Chapter 1155: 1155

Chapter 1155 Destined to Mee

“Gu Nianzhi! What’s going on? Why are you still heading in there when it’s getting cleared out?” Rong Mingxing asked while trembling . Grabbing Gu Nianzhi’s arm, she refused to let her go any further .

Gu Nianzhi hesitated and looked at the mob of tourists running out of the main hall of the Taj Mahal .

Should she go or not?

He Zhichu asked her to go, but the announcement ordering the Taj Mahal to be cleared out made her feel uneasy .

She felt that He Zhichu wouldn’t have issued such an announcement at that time .

But if it wasn’t He Zhichu, who could it be?

She should be careful…

Gu Nianzhi only hesitated for a second, then immediately turned around to run out with the tourists .

But as soon as she turned around, a tall figure had passed through the crowd, and standing in front of her, he blocked her way .

Before Gu Nianzhi had time to reach for her gun, the man grabbed her wrist and said affectionately, “Cereus, who would’ve thought we were destined to meet again in such a poor country?”

He spoke in perfect Hanoverian German and sounded powerful yet gentle .

Gu Nianzhi looked up in surprise to see Reinitz . Standing in front of her with a familiar gentle smile on his face, he gazed at her affectionately . “Let’s go . I’ll take you to the Taj Mahal . ”

Gu Nianzhi, “…”

Something was wrong .

But she couldn’t tell what was wrong .

There was a voice inside telling her: Don’t go, don’t follow him…

Gu Nianzhi stood in place, refusing to follow Reinitz .

When Reinitz found that Gu Nianzhi was unwilling to move forward, he looked back at her . “What’s the matter? Cereus, why don’t you want to go?”

Rong Mingxing stood aside in a daze . At that moment, she realized that Reinitz seemed familiar, and said in surprise, “You… aren’t you that guy from Germany…?”

Reinitz seemed to have only then noticed Rong Mingxing and smiled gently at her . “…another little friend . ”

He raised his chin, and Rong Mingxing had no chance to say another word before she was knocked out from behind .

A white man dressed as a tourist squatted, and picking up the unconscious Rong Mingxing, he led her forward as if they were a couple .

Gu Nianzhi’s heart sank .

This was bad . Rong Mingxing was being taken away by them, so how could she not follow along?

Not wanting Reinitz to see the expression in her eyes, Gu Nianzhi quickly lowered her head and stared at the ground .

Reinitz squeezed her hand, got closer to her ear, and said softly, “…Cereus, I like obedient girls . Your little friend has already left obediently, so why don’t you come as well? Are you going to abandon your little friend?”

Intending to garner sympathy by playing the damsel in distress, Gu Nianzhi closed her eyes and took a deep breath .

She believed that Reinitz was a person who could be swayed by pity but could not be cowed by force .

After blinking her eyes twice, tears rolled down Gu Nianzhi’s face .

She raised her head and gazing at Reinitz with teary eyes, and she said in a choked-up voice, “Reinitz, please let her go . She has nothing to do with this matter, so please just involve me . ”

“Good girl, don’t cry . ” Reinitz took out a small pack of beautifully wrapped tissues from his pocket, took out a wet tissue that was as soft as silk, then gently wiped Gu Nianzhi’s tears as he said patiently, “As long as you are obedient, your little friend will be fine . ”

“But I’m so scared . Please let her go, okay? I promise you I will be obedient . ” Gu Nianzhi grabbed Reinitz’s hand and begged softly . There was a pitiful look in her doe-eyes .

No one could resist Gu Nianzhi when she was like that, right?

Unfortunately, she was wrong .

Reinitz tilted his head and gazed at Gu Nianzhi’s teary countenance with awe . He chuckled and said, “Okay, Cereus, who are you trying to fool with this act? Just earlier, our good girl was there in the parking lot killing people, so do you think that by showing weakness and shedding some crocodile tears, I will believe you?”

Gu Nianzhi, “…”

D*mn, she cried for nothing .

Gu Nianzhi immediately stopped sobbing, took the entire pack of tissues from Reinitz’s hand unceremoniously, wiped her face, and said blankly, “I’ve amused Chief Hohenzollern . But since you took my little friend and won’t listen to my advice, then don’t blame me for being unceremonious . ”

“How so?”

Reinitz suddenly pulled at Gu Nianzhi with great force .

Gu Nianzhi staggered a few steps, and couldn’t stop, so she involuntarily plunged into his arms .

Reinitz wrapped his other hand around her and, embracing her waist, he whispered softly, “…This is what you mean by being unceremonious? I don’t mind . You’re welcome…”

Gu Nianzhi couldn’t help but roll her eyes . Pushing Reinitz away, she frowned and said, “Reinitz, what is wrong with you? I feel like your persona has suddenly changed?”

Gu Nianzhi’s German wasn’t very good . She said the term ‘persona has suddenly changed’ in English .

“Persona has suddenly changed? Perhaps you never really bothered to get to know me?” Reinitz chuckled . Then, folding his hands, he hugged her tighter and whispered in her ears, “With me being so intimate with you, won’t the people backing you become enraged and jump out immediately?”

At that moment, Gu Nianzhi only felt that her heartbeat had stopped, and her eardrums were filled with the sound of rushing blood, making her feel dizzy .

How did Reinitz know?!

