Heaven’s Devourer - Chapter 1560

Chapter 1560: Memories of Jiu Ying

Witnessing what had happened to the fox demon couple, Wu Yu was ready to make a move.

Even the most easy-going person could be angered, let alone the fox demon couple.

For them to reach this level of cultivation realm, they definitely weren’t the kind that would swallow all grievances. The Green Fire Flaming Boar had left them in miserable states, wanted to force himself upon Zi Zhen Demon King and even injured Zi Quan Demon King to the brink of death! If Wu Yu was to help them, they would definitely not turn around to help the Green Fire Flaming Boar.

Green Fire Demon King was a 5-heavens demon king. For Wu Yu, it was too easy to handle him. Nonetheless, they were still in the Fiendish Underworld Metropolis and couldn’t cause a commotion in battle. If this matter was leaked, they might be fine but Jiu Ying could be implicated and their enemies would be alarmed.

Therefore, Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi and Wu Yu decided to strike together!

"Void Reversal!"

Just as Green Fire Demon King forced Zi Zhen Demon King to change to her human form and impose himself upon her, Wu Yu came out of the Floating Dreams Pagoda first and cast Void Reversal.

When his Mystique was cast, the void world and Qian Kun world was reversed. instantly, Green Fire Demon King was pulled into the void world.

Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi’s strength was not to be belittled. Even if they had to faced a 5-heavens demon king individually, they were unlikely to lose. Now, they were going to attack together.

Both of them were basically assisting. When they saw Wu Yu pulled Green Fire Demon King into the void world, they moved immediately and cast their techniques to imprison Green Fire Demon King immediately.

Initally, Green Fire Demon King couldn’t react to it. After all, he was still looking forward in anticipation for a thrilling experience. Who would have expected someone in the Fiendish Underworld Metropolis to dare to start a battle against him in the Underworld Dragon’s Den.

Initially, he didn’t react immediately. When he regained his composure, he was trapped by Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

He was petrified and realized he couldn’t mobilize any of his strength. Moreover, he was imprisoned in an exceptionally mysterious void world. Instantly, he berated, "Who are you guys? How dare you infiltrate into our Fiendish Underworld Metropolis! Are you tired of living? Let me go right now or......"

He had wanted to hurl more threats but Wu Yu wasn’t allowing him any further opportunity to babble.

"Submerged Cloud Seal!"

This Mystique from the Somersault Cloud was frigheningly vigorous. Even 6-heavens demon king would likely be killed by a single blow, let alone Green Fire Demon King who was just at the fifth tier of Great Void Demon Immortal Realm.

As Submerged Cloud Seal left Wu Yu’s hand, Green Fire Demon King was decimated instantly. Immediately, Wu Yu transformed into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and devoured the remains.

When all was done, he retracted his Void Reversal.

It was a relatively bustling and chaotic period and numerous demon kings were collecting tributes throughout the entire Fiendish Underworld Metropolis. At this juncture, Wu Yu had cast Void Reversal to trap Green Fire Demon King before killing him.

Therefore, no one had heard what Green Fire Demon King was shouting. Even Zi Zhen Demon King who was in close proximity didn’t catch the commotion.

For the beautiful female fox demon, she was in a state of anxiety and despair. In fact, she even had the urge to commit suicide. If it wasn’t because she was concerned about her husband who was dying, she would probably self-destruct her immortal spirit to keep her chastity.

However, the Green Fire Flaming Boar that was about to violate her vanished before her eyes in a blink of an eye. What replaced him were faces of three young teenagers who looked like they had just entered the Great Void Demon Immortal Realm.

Wu Yu, Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi didn’t look old at all. In fact, they were relatively young compared to most cultivators.

"You guys are?"

Zi Zhen Demon King was a little surprised. After all, Green Fire Demon King vanished before her eyes in a split second. Since she started cultivating a long time ago, she had never encountered a similar experience.

If Diabolical Dragon King showed up before her, perhaps even that sight wouldn’t have been as strange as what was happening now.

However, the three teenagers looked like they had just entered the Great Void Demon Immortal Realm. What could they possibly do to the Green Fire Demon King?

Therefore, the first thing she felt was confusion and had almost forgotten about her dying husband.

Wu Yu waved his hand and said, "It isn’t important to know who we are. What’s more important is that we have killed the Green Fire Demon King. The Green Fire Demon King is truly shameless and deserved what he got. However, we hope you wouldn’t tell anyone about this or we would be harmed."

Hearing them, Zi Zhen Demon King finally reacted to the situation. So Green Fire Demon King was killed!

After a quick thought, she realized this was the most likely outcome. Otherwise, with the personality of Green Fire Demon King, he definitely wouldn’t allow Wu Yu’s group to make any sound before him.

Furthermore, Green Fire Demon King clearly was overwhelmed with lust and about to violate her. Under such circumstances, there was probably nothing that could stop his desires. Now that he was gone, the only possibility was that he was killed.

