaze, her heart slightly turned cold . But she immediately lowered her eyes and said in a low voice: “The emperor, this concubine indeed deliberately lead the emperor to come here . That is because the empress and Prince Xiao are doing something despicable . Just like what the emperor said, this palace belongs to the emperor . The harem also belongs to the emperor . The emperor is the master here . So this concubine doesn’t want the emperor to be deceived . ”

“The emperor, Miss Bai indeed come to Qingan Palace, but that’s because the empress sent someone to invite her . Miss Bai didn’t come on her own accord . ”

The emperor heard the two argue that he was not sure for a while . Bai Zhi was Dongfang Mu’s granddaughter and Chu Yan’s fiancée . If she did this to help Chu Yan, it would make sense .

But when did she get involved with Concubine Shu? Is it because of the Meng family?

Could it be that even the Meng family was now part of Chu Yan’s faction?

He was not interested that the Meng Family became part of Chu Yan’s faction . His throne will originally be passed to Chu Yan, but not now .

Why are they so impatient?

The emperor had a sullen face, his eyes kept turned back and forth on Concubine Shu and the empress . No one knew what he was thinking .

But Concubine Shu’s heart was getting colder and colder . The emperor’s eyes were very cold . He had never looked at her with such cold eyes before .

It seems that he doesn’t believe her .

Or maybe, he didn’t want to believe her . She was just deceiving herself . In the end, the emperor only believed what he wanted to believe .

The emperor’s love was weak, she had known it a long time ago .

“You don’t need to talk about this anymore . You will keep your mouth shut . If I hear half a word of rumors about it, I will only ask the two of you . ”

Su Chun breathed a sigh of relief . But she also knew that now something like this happened, she and Chu Feng would be on the bad side of the emperor . After working so hard for so long, all her painstaking effort would end up in vain today?

When the emperor walked away, Su Chun slowly got up with the help of the palace maid . The palace maid next to her patted the dust and folds on her body .

“The empress finally got up . After all, the emperor is gone, who will still she show her kneeling appearance?”

Su Chun raised her hand to slap Meng Zhangling . The eunuch beside Meng Changling hurried came forward and was slapped instead of his master .

Meng Zhangling looked at the empress without batting an eye . Her eyes were as cold as ice .

“The temper of the empress is still the same as before, it hasn’t changed a bit!” Meng Zhangling looked at the empress in front of her and slightly sighed: “Unfortunately, I, Meng Zhangling has changed . I am no longer the Meng Zhangling I used to be . ”

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