Chapter 1181: 1181

Chapter 1181: Your Waist Will be Exposed

He was more outstanding than most .

Nian Xi blamed herself for not realizing that earlier . She looked at his face that was red under the fire’s glow and for the first time understood that he had always been her most stalwart supporter .

Finally, they landed on the ground . Jiao Yuning stumbled to steady himself . Sweat was streaming down his forehead; his hands were covered in blood .

“Let me see your hands,” said Nian Xi . Then she immediately cradled them in hers .

Jiang Yuning pulled his hands away, then took off his coat to separate himself from Nian Xi .

“Go, go and catch him,” he said, gasping for breath .

“Be careful!” Nian Xi was worried sick about him . But letting Yang Wenzhi escape would be worse . “Call the police! Call the fire department!” she shouted .

Then she darted to the gate of the building .

It would take Yang Wenzhi a while to get from the ninth floor . She and Jiang Yuning had made a quick escape though so she might still be able to catch him .

While running, she threw off her coat, which was sticking to Jiang Yuning’s coat . By the time she got to the gate, Yang Wenzhi was running out of the building shouting, “Fire! Help!”

Seeing Nian Xi from the other side, his eyes popped out of his head in disbelief, as if he had just seen a ghost .

“Freeze! You b*stard!” Nian Xi ran to him and flung him to the ground with a quick kick, then swiftly put handcuffs on him .

At that moment, the fire had caught the attention of numerous students and teachers in the school .

The lab manager ran out of the building . Seeing what was happening, he stammered, “O-officer Nian, why are you… didn’t he say that you and Professor Jiang were trapped in the building? I just called the fire department to rescue you guys . ”

Nian Xi slapped Yang Wenzhi’s head and said, “This b*stard wants to kill us . He killed Duan Yang!”

“I didn’t!” Yang Wenzhi screamed, “Officer Nian, the fire in the lab was an accident! What does it have to do with me? I tried to save you! But I couldn’t!”

“You think you’re so smart?” Then Nian Xi said through clenched teeth, “Tell that to the judge . You not only murdered someone but also attempted to murder a police officer . You’ll be spending the rest of your life in jail . ”

While speaking, she called Fang Qi, “Take your guy! I just caught the real murderer . ”

Shortly after ending the call, Jiang Yuning came over to her, wearing only a shirt . His gorgeous face was ghastly pale . Both his hands were covered in blood . With each step he took, a few drops of blood dripped to the ground . It was scary . But his eyes were still clear, reflecting the light beautifully .

Nian Xi’s breath became shallow and uneven . She cuffed Yang Wenzhi on the guardrail nearby, then quickly strode toward Jiang Yuning .

“Xi…,” he said .

“What are you doing? Why don’t you wrap up your hands?” said Nian Xi . While speaking, she tore off a piece of her shirt . She had taken off her coat earlier, so at the moment she was wearing only a shirt too .

She ripped through the cloth to make a makeshift bandage, exposing her slim waist .

“No . ” Jiang Yuning quickly stopped her . His face was flushed .

Nian Xi didn’t understand . He stuttered to explain, “Your, your waist will be exposed . ”

After saying that, he shot a quick look at her waist .

Nian Xi didn’t know if she should laugh or cry . “Your injury is more urgent,” she said .

“No . ” Jiang Yuning shook his head and said, “Tear off a piece of my shirt . ”

Nian Xi had no choice but to tear off the lower part of his shirt to wrap his hands to stop the bleeding .

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