Chapter 1153: 1153

Gu Nianzhi slid down and hid between the vehicles . She was agile and ran and jumped through the parking lot like a deer . Rong Mingxing quietly poked her head out from the car she was hiding behind and watched Gu Nianzhi with secret admiration .

She had always thought that she was a woman who climbed up by depending on her looks and men, but now she finally changed her view .

Gu Nianzhi was more beautiful than her, smarter than her, worked harder than her, and was willing to risk more than her . What right did she have to complain?

Rong Mingxing clenched her fists and secretly thought after she goes back, she must find a job, become a down-to-earth person, and stop trying to cut corners…

Gu Nianzhi’s figure dashed across the two red luxury cars and immediately attracted the attention of the Japanese Secret Service elites .

“Over there!” They exchanged glances with each other, then spread out tacitly, and, relying on their large numbers, they were planning to outflank her from four directions .

When Gu Nianzhi suddenly discovered that several people in front were missing, she immediately realized that something was amiss .

They were scattered and planning to surround her .

Gu Nianzhi quickly looked around but saw no other people .

She thought for a moment and immediately made a quick decision . Lying by the door of a blue car and holding her GLOCK18 pistol in her hand, she pointed it at the four gunmen in front of her, then narrowed her eyes and tapped her fingers .

After a few gunshots rang out, three of the four gunmen in front of her suddenly fell .

The remaining one immediately raised a gun to fire back, but Gu Nianzhi had already squatted down and used the car as a cover to avoid the opponent’s counterattack .

The car’s automatic alarm went off .

Gu Nianzhi felt as though she was going to go deaf .

She squatted down, glanced around, and suddenly saw a few legs approaching her through the cars!


So, they were waiting for her here!

Gu Nianzhi immediately rolled to the ground, laid down, raised her GLOCK18 pistol, and shot at the approaching legs from the bottom of the car!


Gu Nianzhi heard cries of pain from all directions .

Gu Nianzhi shot the Japanese Secret Service elites who tried to outflank her from all directions several times in the leg . They immediately lost their ability to move and fell to the ground .

Gu Nianzhi couldn’t help but smugly curl her lips .

Holding a gun in both hands and arching her body, she moved forward stealthily and approached a few Japanese Secret Service elites from behind who had been hit in the leg by her .

She was very careful, lest those people copy her and shoot her leg from the bottom of the car . So, she walked where they couldn’t see her .

But when she was approaching those people, Gu Nianzhi suddenly found that her gun had no more bullets…


How inconvenient…

Gu Nianzhi gritted her teeth

She glanced at the gate of the parking lot and lamented at the prospect that she couldn’t kill these people all at once .

If she had another round of ammunition, she could take them all!

Gu Nianzhi was amused by her own imagination and took a step back, but suddenly tripped over something .

When she looked back, she was stunned .

There was a small square wooden box lying there!

She could immediately tell from the sign on the box that it was ammunition .

My goodness, it’s like a gift from God!

Gu Nianzhi quickly picked up the wooden box, and there was indeed a neatly packed row of magazines inside!

After counting them, she discovered that there were actually six magazines .

This meant she had one hundred and ninety-eight bullets to use .

After comparing it with her own gun, she discovered it was a perfect match, so she was immediately certain that He Zhichu had sent it to her .

She happily waved to a place in the distance, and made no sound as she mouthed with her lips, “Thank you, Professor He!”

When He Zhichu saw Gu Nianzhi waving in the air through the binoculars and saw her mouthing words, he curled the corners of her lips, his almond-eyes gleamed, and a faint smile appeared on his face .

With the magazines, Gu Nianzhi was even more powerful .

She took the six magazines out of the wooden box and found that they were connected in series with a belt, which was obviously a standard magazine that could either be tied to the waist or worn across the chest .

She immediately tied the six magazines loosely around her waist, strapped them across her hips, then drew one out and reloaded the pistol .

Just as she was about to get up, suddenly, a hot barrel touched her head .

Gu Nianzhi was caught off guard and was surprised that she had been actually caught up by someone…

She had killed many secret service elites, and only one of them couldn’t be finished off, but in the end, she was caught by this person .

Gu Nianzhi froze, but felt like screaming inside, ‘Professor He, Huo Shaoheng! The time for you guys to save me has come!’

“Gu Nianzhi?” The person asked aloud, sounding a little uncertain .

Gu Nianzhi didn’t answer but simply snorted inside . If they wanted to kill her, they should hurry up and get it done . If Huo Shaoheng arrived, a hundred heads wouldn’t be enough for compensation!

But after a moment she didn’t hear a gunshot, and instead, she heard Rong Mingxing’s voice echoing in the parking lot, saying, “You let go of her! She is Rong Mingxing! I am Gu Nianzhi!”

The Japanese man also couldn’t quite believe that the woman in front of him who could fight and run so ably and competently was the invincible female lawyer Gu Nianzhi .

Because the photos and videos he had seen of Gu Nianzhi were all where she was dressed in formal clothes and smiling sweetly . Now she was wearing a baggy khaki safari jacket, rugged Martin boots, sunglasses, and holding a weapon like a female bodyguard…

Upon suddenly hearing someone say that she wasn’t Gu Nianzhi, he was taken aback and reflexively raised his head to look in the direction Rong Mingxing was speaking from .

With this distraction, Gu Nianzhi immediately rolled to the ground and quickly raised her hand to pull the trigger .

At almost the exact same instant, a sniper bullet flew over and hit the back of the man’s head .

Blood squirted in front of her eyes, and as though she were watching in slow motion, the man’s head burst, spewing out blood!

Gu Nianzhi had never witnessed a sniper bullet kill a person up close, and she quickly closed her eyes, then rolled into the chassis of the car beside her .

After quickly running from there, she got up and sprinted over to the Japanese Secret Service elites who had been shot in the legs . Gu Nianzhi couldn’t continue to run from them, so she fired a dozen bullets into their shoulders and arms to make sure she hit them and that they had no more power to fight back against her .

But it wasn’t easy to hit their arms and shoulders at such a close range, and it was much harder than simply shooting them in the chest .

Gu Nianzhi missed a few shots and shot two people directly in the chest . Those two people immediately fell dead .

The remaining three people were hit in the arms and shoulders, so it was impossible for them to shoot back with their guns .

She breathed a long sigh of relief and raised her hand to wipe the sweat from her forehead, then made an OK gesture towards the distance .

He Zhichu put down the binoculars and smiled a little . He was just about to contact Huo Shaoheng to find out where he was now when he suddenly heard a gunshot from behind .

He did not look back, nor did he hesitate . He immediately jumped down from the window!

A few white gunmen with sniper rifles came in and murmured, “Sh*t! He got away! This is the third floor!”

A tall man dressed in black rushed in with a small pistol in his hand . He had blond hair, blue eyes, a chilly aura, and a handsome face with an aloof expression .

He squinted at the parking lot not that far away, waved his hand, and commanded indifferently, “Surround the parking lot . ”

That man was Reinitz .

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