"Rest assured, our lives and my chastity are saved by you guys. We definitely wouldn’t tell anyone about this."

Zi Zhen Demon King reacted swiftly. After a brief pause, she continued, "However, I’m still worried the death of Green Fire Demon King wouldn’t be a small matter. Things wouldn’t be good for you guys...... Regardless, if the investigation eventually reaches us, we would definitely not tell anyone about you guys!"

"Don’t worry, you won’t be implicated."

Hearing her, Wu Yu felt more at ease. he smiled and shook his head.

After all, he was going to impersonate Green Fire Demon King to infiltrate into Underworld Dragon’s Den. However, there was no need for him to explain this to Zi Zhen Demon King.

"Hey beauty, shouldn’t you rush over to check on your husband?"

Full Moon of Nanshan stood by the side and his eyes couldn’t move away from Zi Zhen Demon King. His eyes gleaned with passion and was clearly very interested in her.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a time to mess around. Moreover, anyone with a discerning eye could tell the strong ties between Zi Quan Demon King and her.

Wu Yu understood Full Moon of Nanshan’s personality and knew he wouldn’t move after seeing a beautiful lady. Therefore, he kept him into the Floating Dreams Pagoda before leaving the mountain peak rapidly with Ye Xixi.

Zi Zhen Demon King was still processing what Full Moon of Nanshan was saying when Wu Yu’s group vanished before her eyes. She couldn’t care more and dashed to her husband, Zi Quan Demon King, and checked on his injuries.

One could tell from Zi Zhen Demon King’s eyes that she was appreciative of Wu Yu’s group. it was just that Wu Yu’s group had vanished before she could say more.

She was anxious and wasn’t fully convinced by what Wu Yu had said. She was also a little worried Diabolical Dragon King would learn the truth. However, it was what it was. There was no other way around it and her only choice was to believe in Wu Yu’s group.

If she was really found out by Diabolical Dragon King, then her husband, Zi Quan Demon King, and her wouldn’t be able to hide even if they escaped.

That’s still better than the humiliation from being violated by Green Fire Demon King......

With the incident ending, Wu Yu found a relatively deserted corner within Fiendish Underworld Metropolis. Next, he transformed into Green Fire Demon King. After receiving the memories of Green Fire Demon King from devouring, he knew the conduct of him well.

However, Green Fire Demon King was overly nauseating and capable of committing acts beyond Wu Yu’s bottomline. Wu Yu naturally wouldn’t do something like what he tried to against the fox demon couple.

He was not interested in such acts and might even unnecessarily complicated matters for himself. He told himself not to act entirely like Green Fire Demon King. As long as it didn’t differ too much, he wouldn’t get himself too into the role.

Next, Wu Yu followed Green Fire Demon King’s namelist to collect tributes and his conduct was similar to Green Fire Demon King. When he encountered those who gave slightly fewer, he would be berating and even gave them a beating.

It would be fine as long as it didn’t cause any huge retaliation. Wu Yu was familiar with such acts to begin with. After devouring the memories of Green Fire Demon King, his conduct didn’t appear any different than what Green Fire Demon King would have done. Basically, he had just removed the overly atrocious portion and this wouldn’t draw the suspicions of other demon kings.

While collecting tributes according to the namelist, Wu Yu was still digging through the memories of Green Fire Demon King. Some details wouldn’t be made known immediately after devouring but would require active discovery.

A demon king like Green Fire Demon King had cultivated for several hundreds of thousands of years. The voluminous memories wouldn’t be absorbed instantly after devouring. it would at least take some time.

However, Wu Yu soon found contents from Green Fire Demon King’s memories that he was more concerned with.

The contents of Green Fire Demon King’s memories before he ascended to the Demon Immortal Realm and even memories that were hundreds of thousands of years ago wouldn’t be useful for Wu Yu. Therefore, Wu Yu skipped through those and focused on the memories over the recent ten thousand years.

Finally, he found information of Jiu Ying roughly five thousand years ago!

Wu Yu was surprised to learn Green Fire Demon King had memories of this. From the memories, Wu Yu could see a series of images. Those were Diabolical Dragon King bringing Jiu Ying to meet various demon kings in the Underworld Dragon’s Den, introducing Jiu Ying as his adopted son.

This process was short and Green Fire Demon King had not seen Jiu Ying since then.

Despite being for a brief period, Wu Yu could still tell Jiu Ying wasn’t in right shape from the memories of Green Fire Demon King. This was because when Diabolical Dragon King brought Jiu Ying around, he looked a little out of sorts. It was as though he lost his own consciousness and was constantly in a blank state.

Something was clearly not right but Wu Yu didn’t know about the details. Anger and anxiety arose as he felt the relationship between Diabolical Dragon King and Jiu Ying wouldn’t be just that of adopted son and adopted parent. Diabolical Dragon King had probably done something to Jiu Ying.

Unfortunately, Wu Yu had no way to find out what had really happened. This left him like an ant on a hot pan.

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