Hello Mr. King - Chapter 558

Yun Xiangxiang was looking forward to tomorrow’s trip . She believed in Song Mian’s taste .
However, Yun Xiangxiang didn’t expect that she would have to take a plane . When she was half-asleep, Song Mian picked her up from the bed .
“Hmm? What for?” Yun Xiangxiang’s voice was still a little unclear .
Song Mian directly wrapped her in a jacket . “Nothing . You can continue sleeping . ”
Yun Xiangxiang thought about it and realized that she was really sleepy . She yawned and went back to sleep .
She was carried by Song Mian and left their house . Song Mian’s footsteps were steady, and the slight bump made her feel like she was in a cradle . When Song Mian carried her to the car, Yun Xiangxiang fell asleep again .
As for when she boarded the plane, she had no idea . When she woke up in the morning, she was in an unfamiliar room .
There were traces of sleeping beside her, but she could no longer see anyone .
The warm sunlight had already shone in through the balcony window . The floor under the bed was covered with a soft, furry carpet . Yun Xiangxiang was barefoot on the floor . She walked to the wardrobe and opened it out of habit . Only then did she realize that she was in a new place .
The wardrobe was filled with clothes, but none of them belonged to her . Before Yun Xiangxiang could close it, Song Mian came in . He stood at the door and said, “The clothes in the wardrobe are all in your size, prepared for you . You can choose whatever you like . It’s minus 3 degrees today . ”
After saying that, he smiled at Yun Xiangxiang and turned around to leave . Yun Xiangxiang didn’t have the time to speak, so she could only choose carefully .
There was everything from the inside to the outside . They were all new and had been washed and smoked .
Yun Xiangxiang grabbed a sky-blue knitted dress . She wore a warm shirt with a collar, a skin-colored pair of stockings, and a knitted hat of the same color on her head .
Young, sweet, charming, and energetic—
After she was dressed properly, Yun Xiangxiang went to wash up and also looked at the layout of the house .
This was a special wooden house with a natural smell . The two floors of the house were not particularly big .
When she went downstairs, she saw Song Yao and Song Qian . Did she miss out on Coco and Zhou Jie?
“I asked them, but they said they couldn’t join,” Song Qian took the initiative to explain when she saw Yun Xiangxiang go downstairs and look around .
Yun Xiangxiang nodded . First, they were embarrassed, and second, they didn’t want to cause too much trouble .
Coco was quite a homebody, while Zhou Jie spent all her time studying make-up and cosmetics .
“They live there . Someone will take care of their meals for the next two days,” Song Qian added .
“Okay,” Yun Xiangxiang replied and ran toward Song Mian happily .
Song Mian was on the balcony making a call . When Yun Xiangxiang ran over, he had just hung up the phone .
Yun Xiangxiang circled around him and asked, “Am I beautiful?”
“Absolutely . ” It was this kind of delicate outfit that made his heart flutter .
“I think so too . ” Yun Xiangxiang liked being called good-looking by Song Mian the most .
Song Mian held her hand and took her to breakfast . There was a fruit cake soaked in rum that she liked the most .
“Did you make this?” Yun Xiangxiang picked up a small cake and asked .
“Since you like it so much, of course, I learned how to make it . That way, you can eat it anytime,” Song Mian admitted .
Yun Xiangxiang’s eyes curved . She picked it up and took a bite . It tasted almost the same as the one she ate last time . It was probably to take into account her taste . The sweetness was slightly increased, and it was very moderate, making it another of his favorite foods .
After eating breakfast in satisfaction, Song Mian took Yun Xiangxiang out for a walk .
This was a small town in the Alps . The town was really beautiful, but it was not a tourist destination .
There was nothing here except for beautiful scenery—no entertainment facilities, and no large shopping malls .
It was precisely because of this that Yun Xiangxiang was able to hold hands with Song Mian unscrupulously here . Facing the morning sun, they strolled along the small road .
It was only February, and the place was filled with the scenery of nature .
The river here was so clear that one could see the bottom . The houses of the residents were built along the river, and the road was wide and flat .
The houses were well-arranged, and the majestic mountains behind them made the countryside look beautiful and graceful .
“This place is really beautiful . I feel like walking around here makes me feel lighter . ” Yun Xiangxiang felt relaxed and happy .
“I brought you here so you can relax . ”
Song Mian had done some planning . Yun Xiangxiang was too tired recently, and it was not suitable for her to go to places that would exhaust her even more . She should go to some leisurely places that could calm her mind and calm her mood . Only then would she be able to wash away her fatigue .
When she left this place, she would feel refreshed .
The further they went, the more Yun Xiangxiang liked it . The cows and sheep were leisurely eating grass in the mountains, and the white clouds were slowly floating on the mountainside .
The sound of nature fluttering in hears was soothing . All in all, the atmosphere was as tranquil as a painting .
Just like that, they didn’thing and quietly walked on the road where there were very few cars . The peace that came from their hearts was also inexplicably satisfying .
There were many seats on the roadside, just like a park, where they could rest at any time .
As they walked, Yun Xiangxiang saw a white church . The church was surrounded by a small bridge and flowing water . Behind the church were green hills and undulating peaks . There was also a blue sky and white snow surrounding the church . Just a glance was enough to mesmerize people .
Yun Xiangxiang was someone who didn’t like taking photos, but she couldn’t help but take a few photos with her phone from different angles .
Finally, she walked to the small bridge and said to Song Mian, “Take a photo for me quickly . This place is too beautiful . I’ll bring it back as a souvenir . ”
Song Mian took out his phone and adjusted the angle and light to the best . He took a few photos for Yun Xiangxiang .
There was a painting outside of the church . It was also a painting of the church . Yun Xiangxiang walked in front of the painting and asked, “This painting is so familiar . Why Is it here?”
“The artist of this painting is a young artist . He traveled thousands of miles to get here . Not long after the painting was completed, he passed away . In order to commemorate him, this painting has been left here,” Song Mian explained for Yun Xiangxiang, then he led Yun Xiangxiang to the church .
He stopped outside and asked Yun Xiangxiang, “Do you prefer a Chinese wedding or a western wedding?”
“Chinese wedding,” Yun Xiangxiang, who was in high spirits, answered instinctively . After answering, she couldn’t help but glance at him and continued to walk forward . “Why do you want to go so far? It’s still early for us to get married . ”
“It’s not early . You’re going to be 19 soon . I’ll wait for another year before I can marry you back home . It just so happens that I have to start preparing now,” Song Mian said with a natural expression .
“Mr . Song, it’s not too late to think about this after you’ve successfully proposed and passed my parents’ test . ” Yun Xiangxiang gave him a fake smile .
“Yes, you should propose first . ”