However, although she was anxious inside, she still maintained calm on the surface . She frowned and looked impatient . She twisted her neck and said coldly, “Let’s go! I will count to three . If you don’t let go, I really won’t hold back!”

Reinitz simply felt that Gu Nianzhi was like a little African hedgehog with only teeth and dancing claws . She looked like she had thorns all over her body, but in reality, every thorn was soft . She didn’t know how breathtaking she appeared when she got angry .

He gazed at her in his arms and as if he was intoxicated, and muttered, “You can count to a hundred . I don’t mind…”

As soon as his voice fell, Gu Nianzhi suddenly lowered her head and slammed it into Reinitz’s chest .

Reinitz bowed back in time to avoid the collision .

At that time, Gu Nianzhi could move again, so she immediately raised her long legs and kicked Reinitz’s crotch fiercely!

Reinitz’s expression suddenly changed, and in the nick of time, he quickly pushed Gu Nianzhi away to avoid being hit by her .


Reinitz’s men had been standing aside for the entire time . At that time, upon seeing Reinitz being attacked by Gu Nianzhi, they immediately rushed forward and grabbed both of Gu Nianzhi’s arm .

“This girl can shoot, and her marksmanship is pretty good . Boss, take off her arm, lest she grabs a gun again . ” Reinitz’s had no affection for Gu Nianzhi and was more merciless towards her .

Gu Nianzhi’s face immediately paled, but she didn’t pretend to cry like before, and simply gazed at Reinitz coldly while saying, “Bring it on . But if you can, you might as well kill me instead of simply taking off my arm . As long as I want to die, even if you knock me out, I will kill myself!”

Reinitz’s men were amused by Gu Nianzhi’s big talk, and they all slapped their thighs as they laughed .

One of his subordinates chuckled and asked, “How can you kill yourself if you’re unconscious?

“Bah!” Gu Nianzhi glared at him . “If you don’t believe me, try it! Knock me out and see if I can still kill myself!”

Although Reinitz’s men didn’t take Gu Nianzhi’s threat seriously, Reinitz was dubious .

Because he knew that Gu Nianzhi’s physique was different from that of an ordinary person .

Perhaps she can really kill herself even if she’s knocked out?

Reinitz placed his hands behind his back . The look in his eyes was unreadable, but there were signs of a fierce struggle inside .

It was as if he was seeing the same resilient Gu Nianzhi who was electro-shocked in the Alps .

But when she saw Huo Shaoheng’s video, she immediately broke down…

At that moment, Reinitz was extremely jealous of Huo Shaoheng .

Only that man could truly move the prideful woman with an iron will…

He didn’t want to self-introspect, let alone find out how much he truly cared about her, how much he… loved her .

He even refused to think about when he started to have special feelings for her .

In their profession, false feelings were commonplace, and the saying was that you couldn’t even distinguish your true feelings yourself .

In reality, how could one not be able to distinguish between one’s true feelings and when they were acting?

It was simply due to the fact that one’s self-control was strong enough to deceive others and oneself .

When one really meets someone who one cares about, one will be able to differentiate between true and false feelings — even people in their profession .

Thousands of thoughts raced through Reinitz’s mind in an instant .

Upon seeing that he remained silent, his men thought he had consented and was about to remove Gu Nianzhi’s shoulder joints . Reinitz suddenly raised his hand and pushed the man aside . He spoke with a menacing expression on his face, saying, “I haven’t spoken yet, so how dare you be so presumptuous?!”

“I’m sorry, boss . ” The man was intimidated by Reinitz’s expression . His heart pounded, and he quickly lowered his head in guilt .

Reinitz had always been very gentle, but gentlemen who were usually mild-tempered were the most intimidating when they lost their temper once in a blue moon .

His subordinates knew how capable he was and had immense faith in him, so they all readily and unconditionally followed his instructions .

After pulling Gu Nianzhi away from the grasp of his two men, Reinitz took her hand again .

Gu Nianzhi’s hands were soft and flexible, but the palms of her hands were full of sweat and were a stark contrast to her calm, composed, and aloof demeanor .

It turned out that she wasn’t unafraid, but was simply putting on a tough facade .

Reinitz breathed a sigh of relief, then he smiled and stretched out his hand to lift her chin . “Little liar, I was almost fooled by you . ” As he spoke, he took her hand and used some strength to force her to move forward .

With an impassive expression on her face, Gu Nianzhi restrained her emotions as much as possible . She didn’t allow herself to look around, nor did she dare let Reinitz find out who she was waiting for…

Although Reinitz already seemed to have a hunch, and he was using her to force the people behind her to come out from hiding .

At that time, she couldn’t afford to mess up because she couldn’t let Professor He and Huo Shaoheng’s plans go down the drain .

Gu Nianzhi quickly calmed her nerves down, and her attention shifted to Reinitz .

Why had Reinitz come here?

What was his purpose?

As Gu Nianzhi pondered over this, she glanced at Reinitz quickly .

Reinitz was just turning back to look at her, and when they made eye contact, Reinitz’s breathing nearly came to a stop .

Her eyes were so entrancing that he immediately felt himself drawn in by her intense gaze .

What an alluring pair of eyes . They were so utterly bewitching .

Reinitz looked away calmly, and his voice remained gentle . “Cereus, don’t be afraid . I will show you around the Taj Mahal and see if there is anything interesting here . ”

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